Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Packing

(Posting this early since we leave butt early on Thursday.)

Does anyone want to come pack for me?


We leave for Texas today. I’ll be gone for a week so if I’m not online as much, I haven’t been eaten by a shark. (We’re headed to the beach.)

(I really HOPE I’m not eaten by a shark..)

I stink at packing. I don’t know how to fold well. I mean, I CAN, but it’s so much easier to stuff things in, you know?

Natalie isn’t helping. She’s like, “Oh, I need to bring my pink dress. And my purple one. AND I NEED MY BLUE ONE WITH MY MATCHING EARRINGS!” She seems to think she’s in Downton Abbey where she needs to change multiple times a day.

Tom easily placed his things in the suitcase. He was packed in less than ten minutes.

“It’s easy,” he said.

Grr. Not for me. Mainly because I have to try on certain clothes to make sure it doesn’t make me look awful. You see, I come from a family of skinny people. All my cousins? Skinny! I don’t want to be the non-skinny one. (Oh, I’m going to a family reunion by the way.)

Anyway, packing sucks. I’ll never get better at it. I always forget SOMETHING.

Let’s just hope it’s nothing too important.

Like underwear.


  1. I've heard that you should pack everything you think you need....then take out half of everything.

    Have a wonderful trip.

  2. Have a great time.

    And don't get eaten by a shark.

  3. As a Texan, I feel for you to be travelling in this heat! Stay cool and pack light so that you are not bogged down. Since you are a military wife, I am sure that your idea of packing is not the same as the next are probably an expert. But, it's still a hassle! Have fun in Texas. I'm located in between downtown Houston and Galveston. Safe travels!


  4. I agree with Lana! Pack light clothes. It has been hot and humid in South Texas the last few weeks. I am originally from Missouri, but this is nothing like the midwest.

    Have fun on your trip!

  5. There's always a Walmart if you forget anything. Enjoy your stay, hopefully it won't be too hot while you're here!

  6. I am a bad packer as well. I actually did forget pyjamas and underwear one time.

  7. I'm packing for myself and three children. I've pretty much accepted the fact that I will forget something. Actually I'll probably forget a lot of somethings. :)

  8. I hope you all have a great trip!! Not a fan of packing either, but I always make a list first and that helps me.

  9. I forgot underwear one time, talk about embarrassing finding out and having to make a special trip to the store for underwear.

    I hope you have a wonderful time! (I heard it is rather rare for sharks to eat people, so you're in luck! I think.. ;) )

  10. More people are killed by falling coconuts than by sharks ....mind your head!

    Having forgotten something at home is a great excuse for going shopping ...

    Enjoy the trip!

  11. I'm going on a trip next week, for about a week, and am taking children, but I'll be the only adult. I'm already dreading packing.
    Don't get eaten by a shark, and have a good time!

  12. You know what helps me now? Realizing that I can wear the same shorts multiple times, if the situation should call for it. Same thing goes for pajamas. Same ones, every night of vacation. I'm gonna shower anyway, right?

    Have fun. Don't get eaten.

  13. I always overpack. My husband's like "Why are you taking ten black tank tops when we are only gone a week?", Me: "This one has spaghetti straps, this one has a grey stripe, this one..." Him: "Why are you taking five black bikinis?" Etc. You get the picture. I don't like to forget anything, so I take EVERYTHING.

  14. Have fun :) I started rolling my clothes to put them in my suitcase. Time consuming but I fit a ton that way :) Boys always have it easy when they pack... it is ridiculous :)

  15. I'm an over-packer. I'm married to an over-packer. We're kind of ridiculous, actually, which is why when we travel, we generally choose to go to places we can drive to, because the extra baggage fees at the airlines would kill us.

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