Monday, April 29, 2013

Rapunzel the Hero

On Friday it was Dress Like Your Hero day at the school.

Natalie was immediately like, “I’m going as Rapunzel!”

I knew most people would dress up like their military parents. And yes, Tom is Natalie’s hero. But we didn’t have a mini uniform anyway. If I were crafty, maybe I could have made one. As it is, I am not.

So Rapunzel it was.

Of course in the morning Tommy was like, “Rapunzel isn’t a hero.”

Natalie got red in the face and screamed, “RAPUNZEL IS A HERO! SHE SAVED EUGENE FITZHERBERT’S LIFE!”

Tommy shook his head. “She’s not a hero.”

Natalie’s face turned purple so it matched her dress. “YES SHE IS A HERO! SHE WAS BRAVE!” And then she marched over and smacked Tommy on the arm.

“Wow, Naomi Campbell, that’s not appropriate,” I cut in. I made her apologize to Tommy, who still thought the entire thing was hilarious. He loves upsetting his sister due to her dramatics.

“She’s a hero,” Natalie sniffed, smoothing out her dress.

“She’s not,” Tommy muttered and Natalie narrowed her eyes at him and waved her hand in the air, reminding him that she knew how to use it.

Tommy wore a camo shirt to represent Tom. He refused to dress up, which was a smart move, because when we got to the school none of the older kids were in costume.

No one else dressed like a Disney princess from what I saw. There were tons of uniform clad kids and again, Natalie would have worn one had we had a mini.


I’m glad she wore what she wanted.

And, you know, I agree with her. Rapunzel DID save Flynn’s—excuse me, EUGENE’s—life. That’s heroic.

Plus, she climbed down from that tall tower. I’m afraid of heights so I’d have been like, “You know what? I think I’ll stay here. Peace,” and gone back inside.


  1. I think it's cute that she's her own person. And I don't think there's any doubt in anyone's mind that Tom is her hero. Heck, he's a hero to all of us!

    Plus, she looks adorable in that costume, so that's a win.

  2. A hero is whatever image a person has of another character or person. To your daughter, Rapunzel was a hero. Enough said. Followed you from SITS. Have a blessed day!

  3. Hey, she's her own girl with her own heroes and she wants to flaunt her individuality.

    Her daddy will always be her hero, she's a princess of a girl who is being who she wants to her for it!

    And she is totally adorable in purple! :-)

  4. Natalie is awesome! I love that she was not afraid to show people her hero, and defend her.

  5. HA HA HA HA!! The Naomi Campbell line almost made us spit coffee all over the keyboard!-The Dose Girls

  6. Girl Power!! I think she's fine to dress as Rapunzel. :)

  7. Hey, if she thinks Rapunzel is her hero, then that's fine with me! Good Rapunzel!

  8. She thinks outside the box- I like that!

  9. I agree with Natalie... Princesses can be heroes, too!

  10. We almost bought that exact dress at Target the other day! She settled for a Rapunzel doll instead and it's already suffered three baths.

    I have this conversation with my daughter too. I think Rapunzel is very brave. She was all willing to sacrifice everything for Eugene (Flynn..) to live. He was brave too, in the long run. They kinda saved each other.

  11. Lol! Kid are cute! Good good for you for letting her go as who she wanted to.

  12. I love how she figured out a way for Rapunzel to be the hero. I wouldn't have climbed down the tower either.

  13. I like that she does her own thing. That's a great quality to have!

  14. Good for her! glad she stuck to her idea. :)

  15. I love Rapunzel's character. And I think she's figure out Rapunzel is a hero. lol :)


  16. I just love her independent streak! And she makes a beautiful Rapunzel!


Thanks for the comment!

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