Friday, October 26, 2012

Natalie's Halloween Costume

Guess who Natalie is going to be for Halloween?


A Disney Princess. Merida from the movie Brave.

Guess what doesn’t work?

No matter what I do, the wig looks frightening.

Plus, Natalie says it itches her “real hairs.”

So. I decided to whip out my sewing machine and come up with something.


I don’t sew. Or knit. Or, you know, CRAFT in general.

But that’s what Etsy is for, right? You can PAY someone to do the crafty stuff. So I did that. I typed in Merida hair and came across something that I thought would work.

Something that hopefully won't itch Natalie's "real hairs."

I will share that next week!

(Tommy is going as Boba Fett. I think I spelled that right this time. In another post I wrote Bobba Fett and all the Star Wars junkies were like, “Nooo! Wrong! Bad!” Sorry guys. Anyway, his photo will come soon.)


  1. hehehehehe *giggles* you know, Natalie will always be able to pull off ANYTHING. She is that gorgeous. But I do have to agree, that red hair is a bit much!! I didn't think it'd pouff that much on top!

  2. I don't make anything either. She's adorable no matter what you get, but that wig is a bit terrifying. :) Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Hah! Save the wig for sometime in the future when you want to play a wild redhead!

  4. I love that dress. The wig is sorta scary.

  5. She is much cuter without the wig, unless you are going for scary. ;)

  6. Awwww...she's just too cute. I'm so not crafty. All my little girl's costumes will be purchased by those who can handle all that sewing without throwing a temper tantrum like I would.

  7. We have a similar dress for Maggie. We tried on the wig at the store and Maggie would NOT wear it. I think we are going with a Merida dress and Rapunzel hair (Maggie's own hair braided and with flowers in it - she has no problem combining her princesses!)

  8. Very sweet. Can't wait to see the Halloween costumes complete from head to toe!

  9. Do they make that dress in adult sizes? That is awesome! Natalie is so adorable she would wear a cardboard box and look amazing! I can't wait to see what the new hair looks like! The wig she has on there looks like my hair when I wake up in the morning ha.

  10. I love it---Real Hairs! Actually, Ilike the costume hair!

  11. Oh my gosh Natalie is way too cute for her own good! I couldn't help but laugh that the wig itches her real hairs, hah! I had a funny feeling she was going to be Merida!

  12. She is gorgeous!!! And love your blog btw :) Would you like to follow each other? :))

  13. Super cute Merida! I can't wait to see her non-itchy hairs!


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