Thursday, July 18, 2013

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Creepy Autograph Men

I’m not sure how many of you heard about the man called Suri Cruise a brat. If not, you can click here to read the story. If you don’t want to read the story then here’s the sum up of what happened: a bunch of paparazzi were swarming the poor kid, her friend, and her mom snapping pictures left and right. This one dude who collects autographs wanted her to sign something. Suri was more concerned about getting to her car and told everyone to move. After she got into the car, the autograph dude is heard going, “you little brat kid…” and then he muttered something about her being “a bitch.”


First of all, ew. What GROWN ADULT wants an autograph from a seven-year-old girl? That’s creepy. He basically gets autographs and sells them on eBay. Children should be off limits in my mind.

Second of all, the paparazzi are rude. They should not be allowed to swarm a child. However, in this case, the paparazzi stuck up for Suri and told Creepy Autograph Dude that he was in the wrong.

Third of all, I’m amazed Katie could keep quiet. I know she needs to keep an image and all that…shouting at everyone would probably be frowned upon by her camp. Still. I wouldn’t care about my image if a disgusting man called my daughter names. It could be she didn’t even hear what was said with all the commotion. If I heard, I’d have caused a scene and told Creepy Autograph Guy to leave kids alone and to go back to his cave.

I’ve always felt that minors should be kept off limits or at least there needs to be a rule on how close people can get to them. If people were constantly clustered around Natalie, she’d probably start throwing her shoes at them.

I hope that Creepy Autograph Guy gets another hobby. Or at least starts leaving the kids alone.

(He should try bugging Charlie Sheen's kids and see what happens. Did you hear that Charlie Sheen called out the name of the girl who was bullying his daughter on Twitter? Do not mess with Charlie Sheen.)


  1. For that reason, I could never be a celebrity. When people mess with my baby, my "mama bear" instincts go into high gear. I get diarrhea of the mouth, and most of the time it's not nice things that come out! lol.

  2. "Creepy Autograph Guy" should go back under the rock he crawled out of! Jerk!

  3. Oh man I would have been livid if I heard some creepy old stranger call my child a brat! People are so crazy now days.

  4. Could not agree with this more. I felt exactly the same way when I read the story!!-Ashley

  5. Really? Like really? This is just getting ridiculous! But yeah, I've been known to attack people for rude things they have said about my kids in public and I don't have the paparazzi following me around.

  6. What a jerk! I can't believe he would use those words to describe a child. He definitely needs a new hobby!!

  7. Yeah, what is WRONG with people?!?

  8. Wow really? A grown man picking on a little girl? Classy.

  9. I heard about it and was disgusted. There should be a law or something. I would totally yell at him if it was me.

  10. I would have clawed his effing eyeballs out.
    And that's why I could never be a celebrity.

  11. Oh, wow. Charlie Sheen, for all his troubles, acted like a true papa bear there. The fact that the guy called Suri a "bitch" is shocking. Brat is bad enough. She's just a kid. Yes, she's rich as anything but she's a kid. Sick, sad man.


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