Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This Is How My Summer Will Go

“So did you make summer plans? I created a chalkboard background on our door pantry—got the idea from Pinterest—and wrote down everything we want to accomplish over the summer!”

“I just want to accomplish not killing my kids. Ha ha!” I said.

The woman looked horrified. Oops. Not everyone gets my humor.

But really, am I supposed to write down what I want to accomplish over the summer? I sort of felt like it would go like this:

--Sleep in. The kids allow this because they tend to party in their rooms until 10 or 11. Most of the time they leave me alone but most nights Natalie asks for something every half hour. "I'm hungry. I'm thirsty. Could you check to see if I got all the poop off my butt? Can you put another DVD in for me?" Because I'm one of those parents who puts a TV in every child's room. With a DVD player.

--Disney World in June. Get to see my husband's family. Yay! Don't have to cook for a week. Double yay!

--Work on not yelling so much—the neighborhood can probably hear me.

--Go shopping without losing my shit since Natalie will have to come with me now. She likes to touch everything and comment about what it feels like. "Look at this glittery purse. It feels bumpy! Look at this Doc McStuffins toy. It's soft!"

--To not have ice cream for dinner more than 5 times a week (sometimes when Oklahoma gets super hot, this gets tempting..)

--Send my kids off with my parents, who are saints. They are taking them at the end of July for at least week so I can relax. By that point my patience will be thin and I’ll have gained 10 pounds from stress eating (and the ice cream for dinner.)

--Maybe play board games if the kids don’t turn into whiney brats or insist that one of the game pieces is tired and needs to sleep in their bed (Natalie. She once brought the entire cast of Candy Land to bed with her. We still haven’t found all the pieces.)

--Movie nights if the kids promise to not talk or fight or eat all the popcorn.

--Beach in August! I’ll need one of those modest swimsuits like the Duggars wear though from the stress eating.

--SCHOOL STARTS! Yes, I am already counting down the days..


  1. Well that all sounds great! Today I yelled so loudly in the driveway that I was sure the neighbors heard me. And we live in the woods and barely have neighbors. We may put our older one in a summer camp or two and we have three birthdays to celebrate and a few trips so..I guess it will all be ok. I do plan on ice cream for dinner.

  2. You've planned a lot but it's all pretty open ended so it could work, and all those built-in breaks and getaways in the middle. Good call on those!

  3. Those all sound like great things for the summer. The beach sounds awesome!

  4. Sounds like some good things are planned. Hope all goes well.

  5. I am usually the annoying planning everything with a chart and stickers mom. This year my 3 year old has me afraid of the last day of school! She goes to preschool 2 days a week for 2 hours a week, and it's the only reprieve I get from her constant talking...

  6. Sounds like the same kind of summer I am planning! Also, you should mix it up with cereal for dinner every once in a while. Fewer calories, same about of work to be done. :)

  7. I hear ya, It's gonna be a long summer!

    Disney World is cool though!

  8. I think it sounds like a nice, busy summer. All your trips sound fun!

  9. It sounds mostly like fun, other than the whinging brats :) Good luck with them, hope the kids survive :) Or should I say, hope you survive :)

  10. I don't know what sounds better - going to Disney World (seems like everyone I talk to this year - that has been their plan. Either they've already been in the last few months or are going soon) or having your parents watch the kids for a whole week. My parents can barely handle one night - not that my kids are bad. It's just, I totally get your sense of humor with not trying to kill the kids. My daughter still has June 6 to go for school and on weekends she and her brother already drive me crazy. I can only keep telling myself, it's only going to get worse! lol

  11. I love your list - especially the not killing the kids part :D I got the joke ha ha!

  12. I am giggling with joy. Someone else who is already counting down until the first day of school, just like me. WooHooo! Just discovered that I have gained 10lbs from stress eating the last 4 months. Don't do it! My summer pants don't fit. LOL...guess you know what I will be doing everyday before the children get up. Working out so I can drop those extra pounds.

    By the way, today was my children's last day of school. Let the count down begin. :)

  13. This sounds like a perfectly acceptable summer list to me! Love your blog. :)

  14. I am glad you are going to have a few breaks. Hang in there. I read your blog everyday. I enjoy it very much!!

  15. My kids (ages 7,9, and 13) just got out of school for the summer 3 hours ago.... I'm already counting down the days until they go back to school. Add that in with my crazy pregnancy hormones and it is a recipe for disaster!

  16. I'm right with you. On my chalkboard would be "send kid to camp" and "look for camp with longer day than the one she usually goes to." Because we will do fun stuff together, but 24-7 with Moochie would grind me down to a drooling nub.

  17. I feel the same way.

    Um...really I just want to get through summer without losing my mind.


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