Monday, July 2, 2012

Beach Kids

Not even an hour into our drive to the beach and Natalie goes, “Are we almost to my Nonna and Papa’s house?”


“Sorry, we have seven hours to go,” I explained.

Natalie, who doesn’t really grasp the concept of time went, “Okay, so almost there then?”


“Sure. Yeah. Almost there,” I agreed. I handed her a new DS game to keep her amused. Brave, naturally. Then I opened my new Kindle Fire and started to read the newest Jane Green book. Sometimes I feel guilty reading. Should I be talking more to Tom, who was doing the driving? Or should I read in peace, something that I rarely get throughout the day?

Yeah. I read in peace.

Oh, I still talked, don’t get me wrong, but I did a lot of reading.

My parents live around San Antonio so we hit a little bit of traffic, and then we were pulling up in front of their house.

“I can’t wait to see my brother. I hope he still remembers me,” Natalie said.

Tommy had been with my parents for about two weeks. He had attended a zoo camp. I missed him too. It was weird not having someone spout out weather facts throughout the day and asking if Oklahoma City was bigger than New York City.

I expected my boy to run out, arms outstretched, because hello, the woman who had given him life had arrived.


It was just my Mom coming out. No Tommy.

Apparently he had gotten so nervous waiting for us that he had gone upstairs to watch TV. Oh well. So I went upstairs thinking that he’d come barreling into my arms shrieking, “I missed you, Mommy!” Instead he looked up from the paper he was drawing on and went, “Hey,” as though I had just been gone for like an hour or something.

Okay, so I get that he’s TEN now. But still.

However, he did give me a big hug and said that he missed me. There we go. Then he showed me all the power lines that he’s been drawing and told me that he was excited about going to the beach the next day.

Ahh, the beach.

The following day we did set off. We stay around Port Aransas. My kids, they are total beach people.

I think my entire family is. Here is everyone that was there:

My cousins, their kids, my aunt and uncle, my 91 year old Grandma (who told me quite frankly that she loved me anyway even though she didn’t care for my red hair), my cousin’s girlfriend from China…

It’s always nice to see everyone.

And it’s always nice to see the beach.

Natalie, she’s a daredevil, and would try to run out into the sea. I’d be chasing her going, “Come back!” so I imagine the people laying out on their towels LOVED me.

(That swimsuit is from Janie and Jack. I LOVE retro swimsuits with matching hats...)

And what was Tommy doing?

My Dad came out to take Natalie further into the ocean.

And then they fed the seagulls:

You know how I said I hoped I didn't get eaten by a shark?


I can't wait for next year!

Do you go to the beach over the summer?


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What exactly is it? It's a theraputic horse center. Children with autism or other developmental delays can ride horses as it's scientifically proven that riding horses helps relax them. They have an old truck on their last leg (it has over 100,000 miles on it) and need a new one to help transfer hay and other supplies. A new truck would tremendously help them out.

So please! Go vote! Remember, please vote for the Saddle Light Center. It's only up today, July 2nd. Help them win a Toyota Tundra full-sized pickup!

Thank you.


  1. The beach visit sounds great!

    I tried to vote, but, uh...couldn't figure it out. Can't vote until 10am ET??? So I don't think I voted. Sorry!

  2. A summer vacation is not a real summer vacation if you don't go to the beach ... well that is according to us.

    Have a great time!

  3. That beach looks nicer than the other ones I have been to around Corpus Christi. I will have to check out that area next. I have been looking for a nice, clean beach to take my daughter to and I haven't found one yet.

  4. The beach is always fun. I love Natalie's swimsuit. I couldn't get my daughter to wear it though. She is 7 and definitely had her own idea of fashion.

  5. Love the swimsuit and hat! She's a doll. I voted for your mom's group. Happy Monday!

  6. Awesome, sounds like fun and I love the pics, specially the seagull one.
    I live right by the beach although, I am not really a beach person and the beach here where I live (in the UK) Is very stony.
    I'll go vote :D

  7. That swimsuit is they have them in adult sizes? Love it!

  8. Most importantly, I voted! My hubs and I had the reading discussion after a 12 hour drive home from the beach. Apparently I don't do well keeping up my passenger responsibilities, but it's the only semi-quiet time I have to catch up on reading. I made it fair by driving halfway. That counts, right?

  9. Ah, love the beach :) Looks like you had tons of fun!

  10. We love the beach although the kids don't like sand. Go figure.

    You look so good!!!!!

  11. Retro bathing suits are so cute!

  12. Ugh. WHY does it have to be winter here?

  13. voted :)
    love natalie's swimsuit.
    glad you are having fun.

  14. Janie and Jack's stuff is awesome. Country awesome. . .but awesome. 10. . . my daughter is ten and I see the drift. Sad.

  15. I love the idea of the beach but I don't actually like the beach. Sandy and messy and so much work for me. After an hour, I'm done:)

  16. I love the beach and ours, we don't have to be worried about eaten by sharks.


  17. Your beach photos are great!

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Thanks for the comment!

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