Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. They have a section called Hey, It’s Okay and will list a bunch of things to be okay about. You're welcome to join in and do something like this on your blog. Doesn't have to be on a Tuesday either. Just make sure you link up and that the post you link up is a Hey, It's Okay Post.


To want to see that new movie Ted. Seth MacFarlane wrote it and Tom and I are fans. We love Family Guy.

To hate unpacking.

To not like any of the men in Magic Mike. I know. That probably means my vagina is broken or something. But I prefer the nerdy types. Like John Krasinski. Or Jason Segel.

To, however, have seen Magic Mike on Monday. I went with my friend Angie. More about that this week.

To have LOVED the movie Brave. We saw it on Friday. Natalie was like, “I’m so glad Merida didn’t get eaten by the bear!”

To not be surprised that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing. He weirded me out because he kept calling her Kate. That’s NOT her name.

To have created an e-card over at someecards.com:

Sorry if that offends anyone, but I have a lot of people on Facebook who LOVE to post anti-circumcision articles. Or comments. So I had to say something. Or create something, in this case. I feel what a parent does to THEIR kid is THEIR choice but some people get nuts if you don't agree with them.


  1. Hey it's ok if you don't like Channing Tatum ... means we don't have to fight over him :)

  2. I was just glad that it was Katie divorcing Tom and not the other way around!

  3. I spit my coffee when I read that your vagina is broken. Hilarious. I find Matthew McConaughey creepy and Channing Tatum has big ears. I prefer bumbling British men like Colin Firth!

  4. Tom just gives me the creeps. Always has. Glad his spell over Katie has been broken.

  5. I love me some Matthew McConaughey...but he was so gross in this movie. wahhh. I need to watch Wedding Planner over and over now to get the greasy image of him out of my mind. I like Channing Tatum as long as his mouth is closed. His rabbit teeth bother me.

    Tom Cruise and KatIe Holmes...just surprised it took this long!

  6. I must be a little old to have fallen on the Channing Tatum wagon, but I do love me some Matthew McConaughey :)

    & I definitely wasn't surprised about Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes. He just looks like an asshole...and a creeper. I feel sorry for her...she should have gotten out a long time ago.

    I still need to take my 4 year old to see Brave...she's about to die for me to take her.

  7. ViMae got a Merida doll and is excited that she's going to see the movie. We keep talking about princesses being brave and strong, so I hope the movie makes that an exciting and cool idea. Have a great holiday1

  8. We loved Brave too - it was just gorgeous! I am on a quest to find a shirt for my 14 year old - adult sizes are difficult to come by!

    I haven't seen Magic Mike yet. My favorite is joe manganiello - yum! Though it seems funny to lust after a guy whose name I can't even pronounce :-)

    And how did I not know that you could actually create those e-cards?!

  9. Your card is hilarious. Love it.

    My husband keeps talking about Ted...my seeing it is inevitable. :)

  10. Loved your card :)

    I, too, wonder what took Katie so long. Tom Cruise is downright creepy.

  11. I want to see Ted! I'm not a big movie person...but it looks so funny!

    Did you know that if you write to a Disney Princess, they will write back? I can get you the info if you want...I bet Natalie would love it.

  12. Anti-circumcision....neither of my sons were circumcised at birth, but one of them ended up with a non-retractable foreskin and he had to be circumcised at age 5. He had lots of pain and issues prior to the circumcision, and now he's just fine. So anti-circumcision people can suck it. They don't know every story and everyone's personal thoughts.

  13. Ooh you made an ecard, I love it!
    I also want to see Ted. It sounds like the first unique movie in awhile. I'm not excited about Magic Mike at all, I'd much prefer the nerdy types. I'm already dating a nerd anyway.

  14. Love the card. Too funny.

    Glad to hear no one was eaten by a bear.


  15. I have relatives who like to post that junk on facebook too. Drives me nuts so I hid them from my feed. Haha!

  16. Magic Mike was a hot mess. The acting SUCKED!! I honestly thought it was going to be fun and light hearted, instead we got boob shots and drugs. Not A Fan!

    AND, I applaud you for getting your son circumsized! There are SO many male infants getting UTI's because their parents don't understand how to clean an uncircumsized penis!

  17. I love your ecard!

    Magic Mike bored me. Even though I do like a few of the guys who were in it.

  18. My jaw literally dropped when I read that you don't like any of the guys in Magic Mike. I probably won't go see it in the theaters (too stinkin expensive). But, Matthew McConaughey is the sexiest man alive, in my opinion! ;-)

  19. TED is hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. Since you are Family Guy fans, run to the theatre right away and go see it. I haven't laughed that much in a long time.



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