Friday, December 21, 2012

Inside Natalie's Closet: Christmas/Winter Outfits

If you’re reading this, hi! The world did not end. Awesome.

Anyway, now that living is out of the way, I have some photos of Natalie in some of her Christmas/winter outfits.

This first three outfits are from Gymboree:

I started tickling her:

Then I asked her to pose and she did this:

And then she just smiled for the camera.

*Outfit change*

Smile, Natalie.

(She’s giving me a look like…not until you run into the house. New readers, I do this to make her laugh when she’s being stubborn. Or I make farting noises. Yes, my neighbors probably think I’m nuts.)

But it works.

Natalie was like “Peace!”

Then she got confused and was like, “Peace again!”

*Outfit change*

She climbed up on her toy car and was like, “Take my picture from here!”

*Outfit change*

This is NOT Gymboree. Shocking, I know. This is from Carters.

Yup, she’s ready for Santa.

And yup, I totally ran into the house to get her to smile like that.

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  1. Adorable as always! That second outfit is my favorite.

  2. It's good that you are practicing modeling with her now. She'll have a leg up on the competition as she gets older. She's gorgeous! :-)

  3. I see professional model in the future

  4. Natalie is one great model, even when you don't crash into the house!

  5. Oh so cute...makes me so excited to be having a girl.

  6. I've said it so many times, but what a cutie! I love the last outfit, it's lovely!

  7. What a ham! Love it! Her clothes are always so cute!

  8. I love all of her outfits! She is so darn cute!!

  9. Your daughter is as cute as can be! Love all the Gymboree outfits but Carter's outfit is too cute!


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