Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Watching Movies In Style

“Look. Look. I push this and out comes the recliner,” I told Tom. I stretched my legs out. “And if I get cold?” I pressed the red button. “Warmth!”

Tom chuckled. We were on a date and we were about to see Olympus Has Fallen.

In recliners.

We didn’t have to deal with those regular seats with no heater and no recliners. We didn’t have to worry about parents deciding that it was totally appropriate for their young child to sit through a movie.

“And we get FOOD!” I continued, grabbing the menu.

We were at a theater called The Warren. You can pay extra to have a recliner seat and have food delivered to you. Tom and I usually sit in the balconies, which is exactly what it sounds like—only in that case, you’re still sharing the theater with people down below who think it’s okay to make noises and bring their toddlers to adult movies. In the Director’s Suite (what our room is called) you get your own room. (And your own WAITING room while you sit and mingle while the room is being cleaned.)

Ahh, bliss.

We ordered cheese fries, which are amazing. They aren’t fries covered with that fake orangy cheese. No, it’s real cheese melted on top, as well as bacon crumbles and chives. Plus you get free refills on drinks.

Yes, the price is $22 a seat—but if you go once in awhile, like we do, it’s worth it.

Here is Tom stretched out. Not the best picture because I think he was embarrassed that I was taking photos. But, well, they were fancy seats man.

“Just think, Jay Z probably watches movies like this on a daily basis. In his HOUSE!” I said, astonished.

Oh, to be rich....

And the movie? Olympus Has Fallen? Was actually not that bad. Sometimes I’m not sure about action movies. For instance, I refuse to watch the Die Hard ones. Or GI Joe. I don’t care that someone has amazing abs. I wouldn’t enjoy it.

But Olympus Has Fallen was good. I was entertained on the gigantic screen.

And warm. I tend to get chilled in movie theaters but with the seat warmer, I was toasty.

So if your movie theater has seats like the ones I described, I highly recommend splurging and experiencing them.

Your warm butt will thank you.


  1. That sounds like a perfectly awesome date night!! Stopping by from SITS...

    Cher @ Designs by Studio C

  2. OMG....that sounds like bliss. We totally need a theater like this around here!

  3. Umm, that sounds amazing! Going to google to see if they have any theaters like that near me!

  4. Sounds like a perfect date night and those cheese fries sound awesome!!

  5. How fun!!!! I think this is the ONLY WAY I'd go to see a movie in a theater. I absolutely refuse to listen to people talking, on the phone, bratty kids running around, chewing with their mouths open, etc, etc, etc!! I have a large HD flatscreen TV at home and I'll wait for the bluray - thanks!

    I think this sounds awesome for a date night!!!

  6. We've been to half a dozen theaters here in Vegas (most in casinos) and none of them have anything like that. I'll have to suggest some upgrades.
    (is that a one screen theater, or a multiplex? Part of a big chain?)

  7. Wow that's an awesome chair for a movie theater!! I'm always freezing in movie theaters so the butt warmer sounds fantastic!

  8. Oh wow, that sounds awesome. We so need that here, I might actually want to go sit in a theater then!

  9. Wow! Who knew? I'm pretty sure we don't have anything like that around here but if we ever get one, I will definitely pay extra for it!

  10. I would go to the Warren in Wichita and sit in the balcony. I miss the Warren theaters.

  11. Aw man I want to go to a theatre like that!! And see that movie!

  12. That is cool.

    There used to be a place like that, where we used to live. but the chairs where reclining seats from a Lincoln towne car.

    And they served you food and drinks during the movie too.

    Thanks for sharing, I don't know if there is one around where I live now.

    Have a great day :)

  13. Sounds like an awesome thing to splurge on!! I'll have to see if there are any theaters like that near me. :)

  14. That looks so awesome!!! I've never heard of this but I agree that it's worth an occasional splurge for a nice date. I haven't been to the movies since my baby was born and that was nine months ago and at this point, we have no excuses.

  15. I've never heard of such a thing! That sounds fun.

  16. That sound amazing! I get especially annoyed with kids in movies like that so I'd definitely splurge.

  17. I love going to cinema's where you can order a meal to be brought to you 37 minutes into the film!

  18. Wow! Sounds like a luxury. Cheese fries? I wish we had theaters like that. I would probably be tempted to sit through more than one movie though. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

  19. That's a fantastic price. When I went to the movies four years ago, that was the price for a movie theatre where people thought it was OK to bring toddlers to an adult movie.


  20. I would definitely dish out the extra money for that kind of experience but we don't have the option around here. We were at the movies this weekend and I was so cold (in my sweater) that I put my coat back on for a little while.

  21. They need to make one of these close to me!


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