Monday, September 17, 2012

Oklahoma State Fair

State fairs.

I love them.

Especially the food.

I mean, look:

That’s deep fried Kool-Aid. And my goal was to find it and try it. I was intrigued.

Here’s the thing though: there are so many vendors that sometimes things are impossible to find. Like deep fried Kool-Aid. I walked and walked and walked. I figured I had burned off the calories that I’d consume from deep fried Kool-Aid. I went up to another vendor and asked where the deep fried Kool-Aid was.

“Dunno. But can I interest you in an Indian Taco?” the guy asked me.

Tempting, but no. I wanted deep fried Kool-Aid! I walked some more and hoped that my Sketcher Shape Ups were helping to make my backside tighter. Probably not. Didn’t they get into legal trouble for saying that and then customers whined when their butts didn’t seem as tight as Jenny McCarthy’s?

I ended up getting this:

A deep fried Twinkie. It was delicious. (Last year I had deep fried Oreos. Also yummy.)

We took the kids on various rides. My Mom is here visiting so it was nice to have her around. Tommy wanted to do almost all of them. He loves the ones that spin.

Natalie isn’t tall enough for the ones that go fast so she picked a ferris wheel:

(That's Tommy with my Mom!)

I’m not a fan of heights so I tried to pretend that we weren’t high in the air.

Did I mention that we went yesterday? A weekend? Which meant people were EVERYWHERE. I thought we were in a recession! I mean, it wasn’t exactly cheap to go to the fair so how were people paying when so many are saying America is broke?

We went to some exhibits and found one dedicated to insects. Bees was among them.

“I hate bees,” Natalie announced when she saw this. “One stung me and I hate them now.”

I’ve always hated them. Mean bees that killed poor Thomas J. (“Vada, would you think of me?” “For what?” “Well, if you don’t get to marry Mr. Bixler..” “I guess…” And then Thomas J DIES!)

Natalie also got to ride a pony. She loves ponies.

“I want a pony!” she announced when we was finished with her ride.

I want a tummy tuck. Both things are probably NOT going to happen.

We stayed FIVE HOURS at the fair. With people all around us. But still, it was a blast. And maybe next year I’ll be able to find that deep fried Kool-Aid.


Maybe I can figure out where the booth is because we’re going BACK to the fair on Tuesday to surprise Natalie with Disney on Ice. (Everytime she sees the commercial she’s like, “I so want to go there!” and I’m like, “Well, maybe another time..”)

If not, the arena is across the way from the chocolate covered bacon and deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich…


  1. Okay, I'm from the south and I've eaten a lot of stuff fried in my life. But how does one go about frying up some Kool-Aid? I'm puzzled. And a little intrigued.

    Natalie is surely going to over the moon when she finds out!

  2. I said the same thing about the recession when I was trying to get home on Friday afternoon. There was so much traffic on the road, gas is nearly 4 dollars a gallon...and I'm wondering why all of these people were out & about? I was trying to pick my kid up from school and get the heck home!

    Anyway, deep fried kool aid? Interesting. I've had the deep fried oreos...and yes, yummo!

  3. There was deep fried kool aid when the fair was here as well though I didn't partake. We stayed at the fair for more than 12 hours! We are die hards:)

  4. I love state fairs! I went to Missouri's every year until I moved out of the midwest. I love finding all the deep fried food. The deep fried Twinkie sounds delicious!

  5. Think I'd go for the pb&j, good luck on finding the Kool-Aide, perhaps it's down on and endcap near the freezers.

  6. i have tried all things fried, but the whole fried Kool-Aid is nasty... kind of tastes like pla-doh... here's the recipe:
    deep fried snickers are great too.

  7. I love our county and state fairs! They aren't until late winter/ early spring down here though so I've got some waiting to do. Hmm... maybe I'll check the kids out from school this year.

  8. I don't understand deep-fried Kool-Aid. I've heard of it but I don't get it. I also think deep-fried Twinkies and Oreos are not appealing but hey, I'll take your word for it that it was good!

  9. DEEP FRIED TWINKIES!?!? I need to get my hands on one of those immediately! My husband has been begging me to make him deep fried Oreos ever since we bought a little deep fryer.

  10. People need to escape. Reality is a terror. A fair only comes along once a year. Alas, worth the investment, I would think! :) And HOW the hell do you fry kool-aid? It's a drink, isn't it? How do you fry water? If you do find it, I want to know all about it!! :)

  11. May I say that deep fried anything sounds delicious? With a side of cotton candy.

  12. We love the Minnesota State Fair, and it's just a few blocks from our house. My favorite food is deep-fried bread dough, slathered with butter and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. They call them Elephant Ears but my mom made them and called them Puppy Dogs.

  13. Seriously, how can you fry Kool-aid? The powder? The drink? I don't get it?!

  14. Really makes you wonder! The money not the fried food thing!

  15. Totally jealous. I've been wanting to hit the State Fair, or any darn fair, here but my guys are sticks-in-the-mud.

  16. I just had to comment because of the My Girl reference. One of my absolute favorite movies, ever! My parents stopped letting my sister and I go to the video store because thats the only thing we would rent (why they didn't just buy us the movie, I don't know!).

    Also...I have never heard of deep fried Kool aid. I am intrigued by this.

  17. Aw I love fairs. My husband? Not so much. Party pooper.

  18. Ok, so I'm form UK and we don't have Kool-Aid here, nowhere sells it! I did manage to get someone to send me some though, all the way from the states and now I am addicted! Wrong thing to be addicted to since I can't actually buy it here(maybe ebay? hmm)& now I NEED to try deep fried Kool Aid! Ha, no chance of that (unless I can find out how to do it myself lol). So when you do try it pleaseeeeee let us know what it's like lol.


Thanks for the comment!

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