Monday, January 7, 2013

When Tom Goes...There's Chaos


I shut my eyes briefly. And so it begins…

“Yes, Natalie?” I called back. Does she have to be so dramatic? Can’t she calmly walk over and say, “Mother? The following has upset me at the moment…”

She stomped down the stairs to the point where the wall vibrated. Her lips were pointed downward and she shrieked, “Tommy is not being nice! Daddy told him to BE NICE AND HE’S NOT BEING NICE!”

Why can’t she go, “Mother? My brother is not using his kind words today and this has angered me greatly?”

Oh, right. Because we don’t live at Downton Abbey.

“Tommy wants privacy. He’s 10. You’re 5,” I reminded her.

“He should LOVE me!” Natalie said, tears appearing in her eyes.

“He does,” I promised, and at that moment I spotted Tommy standing in the middle of the stairway shaking his head dramatically. “He DOES,” I repeated firmly.

“Tell Daddy he’s not being nice.” She brought my iPhone over and pressed it in my hands. “Tell him now.”

“Daddy is busy training,” I said.

It’s true. Tom is gone training for his upcoming deployment. He’ll return, thank goodness, but not for long. Then he’ll be off for awhile.

The sad thing is, he just left on Saturday morning and by Saturday afternoon Natalie was already hysterical.

This is going to be a super January.

(More happened on that Saturday too. I’ll report exactly what on Wednesday. 2013 is starting off super.)


  1. That really reminds me of my 13 year old and my 4 year old.

  2. Disputes, tantrums and tears. It happens in our house a lot. Hope everything works out for your hubby.

  3. Lots of deep breaths, some hiding out in the bathroom, and maybe some hidden chocolate. That's what I'd prescribe. Along with making sure you find a babysitter and take some time to get away for yourself, alone or with a good friend.

    Good luck. And thank you for the sacrifices your family makes in behalf of the rest of us.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  4. What a Daddy's girl! She is beautiful and cute and knows how to use it! Hopefully it will pass!

  5. I've been reading your blog long enough to know about Natalie...GOOD LUCK! She's sweet and beautiful and entertaining...but good luck!

  6. I'd like to tell you that it gets better as they get older, but alas, it does not. Some days I want to clunk their heads together to knock some sense in to them both, but alas, I do not.

  7. I have a 5 year old daughter... I SO understand this drama.

  8. I can't imagine. But I can say that I spent this morning in the ER with Tony and my mother fell on the ice and my father's running around telling everyone that "he didn't hit her"... she looks THAT bad.

    Yeah... and we're only what, 7 days in?

  9. Well yikes! Tough day for all of you but thank God for LOVE!!

  10. Sorry things are rough right now. hope they get better soon.

  11. They do that here as well when their dad is not home. Why is that that they behave for their dads but not for us?

  12. Poor you. :( We run into similar issues in our home a lot these days, too!

  13. Sounds like our house too! Yesterday, my nine year old daughter decided she didn't want to share with her five year old brother. She wanted "privacy." I think that was just a code word for not sharing.

  14. {{HUGS}} I totally empathize with you.

  15. He should "LOVE" me! I'm only giggling because my sister said this to me ALL the time!

  16. Nothing like kids to make you appreciate those alone in the bathroom.
    Oh wait, it doesn't happen then either does it?

  17. Aw, I remember the "my brother doesn't love me anymore" moments (I'm younger than my brother by 4 1/2 years), it was devastating at the time! Stay strong and eat chocolate!

  18. Military kids grow up to be really strong adults. If we don't kill 'em first, lol!! Hang in there!


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