Friday, August 3, 2012

Inside Natalie's Closet: Back to School Outfits!


It (thankfully) starts back up on the 17th.

This means that it was time to shop for some back to school outfits.

Most of my readers know that I LOVE shopping for my kids. (For me? Not so much.) (Unless it’s books. I LOVE books.)

Anyway, I had some Gymbucks to spend at Gymboree and I got the following for Natalie.

(Don’t worry, Tommy won’t go naked. I get his clothes mainly at Target as he feels he’s too old for Gymboree.)

This is going to be her first day of school outfit.

Love this one, but not a fan of the shoes. She insisted.

Making farting noises. We’re classy like that.

Her favorite part of the shirt? The sparkles on it, of course.

She also insisted on the hat.

Final outfit!

Pointing out a bug. “I won’t go near it,” she explained.

It is going to be so weird not having her around during the day. I’m used to her constant chatter.

And look! Tommy isn’t naked!

Doesn’t he look thrilled?

He wasn’t a fan of the hat. But I love hats so he allowed it.

I mean, when he was tiny, I put him in hats all the time..


So, if you have kids, when do they start school?


  1. My step-daughter's mother has, for some reason, decided to homeschool, so I guess she starts whenever her mother feels like it.

    Of course, this is also a woman who puts her child in jeggings as pants, so. . .

  2. My daughter is only two, but I felt this odd longing yesterday going through school supplies. I can't wait to buy school clothes for her in a few years.

  3. She is a doll and Tommy looks too the hat!

  4. Love Natalie's Gymboree outfits. I used to dress Grace in Gymboree in kindergarten and fondly remember those days of picking out the matching outfits (they were sooo cute!)

    Grace starts back on August 15 and will be in 4th grade (but is still my baby). ;-)

  5. Love gymboree and crazy eight! Lily is starting per school on sept. 5. I'm kinda just pretending it won't happen.

  6. My kids don't start back up until September 4th.

    She is so cute! Love her first day back outfit. :-)

  7. My kid starts school in... 3 years? :P

    I love the outfits!

  8. Love that last picture! Aww indeed! :-)

    My kids don't go back until after labor day. Crap, I really ought to start shopping. (I loathe shopping.)

  9. You have the cutest kids. Love all the outfits.

  10. I love those hats. So adorable. I wish I had one just like Natalies blue one.

  11. My daughter goes back the last week of August. It's kind of early compared to schools in the area, but they have to allow for snow and ice days, due to the location. I'm excited to get back to a normal routine!

  12. I love Natalies closet. I also love that she lets you dress her. My 5 year old allows no such thing. Therefore she looks sorta like an orphan hobo most of the time, but I allow it because it's better than her running around naked through the neighborhood. Anyway, cute clothes for Natalie. I haven't bought one thing for Maggie (see afformentioned clothing issues) and school starts NEXT week on the 8th. OY!!!

  13. Looking good! I hope by daughter looks as trendy as Natalie when she goes to school

  14. Too cute! And I used to put hats on my son when he was small all the time. People were amazed that he'd just leave them on. We drop mine off *gulp* at college on the 17th as well. I'm not as excited about it as you though.

  15. I love her first outfit! That is so cute! And I love that he has matching hats!!

  16. Aww!! I love these pics! My son won't start school for five more years, but I still love buying him outfits! :)

  17. What adorable outfits! Love the bright colors in the first outfit!

  18. So cute. Love her outfits. You can never go wrong with Gymboree! She looks like she is ready.

  19. Cute photos! Looks like they're all set.

    Happy Sharefest!

  20. We start school on Monday - ack!! And how I love gymboree. I wish they had a teen department :-)

  21. Your kids should be in catalogs. Seriously, they're adorable! Love the clothes. This reminds me I've got a gift card with a ton of Gymboree money on it. I avoid the mall at all possible costs (the last time I was there was at Christmas), so I've never used the card. Maybe I should go... Or just check the website.

  22. I'm so excited to have stumbled upon this blog from SITS. We are also a military family (USMC). You should stop over and visit (at my blog). Those super cute outfits look adorable on your daughter. I love Gymboree but my daughter is too old. We are into Justice now. Which is probably the age equivalent to Gymboree for pre-teens! Anyways, stop by anytime and Happy ShareDay!


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