Friday, June 22, 2012

Natalie As Merida From Brave

In honor of Brave coming out today, I wanted to share some photos of Natalie in her Merida dress.

As I wrote before, Natalie is not happy that she doesn’t have red hair like Merida. Yes, I see they have a wig out, but those always seem to get tangled and ruined. Thus, another sad fest.

(Have you seen the beautiful Merida dresses at The Disney Store? Gorgeous! But at $49.50 they’re a little too pricey at the moment.)

(However, I am SO tempted to use the birthday money I got towards the deep blue one..)


Here’s Natalie as Merida:

The headband is from an Etsy shop. Natalie insisted on wearing it. The dress was only $19 at Target.

Natalie is like, “Merida is angry right now.”

So I ran into the house.

Then she was like, “Merida is driving away.”

I said, “Great. Can you pick up some more milk while you’re out?”

“Mommy! I can’t really drive!”

I got some shots of her.

Then she wanted me to braid her hair and get the bow and arrows.

Granted, when we stepped outside she pouted because she was upset that she didn’t have red hair like Merida.

“Natalie, it’s fine. Pretend,” I urged.

“It’s just so sad!” she wailed into her knees.

Finally, she pulled herself together and shot her arrow:

“Yes! I got a bug!”

And with that, she was happy again.

Are you going to see Brave today?

We’ll see it when we get back from Texas next week.


  1. I read recently that you can use colored chalk to temporarily stain hair. It wouldn't get as red as Merida's but it might help Natalie pretend better. (I can't find exactly where I saw it, but google "dye hair with chalk" brings up a bunch of results.) It would be a huge pita to do her whole head though.

  2. I so want to see it! Now if I can just talk Charlie and the boys into it.

  3. I love that Disney has made a new heroine! Natalie is so cute!

  4. I love how into it she is- it almost makes me wish my kids were that young again.
    Very cute, even without red hair!

  5. Natalie is adorable!!!

    I'm so excited about this movie!! I think I'll drag the girls with me to watch it. Even though they are 12 and 18 I might still bring their kid snacks so I can pretend.

    My daughter's friend dyed her hair red with cool aid. It was pretty cool...but I don't know how long it lasts.

  6. I love that kid of yours. I wonder when she'll stop letting you take so many photos of her? I hope never :P

  7. Sounds like a movie Bella would like! LOVE your little model!

  8. I want to take my little guy to see Brave when it comes to our local little theater.
    Natalie is so darn cute! I love her little Merida dress, and her bow and arrow!

  9. You should dress her up as Katniss next :)

  10. We are going to see it at 5pm - cannot wait! And my eleven year old (I know - 11!!) is dressing up. And with the wig - she's supposed to have messy hair - so maybe the tangles would be okay?

  11. I was going to suggest that you color her hair temporarily. The chalk thing might work. Or maybe Party City has some non-permanent hair paint in their halloween section. You can make a deal with her that she can only have red hair on certain days. ;-)

  12. Chris beat me to it - Party City usually has the spray in/wash out dyes. It would totally make her day if she had "red" hair & her Merida dress. Just a thought.

  13. My little niece is so excited about that movie, and would love the costume. Looks like you girls had a fun afternoon!

  14. She is so cute! I can't imagine $49.50 for a costume... I have a hard time buying a dress for me at that price :) That is why I have boys I guess because I would struggle with all of that. The movie looks great and I can't wait to watch it :)

  15. I am DYING to see Brave!!

    I feel for Natalie, I want red hair too!! Ive wanted it forever.

  16. Saw it today, LOVED the movie!!

  17. loved the movie! That dress is gorgeous! I have red hair, would of loved this movie as a kid, I hated my hair when I was little ;)

  18. She is so beautiful! And $49.50 for a dress? Sheesh!

  19. She is absolutely darling!!!
    Love the blue eyes!

  20. So stoked for this movie!! I love the women characters that are strong and smart. Great costume. Did you make the bow and arrow?

  21. Oh that is adorable! She makes a fantastic Merida, blonde hair or not!

  22. This is adorable...and exactly the sort of thing I'm a little nervous about when my daughter gets older. I'm going to have to fix hair and buy dress up dresses. Oh no!

    I really want to take my boys to see Brave, we're going to try soon. I hear it's amazing!

  23. I thought of Natalie when I saw it. Went on Sunday for my birthday and loved it! I would even see it again.

  24. You have to follow @brendachapman on twitter. She will tweet you back and is very twitter friendly.


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