Friday, September 6, 2013

When Fashion Shows Go Wrong

I love buying clothes for my kids. Mainly for my daughter, because girl clothes are incredibly adorable. I've done many fashion shows on my blog of her in her new outfits. Most of the time, all I have to do to get her to smile is make farting noises or run into the side of the house. Injuring myself amuses her, you see.

But sometimes, none of that works. shoots go bad...

I was trying to get Natalie to model this super awesome outfit from Gymboree. But she was too busy making strange noises that sounded like, "EEEEEE! EEEEE! EEEE!"

"Look at my tongue!"

Then she decided she was just going to keep her eyes shut for 5 minutes. "My eyes are resting. No cameras right now. Sorry."

I tried running into the side of the house again. Nothing. I made farting noises. Nothing.

In fact, after I made the rude noises with my mouth, she did this:

"That's just not funny to me anymore."

Please. She was being difficult. I refuse to believe I raised kids who are not amused by farts.

She snapped out of her sadness and said, "You can take pictures of me with puffed out cheeks!"

"Natalie, can I PLEASE just get a nice smiling picture of you?"

"Just ONE smiling picture?"

"You can pretend this is me. Here."


"Okay! Here!"

"Thanks for the duckface, Natalie."

"What's that mean?"

"I'll explain it to you when you get on Facebook. It's something that women do. Some believe they look good but in reality, everyone who sees the picture is secretly going, "Duckface." Now can I please have a smile?"

"Natalie Elizabeth! Please! Just one!"

"I'm a confused kangaroo right now! Sorry!"

I was about to give up. But then I suddenly shouted, "WE WERE ON A BREAKKKKKKK!"

"I love Ross!"

Apparently quoting Friends was getting her to quit the odd poses.

"Joey is funny too, Mommy. How you doin'?"

(Yes she watches Friends. What? It's a good show.)

And it got her to semi-cooperate:

So note to self: if farting noises and running into the house doesn't work, quote Friends.

"I want to salute for my Daddy because I miss him and I want him home again."


  1. HAHAHA! I wish I could get my (almost) six year old daughter to watch friends, lol! I love the "WE WERE ON A BREAAAAKKKKK" Love friends!
    Natalie is cute... I really love her shirt. :)
    I seriously love your blog!

  2. Love it! She's adorable! I wish I had your patience for photos. I'd have taken the first two and just say called it a day. My poor kids are going to look back and just think they were weird kids. lol

  3. That is the sweetest outfit. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to get a toddler to stay still long enough for a good photo! Impossible.

  4. Natalie is so cute and I can't believe how she is has grown! Love the outfit!

  5. Hahaha! Such a little diva! All of the photos are very cute! Great outfit too!

  6. I kind of like the confused kangaroo best.

  7. ... and thee will be your favorite pictures. believe me... she's wonderful.

  8. All those pictures are great. My 8 year old is HORRIBLE about having his picture taking so I was making some notes on your techniques to try around here ;)

  9. She's so adorable! The funny faces are almost as good as the genuine smile!

  10. SO cute!! The outfit AND the photo subject! :)-Ashley

  11. I love that skirt!! This could be a very interesting year for you and Natalie...Grab the chocolate and hang on! Just kidding, I know it will be fun! Too bad about the fart thing though. Fart jokes/sounds have, and always will make me laugh, it's a terrible weakness.

  12. That is a cute outfit, I hope if I ever had kids that I get a girl! That post just made my day, and there is nothing wrong with friends!

  13. I wish I could get my kids to ever take pictures like that because those are better than most I get! And farting noises should always work!

  14. Your "fashion show" photos are all great. They're my faves :-)

  15. LOVE all of her expressions! priceless. ~Amber~

  16. What a great photo montage! My daughter loves posing, but my boys HATE having their pictures taken. Other than sneaking the pictures, I haven't found a good method to capture them yet.

  17. Very cute - my daughter has discovered Friends on Nick at night too. I watched some again recently too, and forgot how funny it is.

    Love her outfit & poses :)

  18. This is amazing. And my worst nightmare. People pay me to take photos and their kids pull this. Note to self: quote "Friends."
    I also refuse to believe my kids will EVER not be amused by farts. I'm 33 and it's still the funniest thing ever.

  19. Haha! Thanks for the laugh! I'm glad she finally smiled for you! :)

    Semper Wifey

  20. So sweet!! I keep forgetting to take photos of Bella....I tend to do that less when my husband is home.

    And I'm betting Daddy's heart just melted into a pile of goo with that last shot! :D

  21. Your daughter is hilarious, I love it!

  22. Wow, that was a lot of work. She is adorable though. Love those boots!

    Happy Sharefest.

  23. Bwahaha. ViMae is doing the very same thing, with a series of strange faces that includes zombie eyes, various pouts, sudden exhaustion, and a disapproving look she has perfected through months of practice. I'm sure they will come to love the camera again, right?

  24. The last photo is my favorite! What a sweet message Natalie is sending to her dad!

  25. Haha, there are photos of me from my childhood making very similar faces. Good thing for digital cameras now, right? (You're daughter is adorable, by the way!)


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