Monday, December 24, 2012

All I Want For Christmas

Christmas is tomorrow. Are you ready? I think I am. I hope I am. I’m not going to the stores today so if I forgot something, I’m wrapping up a bunch of leftover crap and calling it a gift.

The following are what I would like for Christmas:

For people to turn off word verification on their blogs

To still fit into my pants after the holiday season

For judgemental moms to shut their traps and stop posting condesending things on Facebook.

For a literary agent to love my writing and want to represent me. Look, if SNOOKI has a book out there, I feel I should too.

To strike it rich and pay off my car. I hate car payments!

For the television networks to stop cancelling shows so soon. The Last Resort is getting cancelled, yet The Neighbors gets to stay. What?

For someone to fold laundry for me. I hate folding laundry. I tend to shove things in drawers. Whenever my Mom visits she always folds things so nicely and I think, “I like this. I should try it.” It never happens.

To have a white Christmas. We might! It’s in the forecast but one never knows with Oklahoma. The state behaves like a petulant child sometimes.

I hope you all get what you want for Christmas!


  1. I can barely get my jeans on already! So mad at myself, but of course, what are new years resolutions for? I never do them but maybe I oughta.

  2. Yes to word verification! It's gotten better, I follow maybe one or two blogs with it still. But I rarely comment...

  3. Word verification made me laugh. I concur!! Only 1283567 payments left on Harriet. Feels like it will never happen....the last payment that is. Merry Christmas!

  4. You can have some of our snow. It was minus 27 here this morning. That's cold.

    I turned off my word verification for a while, but then I got so much annoying spam I had to turn it back on, for my own sanity!

  5. Word verification drives me bonkers! Who can read that?! I'd rather deal with having my comments moderated, thank you very much.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  6. I'll fold your stuff, if you iron mine! I hate ironing. We would have to mail them though... I hate those "I'm so great, you're all beneath me" updates, I defriend those types quickly!
    Hope you had a good day!

  7. I hope you got everything you wanted! I don't have word verification on my blog, so....there's that.
    At least you get your clothes in the drawers. You score points for that in my book!


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