Sunday, April 28, 2013

Best Of Warner Bros DVD #Giveaway **CLOSED

**CLOSED! Winner posted here**

I love watching movies.

At home, in a theater, wherever.

Mother's Day is coming up and I'd love to be able to curl up on the couch and watch a movie. I much prefer ones that were made "back in the day." The Sound of Music is still one of my favorites.

PartnersHub is giving a lucky reader a classic movie. You'll either get a copy of A Star Is Born or Cabaret.

Do you like classic movies? Check out the widget and test your knowledge by playing the Guess The Scene game. If you're feeling sad, check out Words in Film which will show quotes and images to help express your mood.

Do you want your family to know what you want on Mother's Day? Fill this out and help give them a clue!

Giveaway Rules:

--Must be 18 or older

--No PO Boxes

Mandatory Entry: Tell me what your favorite movie is.

Extra Entries:

Tell me your results of the Guess The Scene game.

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I will pick a winner on May 6th.

Good luck!


  1. I'm in, I'm in!! I just spent the entire weekend, almost... sitting with my mom on the couch doing cross stitching and watching classic movie. Elizabeth Taylor with Rock Hudson, that was a good one although the name of the movie escapes. me CanCan with Shirley McLaine was also good. They just DON'T make movies like that. You just DON'T see men interact like that with eachhother in this time and age, and I wish it was still like that now!

    Maybe I am old fashioned, but I really want to be just a homemaker, A wife and a mother. I don't want to have to work. I want my husband to bring home the bread, sing to me of love, dance around with me because he feels so happy. La ti Da.

  2. Sorry for serious faux pas with punctuation in my previous comment. I hope your hair didn't curl.

  3. I did pretty poorly, just 555.
    My favorite movie is the French version of Beauty and the Beast by Cocteau. Just marvelous.

  4. my favorite is probably fireproof. I can watch that daily.

  5. I got a 1005. My daughter loves movies so we watch a lot of them.

  6. My favorite movie is The Notebook. I could watch it a million times and cry each time.

  7. My favorite movies right now are the two new Sherlock Holmes.

    My score was a 630, there were a few older ones I haven't seen.

    Following Partner'sHub (@MWH_blog) Which seems like a cool resource!!

  8. I scored 1155 on the Guess the Scene quiz (Really Surprised Me!) But I guess after watching many movie over the years it finally paid off..well, at least with the quiz anyways. Thanks for having and hosting the giveaway! I would love to be able to win either of those titles and present it to my wife for Mother's Day! She's the best! Thanks for the chance. :)

  9. A favorite movie of mine was/is JAWS!! It's a classic!

  10. I follow @PartnersHub on twitter.


    Ronald Oliver

    oliverspendulum at yahoo dot com

  11. That game was fun! I want the widget for my site.

    I have so many favorite classic movies.
    but here's my top 3:
    Funny Girl

  12. I love The Princess Bride - it's a classic in it's own right! I got a 610.

  13. My favorite movie is One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

  14. I follow on Twitter: @katiecontestsii

  15. My favorite movie is probably...Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

  16. Classic Movies are the best!! I grew up on Katherine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, Shirley Temple, John Wayne!! Love them!! My Grammy had over 100 black/white videotapes that we'd watch over and over with them. Love them!! We're currently on the old Herbie ones.


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