Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sixth Grade Scares Me

All the kids looked so old. And they all seemed to be chomping on gum. A couple were staring at phones, their fingers flying against the screen.

I did not like it.

I preferred the elementary school where everyone still looked small and where there were cheerful posters on the walls with cartoon bees reminding everyone to “bee” kind. The posters on middle school walls talked about joining the cheer team. I missed the cartoon posters.

Tommy had his Open House at the middle school the other day and I got to see where all his classes were. They actually rang the bell and you got to move from class to class. I have not done this in years so when the bell went off, it sent me in a we-can’t-be-late-for-the-next-class frenzy.

By the fourth class, Natalie was beginning to look concerned. “Mommy,” she whispered. “There are no toys in any of these classrooms!”

“That’s because I’m growing up,” Tommy answered. “I’m a tween now.”


In sixth grade, he’s expected to write a monthly book report. This is going to be difficult, as Tommy hates to write and when he does, he’s like a man and is brief and to the point. “I liked it. It was good. I would read it again. The end.”

By the fifth class, Natalie was beginning to get agitated. “How many rooms do we have to visit? This is ridiculous!”

“This is my day,” Tommy responded primly.

When we were done seeing all the classrooms, Tommy wanted to show me how he could open his locker. He struggles with fine motor skills so it took him a few tries to figure it out. But I watched as he chewed on his lower lip and spun the lock around and then….

“I did it!” Tommy said triumphantly.

“Yay, Tommy!” Natalie stuck her head in the locker. “It smells in here. Where are all your things?”

It was completely empty because Tommy still doesn’t want to mess with it. He’s like me and HATES to be late so he’d rather go from class to class. So he lugs everything in his backpack.

I’m glad he’s doing well in middle school but it still petrifies me.

I still picture him like this:


  1. I love how grown up he is! I'm sure you hate it, but it's adorable!! I hope 6th grade goes well for both of you.

  2. This year is my oldest last year of middle school. I am sure next year I am going to be writing about how I hate high school. I wish we could keep our babies little. Why do they have to grow up.

  3. Awww. I hope middle school goes great for him!

  4. Awesome that he is amped up and that he can open his locker!! Sucks that yeah, he's growing up but he'll always be your little boy - no matter how old he gets.

  5. Wow! He's growing up so fast! My son doesn't like his locker either. He just takes everything in a book bag. But he's not late for class!

  6. my daughter just started middle school and I feel the same way!

  7. I get all sad cause my daughter's starting preschool this week. I don't want to even think about middle school!!

  8. Man, I remember starting middle school! It was scary, but really fun and exciting too. I wonder how my mom felt when I started - probably a lot like you are feeling now. I totally know what you mean about hearing a bell ring and having it bring you back to rushing from class to class.

  9. Middle school's the real deal. It gets easier for us dudes when we start shaving, too, and girls start to act silly around us.

    I might have peaked in sixth grade.

    By the way, plenty of us guys are pretty verbose when it comes to writing. If he can stay specific and efficient, that's a good thing!

  10. :) Just wait til he goes to college...

  11. Hang in there! I remember how overwhelming middle school seemed last year with my 6th grader and by December, we were in somewhat of a groove with it all. Seventh grade has been so much smoother (so far) with the exception of needing to tame the attitude but I think that comes with the tween/teen territory.

  12. We have our orientation for our twins' middle school onset TOMORROW.

    Feel EXACTLY as you do...right down to the fact I've posted a picture of my son in my memory on today's post as well!

    Wishing us all luck...and strength!

  13. Jakob (my 6th grade aspie) had a so-so 1st day yesterday. He gave it a grade of "C" because he couldn't open his gym locker and we were never given the opportunity to practice, he didn't have all his supplies yet (which he didn't actually need, but in his mind he did), and some huge 7th grade girl came pushing down the hallway at the end of the day and pushed him into the wall. Oh, and he has a kid in 4 classes who is a grade-A jerk who thinks he is really funny, but is really just an a**. We talked about all of it and I bought a combination lock to practice on at home. He gets home in 30 minutes, I really hope he had a better day today!

  14. I know you don't like it (BELIEVE me, I know) that he's already in middle school. But he will adjust and so will you (but you still won't like it, I promise). He will do great, of this I feel sure.

  15. Ugh. Sixth grade seems so old! Sounds like Tommy will have a great year though. My son will be starting 3rd grade next week. Yikes!

  16. Aw, that picture!! I think Tommy writes book reports the way my husband does. I could write him a seven page note and he might respond with "cool."
    Sixth-grade scared the heck out of me but I survived. I hope Tommy does just great.

  17. I love hearing how your kids interact. It always cracks me up. Good luck to the both of you with 6th grade! (Where I'm from, it's still elementary school, rest assured.)

  18. Good grief! Tommy grew up! Sixth grade already?! Time is flying by. Hope his school year goes well.


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