Sunday, August 5, 2012

Check Out Kleenmaid Appliances!

The accents.

Oh, how I love the accents.

I also love the area. And the adorable Koalas.

Yes, I’m talking about Australia.

I’ve never been. I WANT to go someday.

Why am I talking about Australia? Well, because I was contacted by Kleenmaid Appliances.

Here is information about them from their webpage:

Kleenmaid appliances were first made available in Australia in 1984. In December 2009 Compass Capital Partners acquired the Kleenmaid brand and spent millions of dollars and almost 2 years creating the "Next Generation"
Kleenmaid appliance collection.

Since 1984, Exceeding Expectations has been the driving force of the combined worldwide network of designers and engineers who manufacture Kleenmaid appliances. Today our own technical team—with more than 35 years experience—demand excellence in every product bearing the Kleenmaid name.

As I browsed the site I kept thinking, “Why can’t AMERICA have these awesome appliances? They look so shiny!”

I also liked how each appliance is created with the environment in mind. You can get energy saving items, no problem.

Even better, if your appliance breaks down, you just have to go to the website to find a repairperson in your area.

Do you want to win a Kleenmaid Eco-Sensitive Dishwasher worth $1799? Go to Kleemaid Appliances Facebook page and leave a comment in 25 words or less how your life could be improved with a new dishwasher. (Yes, unfortunately this is for Australia residents only. I know I have readers from there so good luck!)

Maybe one day other countries will get a chance to have a Kleenmaid store near them.

Because I could really go for a new shiny oven.

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