Friday, March 15, 2013

Natalie's Concert

Natalie was in the bunch somewhere.

Actually, when the curtain first opened, I couldn’t even find her.

“Where is she?” I muttered to Tom. “Did she escape?”

My daughter is tiny and could easily escape and slink off into a hiding spot if she wanted to. Perhaps she came down with stage fright?

“She’s there,” Tom whispered, nodding his head towards the group of kids.

I still didn’t see her. I squinted. Was my Lasik wearing off?


Tom rolled his eyes. Well, excuse me. He’s taller than I am so his big old head was popping up higher in the crowd than mine could. “There!” He pointed this time.

I followed his finger and oh! There she was. And there she went. She was hidden behind another little boy.

They were singing songs about famous books and in the corner was a projector set up to show pictures of the books they were singing from.

Some of the illustrations gave me the giggles.

I should have taken a picture of said illustrations but I was too busy laughing. Basically one picture was of this ridiculous looking rabbit thing because the kids sang that Little Bunny Foo Foo song and I lost it my ability to behave like an adult.

And then for some reason I thought of the movie Stepmom with Julia Roberts and Susan Suranden. Remember that part where Julia goes to talk to Susan during some play and Julia goes, “What the hell is this?” I thought of her saying that during the program I was watching and cracked up again.

I get the giggles at the worst moments.

It didn’t help that I passed it onto my son, who also started to giggle.

(That's my friend Jennifer staring at me, probably wondering what the crap I'm doing.)

“What?” Tom hissed.

“The bunny looks sickly,” I replied and swallowed back another giggle. I did not explain the Stepmom thing to him. He would not have understood.

Some of the songs the kids sang were depressing. Something about a mother’s death and someone getting hit in the head.

In between songs Natalie would wave at us and she even got to play some musical instruments:

The final song they sang was Green Eggs and Ham. A book that I do NOT like reading. I know people are all, “Ahh, Dr. Seuss, the genius!” I’m all, “Dr. Seuss books hurt my mouth.”

Thank goodness Natalie is starting to read on her own.

After the show I noticed some parents had flowers for their kid.

I hope I wasn’t meant to bring flowers. WAS I supposed to bring flowers?!

Parenting in 2013 can be exhausting.


  1. LOL ... really flowers for their kids, aren't they like kids and have to do this kind of thing?

    I got the stepmom thing ... very funny

  2. I brought flowers for my step daughter when she was in her first play and she told me I embarrassed her. o_O

  3. Yup, Moms are good for embarrassing kids.

  4. Sounds like the concert went well :D
    Couldn't help but laugh about the sickly rabbit.

  5. Dr Seuss books hurt my mouth too...

  6. Wacky Wednesday is the Seuss book that hurts my mouth...and my brain. And I've never brought flowers to my kids' school productions, but I do for my daughter's ballet recital.

  7. So cute! Looks like Natalie was having fun.

  8. Those parents who bring flowers to everything have ruined my life! I have five kids. They are now 14-22 so it's not quite as big a deal, but when they were young I'd have someone performing every other week, it seemed. Or two in the same week. If I bought flowers for every performance, I'd be broke.

    My kids got flowers if it was something big, if the timing was right, and if I remembered. That averaged out to about once for each kid. Ever.

    Curse those flower-weilding mothers.

    I'm glad you had fun and giggled. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from SITS.

  9. I love the Stepmom reference. And Natalie looks as adorable as ever. She's quite the performer, judging by those last pictures. Not that I hadn't picked up on that from prior posts. ;)

  10. Now I want to watch Stepmom. I've never heard of someone getting flowers for a school function that wasn't grad or prom. Plus, I don't think kids would really enjoy flowers. But I don't have kids, so what do I know?

  11. This post gave me the giggles, especially the awesome photo of your adorable son laughing and your friend giving you a "WTF" look. I always get the giggles when I shouldn't. And I often think that since I'm an adult, I should be able to laugh freely wherever I am. Nope!

  12. That's funny! My son got the giggles and couldn't stop at the kids Christmas concert. He made everyone else around him laugh. I've only ever given flowers to my daughter after her dance recitals.

  13. Only the moms who are trying to impress everyone else brings flowers for their kid after school music performances. At least that is what I tell myself.

  14. I can re-call the first time I went to a chorus concert and it seemed like every parent had flowers. I thought, what a waste of money! We went home to ice cream. LOL...I can remember thinking during a concert 2 years ago, that it was a waste of time because I could not see my daughter at all.

  15. Wow flowers? Yea seems a little much. If I get the giggles I am just screwed as I can't stop.


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