Wednesday, February 6, 2013

These Are The Days Of Kindergarten Lives

I could tell she had a rough day from the way she flopped on the couch. Normally she bursts through the house, says hello to her toys, and shows me what she did at school.

“What’s wrong?” I pressed. I sat down next to her and noticed glitter near her left eye. There’s always glitter on some part of her body thanks to her glittery dress/shoes/shirts…she also likes to play with actual glitter, much to my chagrin. I once found her flinging it in the air and dancing in it as it came down.

“It’s raining pixie dust!” she had informed me gleefully. She looked so happy that I didn’t even chastise her.

Now she wasn’t happy. Her lower lip was puffed out and she buried her face into the couch pillow.

“Fklsdfjklj,” she muttered, her voice muffled by the fabric.


She sniffled and looked up. “He broke my heart!” Then her face disappeared into the pillow again. Her tiny body started to shake and I sat there, baffled.

Broke her heart?

She was FIVE!

A baby!

She still wore cartoon underpants and believed that glitter was pixie dust!

Who was HE?

“Who broke your heart?” I asked. How was I already dealing with this? Teenage years I could comprehend. But Kindergarten?

“Matthew,” she whispered, coming up for air.

It’s a boy she loves playing with at school. She’ll randomly say at home, “I wonder if Matthew will think I look pretty in this?” or, “I wonder if Matthew thinks I look pretty with my hair long?” In the morning when I drop her off at school, if she spots Matthew, she’ll flutter her eyelashes at him and wave her fingertips in his direction. He’ll always give her a wide grin and shout, “Hi Natalie!” Sometimes he chases her. She’ll shriek and run away with a wide smile on her face.

And now he broke her heart.

“How did he break your heart?” I wanted to know.

She sighed and rubbed her eyes. “He….wouldn’t chase me today. He IGNORED me!” She looked mortified.

“Boys can be fickle creatures,” I explained. “Especially if they lose a game.” I made a face as I thought of Tom yelling at the computer if someone dared to blow up his tank.

“He doesn’t like me anymore,” she said.

“I’m sure that’s not true,” I promised.

I managed to cheer her up by making a face out of apples and raisins. She might be a dramatic child, but small things like a face from food still amuse her.

The next day after school she seemed happier.

“Matthew and I are back together!” she announced and I nearly fell over. “He broke my heart but he didn’t today!”

“Back together?” I repeated as though it were a dirty word. “You’re only 5! I still wipe your butt after you poop!”

Natalie gave me a Look.

“We’re FRIENDS!” she said as though I were a complete idiot.

Okay. Friends who got back together. Cool.

She and Matthew seem to be okay again. She hasn’t come home all sad and broken hearted.

But guys? I’m scared. If she’s this dramatic about boys at the age of FIVE…imagine how she’ll behave at FIFTEEN.

Help me.


  1. Sorry, there is no help. Just be sure to lock up the shotguns from Daddy.

  2. LOL!!!!!

    I totally relate. I have a VERY dramatic 6 year old little girl. I had a teenager moment with her last week when I peeked in on her playing in her room (so sweetly, singing and dancing around to herself) when she spied me, made a mean face and yelled " GET OUT OF MY ROOOM!!!!"


    Luckily no boy has broken her heart yet (hehe) but oh my Lord when one does, I am going to be scared!!

  3. How sweet! I think you handled it great. And hopefully she knows she can always come to you for a talk after the first grade boys break her heart!!

  4. Cracking up!! Oh my goodness, she is too cute and funny! So glad she and Matthew patched things up! :)

  5. I absolutely love that during this you had the thought "I still wipe your butt after you poop!" Seriously, that made my morning! Thank you for that!

    But yeah, best of luck with the teen years! Maybe if she keeps this up the teen years won't seem so bad since you'll have been dealing with it for so long at that point? (That was supposed to be a positive spin buuuuut maybe that didn't come across as exactly positive. That was my intentions, I assure you.)

  6. Oh boy, so much to look forward to. Just had a baby girl of my own. The hubby is super over-protective already. He didn't like that she was next to a boy in the nursery at the hospital :)

  7. I snorted, heehee :) I remember my first "love" at 5 yrs old, seriously. His name was Jason Wilson, and he broke my heart by moving away :( We always instantly partnered up for whatever, everything. I remember how he looks, exactly. That's kinda sad! I even tried to find him a few years ago but no such luck. OH how I miss those soft brown eyes!!

  8. ha ha ha, oh dear! You are in trouble :)

  9. She is so cute!!

    So, my 7 year old son has a "girlfriend" at school. They skype together afterschool sometimes. I overheard her asking for a playdate soon. Then she asked for a spend-the-night date. In which she asked Jayce if they could take a bath together.

    I am still laughing about it!

  10. Funny, but yet....waaay scary! I think you've got trouble ahead! ;)

  11. Lena has a new boy every year that she's crazy about. Matthew will be old hat at some point, but it's a cycle that doesn't end.

  12. Yeah, uh, I got nothing.

    Good luck! I wouldn't mention it to Tom. :)

  13. So much drama! She's five going on 14!

  14. Oh good lord! I do not look forward to this!

  15. Oh my gosh, that's so adorable! And frightening, I'm sure. :) She's going to be something else!

  16. LOL, oh man... look out. It's just the beginning, unfortunately. Which is exactly why I am still looking for an affordable island to purchase...

  17. And THAT is exactly why I was so happy to have a boy...less drama.

    On the plus side, maybe she'll get all out of her system now and be a perfect teenager....(we can dream, can't we?)

  18. Oh no! You're in for quite the ride, I'm afraid...

  19. Good, let her get it outta her system now so she won't care so much about boys when she's a teen. That's how it works, right? :p

    I can't remember my first crush too well, but I think his name was Timothy and I was in first grade, so around Natalie's age. I think it's probably normal and healthy.

  20. Oh lord! I have a daughter who is kinda similar. I fear her teen years... fear them.

  21. Sorry sweetie! It does not get easier, trust me! Have raised 4 daughters! The best thing I can tell you is to keep a good relationship with her and listen as much as possible. When listening, try hard not to quickly to come back at her with your opinions; at least not at that moment. The day she stops tell you "he broke my heart", then you start worrying!

  22. My youngest (3) started being super dramatic about how her imaginary friend isn't in love with her anymore. My girls are 3, 5 & 7... can you imagine them at 13, 15 & 17Seriously, SHOOT ME NOW!!!


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