Thursday, September 19, 2013

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Loud Musical Viewers

As I mentioned on Monday, I got to see Wicked.

I loved the show.

But I did not love the people who were eating and drinking during it.

I also did not care for the family who came to the show 20 minutes late. Of course they were in our row so we had to move and adjust ourselves so they could get by.

Look, I know things happen. But come on, if you're going to see a musical, have some respect and make an effort to get there on time. It's distracting when latecomers walk in.

The drinking part wasn't so bad.

But the food was.

There were actually signs saying NOT to eat in the theater. You could purchase food in the lobby and eat it there but people were sneaking the snacks in. The woman in front of us bought candy because I kept hearing the crinkle of the plastic as she reached in for me.

It's not a movie, people. It's a musical. Eating during a musical is not appropriate. Especially if you have a noisy food package.

So the next time you see a musical, ensure you arrive on time.

And for heavens sake, follow the rules and don't eat during it.


  1. People who are noisy during live productions of any kind (musical, play, orchestra concert) make me crazy! My kids have been in band, orchestra, and theater of all kinds over the years. I can't believe how incredibly rude so many people are who attend these things. I'm sorry the people around you dampened your experience. But I am still jealous you got to see Wicked!

  2. The only time I bring something is when I have a cough. Then I bring cough drops and VERY CAREFULLY open the wrapping!

    We are going to see The Book of Mormon next week and I can't wait!

  3. I never eat during musicals. I'm someone who can't eat when I'm nervous or excited or distracted. I know that's probably a good thing in the long run, but I love to eat when I'm not those things!

  4. I've never been to a musical, but it would seem like common sense to not be eating a noisy snack. It sucks when people have no consideration for others around them.

  5. It's just rude! I have very little time for rude people!

  6. Drives me bonkers when people eat during a movie. I've been known to get up and move because I can not tolerate the sound of their teeth mashing food that has long since been killed if ever it was alive to begin with!

    Wicked is coming to our city very soon and I want so very badly to see it! I'd probably shank a loud eater if I managed to score some tickets.

  7. Obsessed with Wicked. Also obsessed with people that ruin my experience by being TOO loud. I literally can't focus on anything other than their chewing, whispering, or straw sucking. Totally feel ya! Thanks for stopping by my blog today :) Hope you'll join me for Military Monday to learn more about how you prepared for your babies as a military significant other & spouse :)

  8. That is SO ANNOYING!! And flat out rude. What is wrong with people??!!-Ashley

  9. This drives me crazy too! In a theater near us, you can only bring drinks in if you buy a special "sippy cup" that is allowed in the theater. I have literally chugged my drink to avoid breaking the rules only to walk into the theater and narrowly avoid being spilled on by people who don't care!

  10. Oh I totally agree! candy and snacks to a nice theater? That's not ok.


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