Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hickory Farms Cheeseball

“It’s here!” I shrieked and almost started rushing over. Then I remembered, oh, I had my family with me and that would be rude to just leave them standing there.

“What’s here?” Tom asked, annoyed. He was already in a Mood because there were so many people at the mall. He’s not one for crowds. He hates going to stores around the holidays.

“Hickory Farms. Cheeseball!” I started fast-walking towards the set up. A worker was standing there in a Hickory Farms apron.

“Care for a sample?” he asked, holding out a tray of sausage bits. (Which are also SO good.) “Mint?” he continued, pulling out a container of those melt away mints. (Also delicious.)

“No. I just need a cheeseball,” I said and walked over to the cooler. I plucked one out.

“You know, if you buy two, you can save,” the worker said.

“Nah. One is fine. But thanks,” I answered.

“You sure you don’t want a sausage?”

“That’s what he said!” I joked. No, not really. I just thought it.

“Can I offer you a sample of fudge?”


How many samples did this man have?

And what did he mean FUDGE? I didn’t recall Hickory Farms having fudge. They had FUDGE?

I love fudge.


“No, thanks,” I said. If I tried a piece, I’d have to buy a box. And the box was…oh, 19.99. Yikes.

“You sure?” He could sense my weakness and opened his sample box. There were perfect bite sized cubes of fudge.

“NO!” I yelped, louder than I intended. But I think it worked because the worker jumped and quickly put the sample box away. I’m sure he was thinking, “Okay. Crazy customer. Got it.”

Mmm, cheeseball.

“Aren’t you excited?” I asked Tom.

“It’s a ball of cheese,” he answered. Tom doesn’t get excited easily.

“A ball of DELICIOUS cheese,” I said.

Seriously though, if you’ve never tried one…you should!

Makes for a fantastic snack. I usually get Ritz crackers to go with it but any will do.

(And if you get the fudge, let me know how it was..)


  1. I want to know who first decided a ball of cheese was a good idea. Because that person deserves a medal. Maybe even an entire shrine.

  2. I worked for Hickory Farms for three Christmas seasons... It killed me. I think I ate half the samples as I cut them up for everyone else to try. I quit the year they forced us to wear aprons that said "Ask Me About My Sausage". Couldn't handle it. lol.

  3. This made me want to run out to the mall now! Must get one soon.

  4. Mmmm cheeese. Mmm fudge. Mmmm...

  5. It was hard to stay away from the Hickory Farms stand last weekend at the mall. I love cheese. I am glad I didn't know about the fudge otherwise I would have bought some.

  6. You know, making your own cheeseball isn't that hard! And homemade ones are even better!!!

    $20 for fudge?? Wow, crazy!

  7. How on earth did you resist the fudge ... I don't think I would have been able to

  8. I'm kinda picky about my cheese balls. I like to make my own. Total pain in the ass but worth it.

  9. Have been buying the cheese ball for fifty years and always liked, however, Hickory Farms has really gone down. Had to drive across town to mall to get the cheese ball and then they only had 2 (two) and one box looked as though it had been run over by a semi. Can only order in 2's or 3's instead of being able to buy only one by phone. Plus there is no date on HF's packages. Since HF is only in some pretty unsafe malls they should not charge shipping on their products. I have decided it is not worth the headache to deal with Hickory Farms any longer.

  10. I worked for Hickory Farms and got fired because I missed a meeting nobody told me about. Think I was set up? They hated me because I refused to keep pushing this food on everyone. I pushed it but they wanted me to push it until they walked out the door. I can still remember, "Welcome to Hickory Farms would you like a sample beef stick? Ugh


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