Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Texting During Movies

I’ve mentioned this before.


Can someone explain to me WHY people think it’s okay to mess with their phones during a movie?

I’m not talking about a movie in your home.

I’m talking about an actual movie theater.

Tom and I got to see The Incredible Burt Wonderstone and while it was funny, I was distracted because the girl beside Tom kept messing with her phone.


Now, okay, maybe I get it if someone is babysitting your kids and you get a text so you want to check to make sure everything is okay.

But if it’s beyond that? Leave the theater. Go to the hall.

This chick kept checking FACEBOOK. She didn’t look older than 20 so it figures. Her boyfriend kept chuckling as she did it. Had I been with her I’d have told her to put her phone away or else I’d chuck it against the wall.

I told Tom if she had been next to me that I’d have told her to knock it off.

At one point I did go, “That’s REALLY distracting.”

She didn’t care. Bright light from her phone went into my face.

What is WITH the people these days? Where are the manners?

I’d have said more but we were in Texas and lots of people in Texas have guns. One never knows who will use said guns these days so I didn’t want to cause an, ahem, problem.

But seriously, if you’re with someone who messes with their phone during a movie? If they are your friend who you know won’t pull out a weapon? Tell them it’s rude. Tell them that it’s distracting.

If you’re reading this and YOU mess with your phone while seeing a movie in a theater?

Stop it.

You shouldn’t pay to see a movie if you aren’t going to WATCH it.


  1. OH MY GOD. YES. People on phones, people who talk, etc. in movies drive me BONKERS!!! If you don't want to see the movie then stay home!!

  2. I think that's nuts! I don't even look at my phone during movies. Now that I have kids I keep it on vibrate and put it on a place I'd feel it if it range, but that's the extent. I also think that texting while at a restaurant WITH someone else is insane. My sister does all of this.

  3. Was this at the $25 movie?? I can't believe someone would pay that much money to read facebook!! Even I'm not that obsessed!!

  4. AND? You shouldn't be texting while you're out with someone you supposedly love? You aren't paying them any attention at all, so why should the guy stay with her if that's all she does?!

  5. Anything on Facebook can definitely wait!! Well said!!

  6. I think most people would agree with you, maybe once, any longer get up and go outside. I don't even bring mine in.

  7. Yet another reason why I never, ever go to see a movie at the theater!!!

  8. Totally agree, it was extremely rude of her to ruin your movie experience.
    My husband and I went out to dinner a few nights ago and there was a young couple sitting across from us who spent the entire hour texting or surfing on their phones. I did not see them say one word to each other, the only time they talked was to order from the waiter. It is their business and certainly did not ruin our dinner or conversation, but it was strange to observe because their only social interaction was going on on devices so you wonder what the point is of even going out together. But that is how I would feel and obviously society is looking at all this differently than me.

  9. YES YES YES! I completely agree on this one. This was part of a pet peeve post I did not too long ago. It drives me nuts when people mess with their phones at the theater. GR!

  10. That drives me bonkers! Ugh, people are so rude and inconsiderate.

  11. It SO drives me crazy when people not only text but when they talk loudly on their phone. Do they not realize that they're sharing their business with everyone within hearing range.

    During a movie is a bit much especially since the light on the phone seems to glow bigtime. I share your frustration. I live in California and they don't take too kindly to being told what to do either.

  12. Next time say something. After all, it was Texas and Tom could have been the one with the gun for all she knew. (he is intimidating enough as it is)

  13. You definitely hit on a HUGE pet peeve of mine! I agree 100%. And if that was at the expensive theater with the fancy seats, I would have went a found a manager and had her ejected. Inconsiderate people irritate me to no end.

  14. YES! Why bother going if you're not going to watch the movie? It was such a good movie too!
    I went to see a movie with a colleague, who talked out loud the whol etime, like, "Oh No!", "What the heck!" etc etc. I was MORTIFIED! I'm never going to see a movie with that colleague again. End of.

  15. It is so annoying when people do that.

  16. I'm guilty of the occasional text, but I try to keep it to "I'm busy I'll call you later." And I do my best to use my jacket or arms to shield other people's eyes because that's always super annoying.

  17. It's the age-
    Younger people are addicted to information. It's not even the fact it's FB, it's EVERYTHING.
    Sad, really.

  18. Ugh, we went to the movies for the first time in forever and there were really annoying people. We didn't have people on a phone, but we had teenagers that kept running up and down the stairs and screeching,and the lady next to me kept loudly narrating for the little girl she was with "oh no, she's going to do something bad!" I think we'll just stay home and watch movies.


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