Friday, September 21, 2012

Disney on Ice

So my Mom came to visit and we planned a surprise for Natalie.

We were taking to her Disney On Ice.

Those who have been reading me for awhile know that Natalie is a big fan of Disney Princesses. Her current favorite? Rapunzel.

I took a picture of her in front of the ice:

See that thing she’s holding? It’s a light up toy. It was $22.

*Rant Begin* I totally understand that companies need to make money. But. The stuff that Disney on Ice was selling was a rip off. They were selling plush dolls for $30, the same ones you can get at the Disney Store for $20. They were selling programs for the show for $20. Those should have been free. Or at least make one of cheaper quality for free. I mean, honestly. I would have liked a program but no, not forking over $20 for one. I probably shouldn’t have even gotten the light up toy but I figure we’ll use it again when we go to Disney World in June. *Rant End*

Here’s Natalie with my Mom munching on $12 cotton candy. At least it came with the crown that’s on Natalie’s head.

Oh, and here’s a photo of a random dude in a Pawn Stars shirt. I really wanted to ask him if he’s been in the store but I didn’t want to scare him.

So the show begins and Mickey and Minnie come out. Talk. And then Tiana from The Princess and the Frog comes out and does her story.

“I know her!” Natalie said. “I KNOW HER!”

She almost fell off her seat with excitement.

After Tiana it was Cinderella.

“I know her too!” Natalie shouted. “Hi Cinderella!”

She did not like the evil stepsisters. Especially when they ripped Cinderella’s dress.
“Santa is watching them,” Natalie informed me. “They won’t be getting any presents for Christmas.”

Yes folks, when she’s naughty, I tell her that Santa is watching and that if she carries on, she won’t get any presents.

“I like this one,” Natalie said as Cinderella and the Prince danced because the shoe fit her foot. “But where is Rapunzel?”

Rapunzel came next.

“My favorite!” Natalie said, clapping. “Pascal!”

Even Maximus the horse came out. Can you imagine having to be the butt part? I’d tell the person in front, “Please no farting.”

At the end Rapunzel and Flynn Rider danced:

“He loves her,” Natalie whispered.

Then they got married:

“Ugh, they gave Rapunzel long hair again. Why do they do that?” Natalie fumed. In the movie, Rapunzel still had her short hair when they got married.

All the princesses came out in the end and danced:

It was an awesome show. Natalie, naturally, loved it. She had mouthed along the words for Rapunzel, complete with arm movements.

“Is Rapunzel going back to Disney now so she can meet me when we go?” Natalie asked as we walked out.

“Er…yes,” I replied.

“The only thing was…where was Merida?” Natalie wanted to know.

Merida was the only missing princess.

“She was…riding horses with her mother,” I explained.

“Because her mother isn’t a bear anymore?” Natalie said happily.

“Yes. Because her mother isn’t a bear anymore.”

At home Natalie played with her $22 toy for awhile, so I suppose it was worth it.
We all had a fabulous time and now Natalie has decided she wants to learn how to skate on ice.



  1. Priceless to see that smile and she will remember it probably forever! Have a great weekend!

  2. I live in the land of the Rat that Ate Orlando... so I'm kind of numb to it anymore. Pay 3.00 for a stupid Diet Coke enough times and 20.00 for a program starts to sound almost... well, if not reasonable, at least in the ballpark.

    I'm glad she had a good time :)

  3. Very fun! And ridiculously expensive, huh.

  4. how fun! I took the girls to see Toy Story 2 (or 3?) on ice once. It was fine. everything is overpriced for sure. but I ate my weight in cotton candy and called it a win.

  5. Stuff is always so ridiculously priced at things like that. Pisses me off because they know they've got you cornered and you'll end up paying it for your kids. Ugh.

    Does sound like she had a great time though. Loved hearing her commentary. ;)

  6. I've been to the Pawn Stars shop before... on my Vegas trip last November. It was an experience, but we were there when they weren't shooting so it was very "touristy" at that point in time.

  7. Really looks like a good show! And I loved how Natalie was totally into it!

    You're right about the horse's ass. I honestly, truly didn't think they did that anymore! Wear costumes like that... Do you suppose he walks around Disney too?

  8. Last winter we saw Disney on Ice also. It was fabulous. However the one we went to wasn't the princess ones it was The Little Mermaid, Lion Kind, and hmmm now I can't recall the other. My daughter and her cousins so enjoyed it.

  9. Sounds like a lot of fun! But wow those prices are ridiculous!

  10. $12 for cotton candy?! Yikes! I better save my money now for a show. I expect that kind of price when I go to Disney World, but not for the ice show.

    I am glad she had fun. I can't wait until my daughter is old enough for that stuff.

  11. Everyone should get to see a skating show at least once. I'll have to keep an eye out for one here. In my head, I'm a great figure skater, though in reality I never learned. :-)

  12. I agree, they should be ashamed of themselves at those ridiculous prices. I will say, you probably won't ever regret buying that stuff--they will be such happy memories. My now 22 year old son still has his "Bert sign" we bought him at Sesame Street Live when he was four. It was a piece of felt on a stick and cost a fortune. But he loved it. Thanks for sharing the memory with us. Stopped by from the SITS Sharefest.

  13. What a great experience! Your posts are always so much fun to read!

  14. What a fun thing to do with your mother and daughter. (Sorry it was all so expensive.)

    Happy Sharefest. Have a great weekend.

  15. “Ugh, they gave Rapunzel long hair again. Why do they do that?” Natalie fumed. In the movie, Rapunzel still had her short hair when they got married.

    Soooo agree w/your daughter- as if only Blondes can be princesses? Por fa I've been a CAP (CubanAmerican Princess) and I'm definitely not blonde! Give her a big hug of appreciation in my name.


    P.S. Soooo agree w/you about the prices of souvenirs!

  16. I'm so glad your daughter had a wonderful time at Disney on Ice! :-) We recently went to see Sesame Street Live, and my kids really enjoyed it. It was our first time ever going to something like that as a family.

    I agree about the souvenirs, too! Crazy prices, but, like you said, at least she can take it to Disney. :-)

  17. Great show! ! I am planning on taking my daughter to see Disney on ice in December. I bought her Disney On Ice tickets as his Christmas present but I decided to sell them as the timing wasn't right. She has never been to a Disney on Ice before.


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