Sunday, August 25, 2013

Standing Up DVD Giveaway! **CLOSED

**CLOSED! Winner posted here**

I'm always worried that my kids will be bullied. There are a lot of mean children in the world who think it's okay to be cruel towards others. Since my son has Aspergers, I especially worry about him.

There's a new movie called Standing Up that is about bullying. Here is what is about from the e-mail I was sent:

Based on one of the most beloved Young Adult novels of all time and directed by the acclaimed D.J. Caruso, Standing Up follows two kids who get bullied by a vicious summer camp prank. Left together on an island, their adventure begins once they decide not to be victims and instead they Stand Up!

Standing Up is an adorable and heart-warming gem of a movie with an important anti-bullying message that’s suitable for the whole family! Get the DVD August 20!

What can be done to help the bullied “stand up” for themselves?

One of the best things we can do to understand the problem and discuss solutions is to be inspired. The movie “Standing Up” is THAT inspiration.

This definitely sounds like something that my kids and I need to watch.

Check out the widget to learn more about the movie. You can also take a quiz and find out if you stand up to bullies. You can also have your children take the Anti-Bullying pledge. (Some adults I've encountered should probably do it too..)

A lucky reader can win a DVD of Standing Up that is signed by the director D.J. Caruso!

Giveaway Rules:

--Must be 18 or older

--Must live in the US

--No PO Boxes

Mandatory Entry: Take the quiz and tell me your results!

Extra Entries:

--Tweet about the giveaway using #StandingUp

I'll pick a winner on September 1st.

Good luck!


  1. Hi. My son loved the movie Bullying. It really opened my eyes too. This would probably be a good follow-up to the bullying movie.

    BTW - I got a 62% on the quiz

  2. This movie looks like a great way to prompt honest and open conversations about this serious issue. Apparently, I could learn some anti-bullying tips too; I scored a 93% on the quiz!

  3. As a child who was bullied, I am definitely all for this anti-bullying stuff!!! I scored a 93% on the quiz. :)

  4. 93% score. I would love for my girls aged 11 and 14 to see this movie. There was one case of bullying towards my littlest but her teacher took care of the problem right away.

  5. Dang.. i only got a 62% on the quiz.. i guess i really need to see that movie!! :/

  6. I got a 62% on the quiz- not bad but I could do better. This movie looks so good! Thanks for the giveaway! Lori


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