Friday, September 20, 2013

Oklahoma State Fair Fun (Even With Rain!)

Does this freak anyone else out?

They were scattered all around the kiddie area at the Oklahoma State Fair. Yikes.

My Mom took Tommy to his fast rides--rides that Natalie isn't quite tall enough to go on--while I took Natalie into the kiddie section and proceeded to get freaked out by all the clown trashcans. I backed up into one and actually yelped.

Anyway, Natalie got to go on many rides:

Notice the dark clouds? After this picture an announcement came on that lightening was present nearby and that they had to shut the rides down. Everyone at the fair had to take cover.

"But I wasn't done!" Natalie informed me as we went to take shelter.

"I know. We have to wait for the storm to pass!"

We met up with my mom and Tommy and waited it out in the auto show building. When we came out, there was water everywhere. Some game stands had actually been blown over.

When rides opened again, Tommy thought he wanted to go on the Drop Zone ride. But when he got on, he began to panic that he'd fall out.

I wanted to shout, "It's okay, son, we're not at Six Flags!"

He decided NOT to ride and exited pretty quickly.

Mom led him off for more rides and I took Natalie back into Scary Clown Land.

We ended up having fun despite all the rain.

And what did we all eat?

For dinner, I had fried green tomatoes. And yes, I've seen the movie. I love it. Towanda! Natalie had a corn dog and Tommy had a hamburger, because odd fair foods freak him out. My Mom had fried artichoke hearts with a wine sauce.

For dessert I wanted to find the fried butter stand. I was intrigued. I mean...fried butter! I had to try it. So we walked around for awhile and found it!

I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't know what to expect. I thought I'd bite into a fried stick of Land O Lakes but no. Inside with a cinnamon sugar mixture. It reminded me of the Texas Roadhouse cinnamon butter. Fried. YUM! So try the fried butter! Do not be afraid!

The Oklahoma State Fair runs until September 22nd so if you are around the area, stop by! Or if you live in another state, check out your fair.

Try the fried butter!

(And yes, I've tried other fried foods before. I've tried fried twinkies and fried oreos. They are also delicious!)


  1. State fairs are so much fun. Too bad that it rained. I've never tried fried green tomatoes.

  2. We're going to our New England one today. It's a beautiful day. I'm with Tommy - freaked out by drop rides AND by weird fair food. Our famous one is a bacon cheeseburger served on two glazed donuts buns.

  3. Clowns scare the hell out of me! I would've ran away screaming, lol!
    I'm glad you guys had fun. :D

  4. Those trash cans are rather strange.
    Na looked like she had fun - hands in the air and big smiles!

  5. TOWANDA!!!! Ok, those clowns are creepy. I love fairs and all, but not sure I could get past the clowns.

  6. Those are pretty creepy trash cans..
    Glad you guys had a blast despite the rain!
    The fried butter does sound great, I was tempted to try it but didn't think it sounded to appealing ha ha!

  7. I wonder who first thought that kids would like clowns? I think Stephen King had it right when he wrote that scary book about clowns. What was it called .... "IT"? or Something like that?

    You are so lucky that you can practically eat anything (junk food) and not gain weight!

    I've tried fried twinkies and oreos and thought they were good.

  8. Sounds like the kids had fun, and Mom and Grandma, too. And I love that movie as well. Towanda!

  9. Those trash cans would freak me out, for sure!!Sounds like the rest of the trip was fun, though!

  10. Looks like a great time! And I agree those clown trash cans are pretty scary! YIkes!

  11. That open pit of a mouth clown face is the stuff of nightmares!! GAH!!! I'm with Tommy! I won't ride that Drop Zone kind of ride either! The way you describe the fried butter makes me REALLY want to try it the next time I can. I wish I'd never heard your delicious description because I'm sure it's eleven millionty Weight Watchers points!! I'm glad you all had a fun day even with the weather delay! --Lisa

  12. those rides actually look pretty cool! I'm always kind of skeptical of state fair rides.

    and fried butter? I had my first friend treat last summer - fried oreo...holy heaven on earth!!

  13. Sometimes a fair just isn't a fair without some rain. I love clowns - did you hear about the clown in Great Britain terrorizing people? I guess he just goes around dressed up and quotes the clown from It. Okay, so that might be a bit freaky. And that's not right - "This isn't 6 flags" lol.

  14. Well those clown trashcans are just not okay. Whose bright idea were those I wonder! We got to visit the MN state fair this year and it was so much fun. I ate many fried things on sticks :)

  15. I've never been brave enough to try the odd fried foods at fairs...and is that clown thing a trash can?? Very strange!

  16. I love a good fair and trying all the crazy fried foods. Glad yall had fun despite the rain

  17. I was looking for that movie just the other day on Amazon. It's not available on blu-ray yet though. Looks like a great time. My all time favorite fair food, cheesecake dipped in chocolate on a stick. Always worth it!

  18. Fried butter! You would never find anything like it here.

    Glad you all had fun!


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