Thursday, August 23, 2012

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Some eBay Buyers

So I listed stuff on eBay.

And naturally, there are people who refuse to PAY for the items they bid on.

Right after my auctions ended, I had one lady go, “I need to cancel my bid. I thought the item was 6-12 years, not months.”

First of all. Why WHY would anyone sell anything as 6-12 YEARS?

Second of all, the photo clearly showed a SMALL outfit.

THIRD of all, I mentioned in my description AGAIN that it was 6-12 MONTHS. (This was also in the title.)

Clearly, she’s lying. She either A) doesn’t have the money or B) bought another outfit and no longer wants this one. So she wants me to cancel.

I’m tempted to not. Why would I be punished because she can’t read properly or doesn’t want to follow the rules?

I still have two auctions that aren’t paid for. Granted, yes, I am polite and in my auctions I state that payment is due within 4 days of the auctions end. I’m too nice. What I SHOULD say is, “Payment is due within 24 hours.” Because hello, why not? If you don’t have the money to pay for an item right away, you probably shouldn’t be bidding on it in the first place.

I sent invoices to both buyers and nothing. Today marks 4 days after my auctions ended so I’ll be opening a non-paying customer case with eBay. Sometimes that gets the buyer to wake up. Other times you get an e-mail saying, “I’m sorry! I don’t have the money! Can you wait?”


I cannot wait. My auction clearly stated the rules.

I just don’t understand why people don’t use eBay correctly. Some do. I had 4 people pay quickly. Everyone isn’t bad on there.

But the ones who are? Ruin it for everyone.


  1. I've not sold on eBay, but I put a lot of things up on Craigslist and I get a lot of frustrating communication from people who want to buy items, so I think I feel your pain a little bit. Between people who want you to bend over backward for a $5 item to people who never show up to get something, it gets old REALLY fast.

    This is a bit of a different situation, but I recently posted about a yard sale I was having and someone actually e-mailed me and asked that I send him pictures of the items in the sale so he could see if it would be worth it stop by. SERIOUSLY.

    What is wrong with people?

  2. I ALWAYS pay as soon as I get the email saying that I won the item. I don't understand NOT paying. It's not layaway.

    I want to start selling on eBay, but people like that worry me.

  3. I was getting angry just reading you post. If you don't have the money, then DON'T BID! Is it really that difficult? Ugh!

  4. It's not just ebay, its everywhere! Folks who want the world to bend to them. We sell organic meat out of our small farm store. I have had customers ask me if they could take home the meat and mail me a check when they get paid (NO) Stack up $20 worth of meat and then ask for "bulk discount (NO) So because of those yahoos I too always pay for my Ebay purchases immediately.

  5. This makes me so mad! I have had such a bad experience on eBay. Boo.

  6. I've had the same experience. A very complete explanation of what was on the CD and then the young woman wanted her money back (after Christmas) because her boyfriend didn't know what to do with it. Very expensive breathing exercises, by the way. I told her that wasn't the way it worked, especially, after several emails back and forth before purchase. They were breathing exercises, not singing. She gave me a negative comment which reduced me to 97% (this was the old eBay) and it took me almost three years of nonstop positive comments to get it back to 100%. The buyers know they can destroy you with the comments and take advantage.

    I'm pretty sure this is way so many sellers on eBay demand immediate payment. Too many people think the world owes them everything. (Bet she has a cell phone!)

    So sorry this has happened. Think about changing your payment requirement. Come visit when you can.

  7. I've never sold anything on eBay. I've done quite a bit of buying. I like to "Buy it Now" though.

    Can you send me a link to your ebay? I'd like to look at your stuff.

  8. ughhh that irritates me for you! I am a prompt payer. like the second I get an invoice/win something I pay. if you don't have the money then don't bid people!

  9. I'm sorry you have to have these frustrations, very annoying.

    I have bought a handful of things on e-bay and the experience has been positive. I have never tried to sell anything though. I want to, just not sure how to get started.

  10. The only time I would not pay instantly is if I'm bidding on something else from the same seller, that ends soon. And at least I woud say so!! I've only sold a couple of things it's just too much hassle.

  11. That would be extremely annoying!

    I don't use eBay at all for anything and probably never will. eBay and I (my work me) have been in an ongoing battle for over two years. They have sellers on there selling items that CLEARLY violates eBay's rules - but eBay refuses to do anything about it. So for me, that translates that they are company that can't be trusted.

  12. I plan to sell some things on Ebay so this is a good warning. I suppose someone might be away and not checking email, but that would not apply to four different buyers. I guess all retailers figure that the good sales offset the bad ones (cost of doing business), but it's frustrating anyway.

  13. That really sucks that there are buyers like that out there. I will not bid/buy an item if I do not have the money right then. I always pay for my items immediately.

  14. I hate this! I am a regular eBay buyer and always pay for my items within 24 hours. I don't even look at eBay if there isn't money in my Paypal account. My feedback is full of grateful comments so I gather everyone is not this good.

    I'm about to stop being so precious about things in my closet and list some stuff on eBay. I am DEFINITELY putting in the 24 hour rule!

  15. Oh I'm sorry you've gotten such crummy buyers. I just wanted you to know that not all buyers are boobs.
    when I purchase, I immediately pay. I mean, how much easier can it get than paypal? Do you sell on Etsy too?
    Would you mind listing your store on ebay? I'm always looking for a nice seller...and after reading your blog for quite awhile, I think your pretty nice~ ;}

  16. I've been buying and selling on eBay since 2004. I've seen the very best and very worst of people, AND the company!!!! It's a great way to make money though, because someone somewhere is lookin' for the stuff you want to get rid of!

    After I'm fully settled here, I will be doing quite of bit of ebay selling myself! Then it will be my turn to complain, lol!!! Hang in there!

  17. yuck. that's so frustrating! I hope they pay up soon. Why bid on something you aren't sure about or don't have the money for. People are really silly. good luck!

  18. I'm sorry....WHAAAAAA?!?!? Why would you EVER buy something if you couldn't PAY FOR IT?? You would never go to a department store & not pay for something at the register!? Plus, once you pay for it, you get it in the mail!! Which is fun! I don't know why I am yelling at you. You get it. Ugh. I don't understand people.



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