Monday, February 4, 2013

This Thing Called The Super Bowl

“So I got cheese sticks, chips, dip, and various Little Debbie snacks to eat during the Super Bowl. ‘Cause, you know, calories don’t count during the big game,” I explained to Tom on Sunday.

Tom looked up from his iPad and frowned. “The Super Bowl?” he repeated.

“Yes. The big game.” I nodded.

“Do you even know who is playing?” Tom wanted to know.

He asked because I am not into sports. And here I was prattling on about snack foods to eat during the Super Bowl as though I planned to actually watch it.

“Yes. The 49ers and the Ravens,” I answered in a haughty tone. Yes, I only knew this because of my Facebook feed but he didn’t need to know that.

“What number Super Bowl is it?” Tom continued.

“Um. Thirty….three?”

He smirked. “And you plan on watching it?”

“Uh…the first ten minutes and then I’ll probably get bored and switch it over. Thank goodness you don’t want ot watch it—”

“I never said that.”

What? Tom really isn’t into sports either. Unless the Cleveland Browns are playing, which is rare, because they tend to suck. And Tom has grumbled a few times that the Ravens are just old Cleveland Browns players.

“Please don’t make me watch the whole thing. I got the foods because even though we might not watch the whole game, at least we can eat like we are,” I said.

“We’ll see.”

Anyway, we ended up watching most of the game. Well, Tom did. I was reading. But then he'd shout and carry on when a big, burly Raven scored and would startle me so I'd get distracted. Honestly, must they be so loud? When Mary and Matthew finally got together on Downton Abbey I was thrilled but I didn't stand up and scream about it.

Then the power went out at the Super Bowl and I was like, "See? Even the Universe is bored," and Tom agreed that we could watch something else--for a bit--then I had to switch it back over and he saw the 49ers were doing better and ranted that if they won, it would be this huge controversy and people would wonder if someone on their side switched the lights off so they could win and blah, blah, blah.

I just wanted the game to end.

3 minutes in football time is like 30 minutes.

Finally it was over and Tom was pleased. He kept explaining all these rules at the end. Something about how after the fourth down the ball switched teams and something about field goals and letting the clock run out...honestly, I tuned him out and went back to reading.

So that was football in our house.


  1. I was watching the game, but reading at the same time. I was reading a little book entitled The Swimmer's Assistant. Think you might have heard of it? It's cute so far!

    As for Super Bowl food, I def had some fried Mac and Cheese bites.

  2. I had that exact same conversation about that thing at the end and I still have no idea what my husband was talking about. I was just ready for the stupid game to be over so we could go home (we were at a Super Bowl party.)

  3. We never watch football in our house. It is just me and my mom. Two ladies who could care less about sports. But last night we actually sat through the last two quarters. Us! It went from 28 points to 6 points, which I thought was really sad. Then I found out that the two coaches were brothers. I wondered how the family dynamics would play out... morbid curiosity... but of course nothing happened. Pfft.

  4. We watched the commercials and fast-forwarded through the actual football parts. I think that was the best way to do it!!

  5. I used to feel the same way about football and thought it was the most boring sport ever. Then in Junior high we played flag football in gym and I had to learn some of the rules and so started to understand it more. Then my freshmen year of college I started going to to the games because everyone was and I am totally hooked now-- well at least for college football, could care less about the NFL-- though I do know that one of my former BYU Cougars scored a touch down for the winning team in the game last night :)

  6. 3 minutes does take 30 minutes, I hate it! I wanted to leave and Brandon said there's only 2 minutes until half-time. Oh, so another 20 then? Boring...

  7. I made the party foods, ate, then escaped to watch chick flicks.

  8. All my food was super fattening too. Football is on as much as possible from September through now... all for me! My husband and I were actually cheering for different teams for a change and when his team scored, he wanted me to high five him. I don't think so! lol. That 30+ minutes of lights out was annoying.

  9. Haha, I'm so glad James went down to watch the game with my dad. The only reason I love football is because it's the one precious day of the week that I get all to myself. Gonna miss that...

  10. I got out of much of it because Charlie took the boys to a super bowl party at our church youth center for the first half. I watched an old black and white Audrey Hepburn movie on Amazon.

  11. I was sort of into the game because we live in a Baltimore suburb but in general, football bores me to tears.

  12. Your description of the game cracked me up. I like watching the Super Bowl, but only because it is the only time during the year I will watch commercials. Man I love my DVR. Also, I usually enjoy the half time show... this year I thought it was just ok. My hubs on the other hand breathes sports. Poor guy stuck in a house with 3 daughters LOL.

  13. I totally missed it, LOL. But I kind of wish I'd watched, just to see the mayhem when the lights went out.

    Other than that, I'd have been reading as well :D

  14. I LOVE football!!! We didn't watch the game because it was on around 2am and if my team isn't playing, it ain't happenin'!! Of course my team never makes it to the super bowl, but we aren't going there.

    And I got to see all the commercials via YouTube, so I saved myself a bunch of time. LOL!


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