Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Went Out On Black Thursday

People. There were people everywhere. And yuck, the ones in front of us kept smoking so the smoke kept wafting into my face. Did they need a new cigarette every twenty minutes? I mean really. I don’t look down on people who smoke—my Dad smoked for years—but he was a polite smoker. He would have never smoked in a line. He’d have stepped off to the side and done it.

At least it wasn’t cold.

My friend Jennifer and I were standing in line at Target on Thanksgiving. It was a little after 7 and the line was already stretched pretty far back. The store didn’t open until 9.

I know there were some complaints from people saying that the workers shouldn’t have to go in on Thanksgiving, that it would take time away from family…which I get, but then I was like, “Um, military people work on holidays all the time. Some are even deployed. At least the people who work get to go home after. The ones who are deployed can’t.” Plus, most of the time, Thanksgiving is over by 4 since most people eat early.

Of course when I said this on Facebook, some people didn’t get it, which is their right, but honestly I did not feel guilty shopping on Thanksgiving. The people who work at least get time and a half. When my husband worked on Thanksgiving, he didn’t get that. He worked a lot of holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years…we just dealt with it.

There were actually barricades out to prevent people from charging inside from the parking lot. This happens a lot. When I did Black Friday in Wyoming, I waited in line at Kohls and when the doors opened, people who were waiting in the comfort of their warm cars (it was FREEZING in Wyoming) rushed out and pushed past everywhere. If you’ve ever done this before, shame on you. Wait in line.

The time passed quickly and when the store opened, no one charged. It got a little nuts inside the store since people were rushing for the TVs but nothing insane. No fights, thank goodness.

I ended up with an outdoor fire pit for $29.99.

Now we can have s’mores! Mmmm.

I did not go back out at 4 AM. No thanks. I actually preferred going out Thursday evening so I hope the stores keep those sales going.

Because I will be there.


  1. Did you see the video of the people fighting in Walmart (again) this year? People are crazy.

  2. I once had a very bad experience, during a sale where people were stabbing each other with broken bottles ...

  3. I use to do them every year and then this year I stopped. Im not good with lots of frantic people! Im glad I skipped.

  4. I really wanted to go out because my hubby wants a new TV I just figured the sales are keep popping up and hopefully we will get a decent price.

  5. I saw the Walmart fights online. This lady bit this guys hand during the mob because he tried to yank the stuff she had JUST fought her butt off for out of her arms. She chomped down too. I was proud of her and slightly fearful.

    My husband said that there were lots of people who had little kids out at 2/3/4 AM. He had to go in to work at 2AM. I don't understand how anybody would bring their kids out in that (even if it was a normal time!) just for a freaking sale. It's too crazy and dangerous. What is wrong with people?!

  6. woo hoo for smores :) lol we didnt go we went one year and this lady hit my husband with her cart and knocked him down.. that was the last time we went. Just not worth it but I imagine it was less crazy thanksgiving evening

  7. We just stayed home and enjoyed talking to everyone. Did hit the stores Friday morning, but only got clothes (no big sales there) and the stores were almost empty (in San Francisco bay area)

  8. I didn't hear of any insane Black Friday fights in our area. But yesterday, two different fairly local Wal*Marts made the news... One for having a customer superglue herself to a toilet. The other for being the location of an active meth lab. Ahhh, the holidays...

    I'm glad you found something at a good price! I hate shopping and I hate shoppers, so Black Friday and the associated sales are like my own personal hell. I avoid leaving the house if I can.

  9. I just wish Black Friday would stay on Black Friday. I know what you mean about the military having to miss holidays and it sucks...there were plenty of holidays my dad and brother had to miss with us.

    But it also sucked for my kid to miss shenanigans with the family because she had to go into holiday pay, no time and a half....nothing special because she's still in her 90 days. Most of the people who worked on Thanksgiving were the new people who didn't get the perks. Boo Wal-Mart. :)

  10. We got a fire pit too! Though from Lowe's at noon for $40. Worth it!

  11. That IS a good deal...I've just found that the craziness and rudeness of people just is not worth it to me. I'll stay home...

  12. One of the guests at a family Thanksgiving dinner spent her afternoon checking her iPhone for sales she might want to hit that night. Several of us thought she was pretty rude...wish she'd just gone to stand in line somewhere.

  13. Since I have not rached my 90 days at Walmart I didn't get paid to work on Thanksgiving either.

    Yes, the military has to work, and has no choice. But they are doing something worthwhile. Working for a store which chooses to open on a holiday just to make more money and force their workers to work (with no extra pay!) just stinks.

  14. I agree that people working on that day is no big deal. The military does it. The restaurant people do it with no extra pay and usually bad tippers, the gas station employees do it, and so do a lot of pharmacies and grocery stores. So honestly what makes the retail people so special that they get to protest and have it off? I worked holidays most of my life.

  15. I work in Law Enforcement and have for the past 16 years. I have worked on 95% of the Christmas's, Thanksgiving's, 4th of July's, Labor Day, Memorial Day and every ohter holiday there is. None of my fellow co-workers or I like it but it's part of life, we just deal with it. Oh and did I mention most of us work weekends and midnight shifts also. While the rest of you are home sleeping or camplaining about your neighbor's loud party we are the ones you expect to come to your aide and fix your problem.
    We are the ones who answer when you call 911 because someone cut in line in front of you at the black firday sale. So suck it up America at least you have a job.


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