Friday, March 29, 2013

Chuck E Cheese Frightens Me

Masked characters freak me out.

If I can’t see your face, I don’t know what’s going on. This frightens me.

So when my daughter wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese on her birthday, I couldn’t help by cringe.

“Wouldn’t you rather go to McDonalds? Get some McNuggets?” I suggested. Yes, McDonalds is home to Ronald McDonalds who *shudders* has a painted face, but at least I could still SEE it. Plus, he rarely makes an appearance in the actual restaurant anymore. He just pops up on TV. (I miss his pals. Grimace. Hamburglar. Mayor McCheese.)

Natalie shook her head vehemently. “I want Chuck E Cheese!”

So fine. We agreed to take her there. Not for a party, mind you, but for pizza and tokens so she could play the germ riddled games. Not that I’m a germaphobe. I don’t wipe down anything. I just have to wonder how clean some of the games actually get.

Some people will argue that the food at Chuck E Cheese is disgusting. I disagree. I like their pizza. I ate 2 slices. Plus some of the dessert pizza we also got.

Then I trailed behind Natalie as she picked what she wanted to do. She ran to her favorite thing: the horse.

My Mom is a major horse lover, I should mention. She loves to ride, her house is decorated with all sorts of horse stuff, and she even volunteers at a horse place where special needs kids go. She tried so hard to get me to love horses as I grew up but I would always pinch my nose and go, “They stink!” I was petrified to be on top of a horse, so sure that it would sense my fear and buck me off.

But Natalie? She loves horses. She loves to ride. Perhaps my Mom has finally found her horse lover…

Natalie prefers to go on the actual rides than to try and win tickets. Tommy and Daddy concentrate on that part. Could I let her wander on her own? Maybe. But I don’t. I see tiny kids run free and I wonder where their parents are. Some kids behave, others will refuse to get off a ride and give someone else a turn. That’s where I step in and will remove it. I don’t have the patience to argue with a toddler who has no supervision.

One of my favorite things to do at Chuck E Cheese is play skee ball. I try to get Natalie enthused but she’s bored after one game. Me? I could stay there the entire time.

Anyway, Natalie was busy chatting on the phone and the something brushed past me and I almost leaped up on the climbing structure from fear.

It was Chuck E Cheese.

And he had a sign that said, “Follow me for free tickets!”

“Chuck E Cheese! I love him!” Natalie said, hanging up the toy phone. She followed him and said, “I like your pants.” ?

Chuck E Cheese stopped and began to dance. He motioned for all the kids around him to dance too.

He almost got close to me again and I backed up. Who knows what lives under the suit? And, hello, it’s a giant RAT.

He tossed tickets in the air after and the kids all dove for them.

In the end I think we had 300 tickets?

Natalie got a cheap bracelet and a cheap puffy toy.

She loved them and that’s all that matters.

“I’ll see you soon, Chuck E Cheese!” Natalie said when we left.

Hopefully not TOO soon…


  1. Not one of my favorite places that is for sure. Glad she had a great time.

  2. I like their pizzas too! And I am with you on costumes. If I cannot see their face, I don't like it. And their EYES... I need to see the eyes too. So people who wear sunglasses inside buildings creep me out too. Once we had a halloween party here at work, an several people dressed up head to toe-- mask and cape and all and I would NOT give them the time of day. I didn't think they deserved it (snicker)

  3. I'm not afraid of him but when I was really young, there were other characters there. Maybe they still have them? And I was terrified by one of them. I think he was a big cartoonish pizza maker. Or something. Oh and my mom is a major horse person - she even has them on her own farm. My daughter loves horses too. It must have skipped me. I think they're kinda mean.

  4. I think people in 'mascots' are hilarious, especially when they jump out and scare people. I could watch YouTube videos of that all day ha ha! But I would be mortified if it happened to me. My boys love Chuck E Cheese, it's the one place I don't mind going. Charlie Safari? You would have to drug me before I willingly stepped foot in that place again.

  5. To funny your fear of masked characters only because you have a big trip planned to WDW, where most characters faces are masked, and Mickey is a Big Mouse,which I guess is not as bad as a rat;)
    I would suggest sticking to the princess, both Natalie and you will be Happy;)

  6. My kids always ask to go to Chuck E Cheese but I can't take them and I can't tell them why... I too am scared by the mouse.

  7. Wow I can't even remember the last time I went to a Chuck E Cheese. Skee ball is definitely where it's at though.

  8. Skee ball is the best!

  9. I am right there with you! Chuck E. Cheese terrifies me! Moreso the environment than the idea of a life-size rat that's supposed to be "cute." Haha, glad your family had a good time though!

    Also - thank you so much for visiting last week and making my SITS Day extra special!

    Hoppy Easter!


    P.S. I'd love it if you'd like me on Facebook!

  10. Well, you are a nice mom for taking her. I don't care for the place either. Mask faces, weird mascots, and all those germs. Makes me glad the only Chucke cheese is a good 45 min's way from me.

  11. Well I'm glad she had a great time! No way, Jose would I go there!!!! Once. I went once. Never.Ever.Again!

  12. Luckily all of my brothers and sisters are above the age of wanting to go to chuck e cheese, we go to dave & busters now!

  13. Lol! My kids love that place too but I agree he is a little freaky.

    And yes, I would never ever let a toddler run free in that place, in fact I stay right with my 8-year-old when we go

  14. Yup. That's about how it goes.


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