Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We Went To Disney World Part Five: Enchanted Tales with Belle and Be Our Guest

My birthday was on June 19th.

And on that day, I woke up early to attend the opening show at Magic Kingdom.

Basically people dance and a train with various characters pull up. They pick a family to come up front. I’m guessing that family has to be camped out early, which I can not do. We got there right at 9. I am not a morning person. I would not find joy camping out, even if it IS Disney.

Yes, I did sport my It’s My Birthday button that Disney provides and yes, I was wished happy birthday by the cast members. No, cupcakes were not given to me as easily as I had hoped. Boo. (And sometimes I forgot I was wearing the button so when people would say happy birthday I'd be like, "How did they KNOW?!" Then I remembered. Look, it was VERY hot there. It messes with the mind.)

When we got through the gates, I led us to Enchanted Tales with Belle. Since it does not offer a Fast Pass, it’s best to go first thing or during down times. I thought I was leading us the right way….until I realized we were in front of The Haunted Mansion.

“Um,” I said to the cast member outside. “Where is Enchanted Tales with Belle?”

“Keep going straight! It’s in Fantasyland,” she explained.

Oh. I thought I was in Fantasyland. Oops. I am awful with maps. Just awful. Plus I FELT awful because Tom’s Mom was with us and she’s huffing and puffing with sweat pouring down her face. I would never forgive myself if she passed out on my watch. What would Tom think? He’d be all, “Thanks for allowing my mom to keel over because you can’t read an easy map!”

So. We had to back up a little bit and then I got us to the right place. My mistake cost us a good spot in line but no matter, the wait said it was only 20 minutes, which is good for Enchanted Tales with Belle.

It’s a nice experience. First you’re led into Belle’s house. Then you’re led into a room where someone speaks to you about the time when Belle first fell in love with the Beast. I believe it’s Maurice’s workshop and because he’s an inventor, a door suddenly appears in front of you. You walk through and you’re in another room with her:

She asks people if they want a part in the story. Natalie raised her hand for everything offered. Before they gave the part, they asked the kids to all do certain things: roar like a beast, gallop like a horse, pretend to be cold…

...Natalie got that part. She was Maurice when he was freezing in jail. (Tommy said no thanks to a part.) Also, all kids are given a part if they want one. Adults included. No one will ever be left out.

They have the kids practice the part and then….another door opens and you’re in another room. Lumiere speaks for a bit and then Belle comes out! Everyone reenacts the story and Belle goes up to each person. (The best part to get, in my opinion, is the beast because Belle dances with that person. And no, they don't always pick boys. In our group, it was a little girl.)

Afterwards, anyone who wants to meet Belle and take a picture with her are able to do so. One of the workers calls out each person by name. Meaning when Natalie went up she went, "Belle, Mademoiselle Natalie to see you." (Boys were masters.) It was incredibly sweet.

Plus she gives them a bookmark. After Natalie met and hugged Belle, she rushed over to us and went, “Her dress is SOFT and she smells like FLOWERS!”

When that was over, we headed to the Be Our Guest restaurant. It was only 10 and there was already a line. The place opens up at 1030. They’re friendly though, they hand everyone who wants one an oversized umbrella to protect them from the sun. Still, we all felt like we wanted to melt. Tommy kept going, “Is it time?” Natalie kept going, “Belle’s dress was SOFT and she smelled like FLOWERS!” Finally, mercifully, the restaurant opened. As everyone walks in, the staff is by the door all lined up clapping for you as though you’re an important guest. Natalie gave a regal wave to them all.

We ordered our food and were given roses to place on our tables. Someone brings your food out to you. There are different rooms but we picked the main ballroom, the one where Belle and the Beast danced.

Everyone looks out of it thanks to the heat. (And yes, the cast members there sport breeches.)

I had the braised pork. Or maybe it was called something else. I don’t know. Whatever it was, it was tasty. And it came with a cupcake. You can have lunch at Be Our Guest on the Quick Service plan. Mind you, there are no nuggets and burgers for the kids here. Natalie had the mahi mahi and Tommy tried a sandwich they offered. He’s pretty picky but he liked it.

(To get better pictures and food details, check out I got a lot of fantastic information from that site.)

I ended up having a fabulous birthday at Disney. No, they wouldn’t let me have the gray stuff at Be Our Guest though. It’s a chocolate mousse dessert that is only served at dinner. Perhaps next time? To cheer myself up, I got a Dole Whip. (Everyone MUST try a Dole Whip! Look it up on the food blog for the exact location. I'd get you lost, I'm sure.)

So eat at Be Our Guest if you can! The details are amazing.

(There goes Natalie with her half closed eyes again. She was so excited, she was blinking rapidly!)

The next Disney post will be about Mickey’s Backyard BBQ!


  1. I celebrated my birthday at Disney last year. It was lots of fun! Enchanted Belle...or rather that whole section of FantasyLand wasn't open yet, but The Girl has never been a big Disney Princess fan, so it was just fine with us! :-)

  2. I wanted to get one of the "First Visit" buttons, but everyone else was being cranky, so I never asked where you get them. I am loving all your posts about your adventures, especially since now I know what people are talking about when they talk about Disney World!

  3. Dole Whip is one of my favorite treats! This year at Epcot's flower and garden festival they had them with a shot of rum, which I couldn't have, but looked really good :)So glad you got to eat at Be Our Guest, it's a really yummy quick service location!

  4. Looks like Na smiled all of the time. Nice of you to do that with the kids.

  5. I'm glad Belle smells like flowers. I can't imagine that's easy to achieve when you're in sweltering heat!

    Again, I'm truly riveted. I read each word slowly. I'm imagining my daughter there..

  6. Is it weird that I am excited to meet Belle? lol

  7. I am excited they have gray stuff! I wondered if they would put it on the menu, but couldn't find anything. I really want to eat there.

  8. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like a fabulous day and you were definitely a trooper to get up early on your special day! :)-Ashley

  9. Happy Belated Birthday!!! And that looks so awesome!! I wanna go!! Next time can I hide in your suitcase?

  10. What an awesome trip! And happy belated birthday! I can't wait to take my daughter there when she is older. YOur pictures made me go back in time a little :)

  11. Happy Birthday! This looks like a wonderful place to celebrate!

  12. that's awesome that you got to eat there! it was such a long line when we went by, I was happy I didn't plan on eating there!


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