Sunday, March 31, 2013 Dress Review!

Summer is coming which means light clothing. I'll sometimes even put on a dress. has a bunch of nice dresses. You can even customize a dress to your exact measurements. I like this because sometimes I'll get a dress and it won't always hang right on me. Or my boobs will be too small for the dress. Or, okay, the dress won't zip up because I indulged in too much chocolate.

Over at, you imput your measurements and a dress is sent to you with those numbers so it'll be sure to fit.

I really liked the dress I picked out:

It fits like a glove! No loose bits. My boobs weren't too small!

The dress was well made so I know it won't rip easily. It was also shipped quickly. makes dresses in sizes 0-36W and there are a variety of different styles. If you don't need a dress, check out their skirts and tops. They also make Bridesmaid dresses.

If you buy something from eShakti, I have a code for 20% off that you can apply: WWTRBLOG It is good until April 14th of this year.

Also, if you go to their site and register, you can receive a $25 gift coupon! (For a limited time.)

To find out more about eShakti, check out their Pinterest page.

You can also check out the eShakti Facebook page.

**I was not paid for this post but I was given a dress to review. My opinions are my own**


  1. Nice dress!! I went to their site and I was impressed. Now I'm going to go back and register.

  2. It does look nice on you! I'll have to remember this site. :)

  3. Very nice looking dress! I will have to go check out their web site and see what I can find.

  4. Very pretty dress! You look amazing in it! Plus it was FREE!!!!!

  5. Such a darling dress! Very springy and flirty. You look beautiful.

  6. I really like their dresses, but every time I go to buy them, all of the sudden their out of stock until after their sale ends. boo.

  7. Beautiful dress! Such a classic look and fun color too.
    I love their dresses

  8. I love their stuff!! You chose a great looks fabulous on you!

  9. aren't you lovely! I like that color a lot, too!

  10. That dress is absolutely gorgeous! I Love it!


Thanks for the comment!

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