Thursday, September 20, 2012

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Unable To Say Silly Words?!

Okay, so this isn’t really an ANNOYANCE per say.

After all, people have the right to make up their own rules for their house.


I have to admit, it cracks me up when I hear that the word “fart” isn’t allowed to be used in a person’s home.

I mean????

What do they call it then?

Do they acknowledge that farts even exist?

If a fart does escape their clenched buttocks, what do they do? Continue on as though nothing happened? But what if it smells? Do they wordless take out some air freshner, spray it, and then go about their business?

I just don’t see what’s wrong with the word fart.

To the people who don’t allow the word to be used in their homes: never invite my kids over. Because they A) pass gas and announce it and B) if someone else passes gas, they’ll shout “Who farted?”

I don’t comprehend some people’s rules is all. I totally get if curse words aren’t allowed. But FART?

This word that we live in is weird.


  1. I had to bite my cheek not to burst out laughing out-loud .... and in an open plan office that is not acceptable.... nearly as unacceptable as saying fart it seems.
    So what happens if you don't know that the word is banned in someone's house and you or your kids happen to say it, are they going to show you the door?

    And honestly, if you can't say fart I think you might have some deep seated issues ranging a very wide spectrum ....

  2. My mother had rules about "fart" and "butt". It made life interesting. I just don't let them be used at the dinner table. I think that's generally a good rule as that way when they eventually go out to dinner with other people they don't start a bathroom type conversation. At the table we all still giggle but, the person who dealt it better excuse their self or my daughter will yell their name really loud and wait for them to excuse their self.

  3. I don't understand it either. I have some friends who use cute words like toot instead of fart, but not in my house. We call it like it is.

  4. wow, i could not be in a person's home if they didn't allow the word "fart"... because that's what i DO and it's not pretty LOL

  5. Ok, this is my first comment, sorry I never do but I have to share this. I went to a parenting class on base yesterday for help with serious(I believe) issues with my son. When the class leader asked everyone why they were there we all shared and this one mom said "I'm here because my 6 year old is picking up bad behavior from kids at school. He came home the other day and said fart. That word is not allowed in our house, I prefer the word toot.".

  6. I once had a teacher who couldn't STAND the word booger. I never understood it. Fart. Booger. It's literally biology. :)

  7. my mom never allowed us to refer to it in any way other than "pass gas" and butts were to be called "bottom." i relished the freedom to say fart when i was away from her.
    with my own daughter, i just tell her to limit her use of the word fart around the grandparents so as to avoid their disapproving glares.

  8. I wasn't allowed to say fart growing up, or crap, or butt.. Oh man did I miss out!
    My boys are allowed to say fart, what I don't allow is them to say it 100 billion times because that just drives me bonkers. Sure, fart and make a joke out of it, but when they just keep talking about it and talking about it I tell them that's enough. :D

  9. My husband said our baby farted when we were at a get together with some friends and friends of friends. The friend of the friend's little girl giggled and her dad scolded my husband and said "We don't use brown words!" WHAT? So stupid!

  10. My dad, ever the engineer, always says, "Oops, lost my/your bouyancy, huh?"

    I just don't talk about it - it happens.. it's like breathing... who'd want to go around saying, "Oh! you breathe?"

  11. When my younger half sister was little our step mother made us use the word floof instead (who knows if I spelled that correctly), because apparently fart is too vulgar or something?

  12. my mom didn't let us say fart we had to say "poot" it delights me to no end when my 3 year old tells her that she just farted :)

  13. It's really interesting the way people will try to control language in an effort to control thought...kind of a cart-before-the-horse fallacy. Even things like banning "hard" curse words from a school or public program is a sort of a pointless, if understandable, effort; these are the sentiments people are driven to express, and as we've seen with the dumb-slow-special-retarded-mentally challenged continuum, it doesn't matter if we force a new word or phrase into the place of the old one...because it's the sentiments, not the words, that are the problem. We want kids to not like cursing or having ugly sentiments, but they do. We take away the chosen vehicle, but not its cargo.

    If farts or farting genuinely wasn't interesting (funny!) to kids, it wouldn't matter what the word was, or that it was used; and sorry, parents who ban the word to suppress the thought, but that just adds a forbidden-fruit aspect to the whole affair.

  14. My boys will try to take credit for a fart that isn't even theirs if it smells bad enough. They love farts.


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