Monday, January 14, 2013

Return of the Giant Chocolate

Remember the giant chocolate I got for Christmas?

The one Natalie tried to steal?

Well, I shared over the weekend.

You know in The Walking Dead how the zombie all rush to eat a fallen person? Never seen it? Well, it looks sort of like this:

I might have said, “Go wild,” because I wanted to read a chapter of my book in peace. They were busy munching on chocolate so I thought, “Yay! Reading time!”


Big fail.

About an hour later Natalie was doing this:


Then she grabbed books from my bookcase and was like, “I’m YOU! I’m reading too! I’m YOU!” In a loud voice. Less than an inch away from my face.

Tommy, it should be mentioned, had eaten a small amount of chocolate and then retreated to his room. He’s big on being healthy. He was all, “I’m not going to eat a lot of this chocolate because if you eat too much chocolate it’s not healthy.”

I did not teach him that.

“ISN’T THIS FUN?” Natalie shrieked. It was like someone had raised the volume on her voice. I picked her up and looked for the switch to turn her down. There wasn’t one. There was, however, a square of chocolate stuck to her lower back.

“I’m spinning and spinning!” Natalie said, twirling around the room when I let her go. She smacked into the wall and I sucked in my breath—but then she started laughing. “That’s a wall!”

She was basically behaving like I did the first time I ever got drunk.

One would think she’d tire herself out. But no. She kept going. And going. And going. Sort of like the Energizer bunny. She could be their new spokesperson. “Hi! I’m Natalie! And I don’t stop for hours!”



She passed out, her lips rimmed with chocolate. I even found some in her hair.

It was a little after 11.

I blame myself.

It will not happen again.


  1. wow, that's pretty funny! had she never had chocolate before? :)

  2. LOL at your picture. I shudder to think how my twins would be if I let them have that much chocolate. They go nuts after eating a little bit.

  3. Hahahaha!!! Too funny! Love the pass-out picture.

  4. LOL. And they say kids don't get hyper from candy. ha!

  5. Well, chocolate does have that affect on some people. Guess you'll know in the future that she's really susceptible to it. :-) Found you on SITS.

  6. I give my kids chocolate only a little bit at a time because I'm terrified of this happening and because gosh darn it, I LIKE TO SLEEP AT NIGHT! I don't like to entertain children all night long. Lol! Even though I have been recently with my newborn who thinks it's cool to stay up till 3 AM with no naps in between and who freaks if you put her down. And then my 3 year old who wakes up at 6 AM and decides to go pound around out in the hallway because that's where his toy kitchen is currently. can probably tell I didn't get much sleep recently.

  7. I was thinking the same thing.. "Reminds me of the first time I got drunk."

    That last pic is priceless!

  8. Hilarious! Love, love, love the pictures. And the warning. Note to self: Chocolate is NOT the answer. ;)

  9. Don't feel bad, sometimes my kid does this...without the chocolate. She's high on life, I think.

  10. Hehehehehe This is going to be a great story to tell her when she grows up!

  11. I was laughing so hard reading this! That last picture is the best!

  12. Oh my! Pass the chocolate. I need what she's having!

  13. I don't comment often (ok maybe only like one time) but I saw a contest through Amazon and thought of you. It looks like they are accepting novel entries for a chance to be published, here is a link:

    You should enter, I have been reading you for a very long time and I know you have been trying to get published. I definitely think you would have a great shot!

  14. How funny! Was the book worth it? hahaha, let me at the candy bar. ;)

  15. We all know we shouldn't let children have to much sugar but we all forget and then we have things like this happen and we remember and swear never again.......and mean it till the next

  16. From start to finish this is LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY!! Oh my Lord, I was dying while I was reading it! Great job!

  17. I love this! Thanks for the laugh of course now I want chocolate.

  18. I'm sad that I'm immune to the effects of chocolate, and that never happens to me anymore. Did Tommy learn that from Tom? I'm genuinely confused by a child that only wants a bit of chocolate, so far from my own experience! At least Natalie finally stopped.

  19. LOL! This totally reminded me of the time when my friend fed her twins chocolate pudding for a snack before bed time....and was then bewildered as to why they were wired!

  20. maybe this will be the only time she overindulges in chocolate.

  21. I'm not laughing at you... ok I totally am! I can totally relate to my girls completely spazing out, the spaz out that you just wanna tie them down til they come off their high. LOL. At least the sugar high made for good pictures :)

  22. LOL! I've never seen or heard of a child getting so whacked out of chocolate before. Found you through SITS.


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