Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cardstore.Com Review!

I love getting cards.

It seems so many people just send e-mails, which is okay, but sometimes I want an actual card. offers so many choices. I especially loved their birthday card section. I've always enjoyed sending people birthday cards and I so love receiving them. I'm a fan of the funny ones.

I was able to pick out a card and I went with a photo anniversary one. I loved the personalized touch of photos. It was really easy to create. I simply clicked on where a photo could go and that was basically it. I was finished with my card in less than ten minutes. Simple.

This was the finished product:

The photos are really clear and I know they'll bring a smile to my husband's face.

This is the inside:

Our anniversary isn't until December, but I like to get started early.

I liked because they can actually send the card for you. You just add the cost of a stamp at checkout and the card will be on its way to the recipient. You can even create cards and schedule when you want them sent. I love this, because sometimes my memory stinks so it's good to know that I'll already have a card ready to go in case I forget.

To learn more about, LIKE their Facebook page.

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Now go send someone you love a card!

**I was given a free card to review. My opinions are my own**


  1. I absolutely adore their cards! It is so fun and neat to be able to personalize them so much. Love how your card turned out!

  2. I love their site! I made my husband what I think is the best card of all time (from me, anyway) on their website.


Thanks for the comment!

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