Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Butterfly and a Creepy Guy

I found a butterfly in my yard the other day.

Oh, hello! It's Natalie the Butterfly.

Ahem. Excuse me. (BANG!)

I just ran into the house. She's amused.

This is what she's going to be for Halloween. It's not one of her many dress up outfits. I bought the costume last year at Gymboree for a fantastic deal.

Natalie did NOT want to take the costume off.

"Can't I just keep wearing this?"

"No. You can have it for good AFTER Halloween. I know you. You'll roll around in the mud while wearing it and insist that you're a muddy butterfly."

"I'm a SILLY butterfly!"

And then I made farting sounds to get her to smile:

Then this creature showed up:

(Getting him to take a picture was not easy. "NOW what do you want from me?" he bellowed when I asked him to come over.)

Added bonus? The eyes light up!

I think Tommy's Halloween days are numbered. And he's fine with that because he's not a fan of much candy anyway.

Naturally I get to pick out the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups after we go trick or treating. It's my payment for taking them around the neighborhood you see.

Only fair.


  1. Awesome costumes! We were going to dress up but the party we were going to go to got cancelled. Which is fine since the mister didn't even get his outfit together.

  2. Love their costumes. I think this is the last year my oldest will be dressing up. She likes candy but really isn't a fan of Halloween. I still can't get her to walk down the Halloween aisles at the store. She stands at the ends and tells me what she wants.

  3. Well at least you didn't have to run into the wall to get Tommy to smile since we can't tell anyway!!!

  4. Those look like really cool costumes. Very fun!

    This prob. is my last trick or treating. my daughter is still going but is 13 and my son is 17 & hasn't gone in years. I feel old!

    Have a Happy Halloween :)

  5. Love the fun costumes!
    I never thought of it that way - candy as payment for me taking them trick or treating. That's pretty brilliant!

  6. I was going to say that you must have been making many farting noises because those natural, happy smiles/poses are divine!!
    Too bad you don't live closer. I'd need you as an assistant photographer and Natalie as a model.

  7. Great costumes! And I like your payment plan. Might have to buy myself some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups now.

  8. I call it a "tax" when I eat...I mean inspect my kids' Halloween candy. See? It's educational! Natalie looks adorable; even when she's being silly!!

  9. I thought she was going to be Elphrata?

  10. Lovely costumes! this is Jakes first year of not dressing up. I'm going to miss all the candy.

  11. The butterfly is beautiful! My son dressed up like your son's costume one year, scared the crap out of his little sister.

  12. Aw, she's so cute!!!

    Tommy scared me, seriously. After so much cuteness I wasn't expecting to see that scary costume! :-D

  13. Great costumes! My son busted his zipper the second time he wore his so VELCRO to the rescue!

  14. Eeeeeeee!!! She's absolutely precious. LOVE it. He's creepy as ever & reese's are totally in this momma's negiotating package as well! XO ~Amber~

  15. She is the cutest darn butterfly! And yes, I agree, Reese's are the best parental payment ever. I wait all year for them!

  16. It's amazing how you can just fart on command. I'm sure my grandchildren would get a big kick out of me doing that but my age of farts often leads to something else. It's sort of the Gateway action to an end result that is not as amusing. Natalie is a stunning butterfly

  17. That is an AWESOME costume! Like I said on Instagram, Babe is TOTALLY jealous! :-)

    Tommy's is great too!

    And Yay for stealing candy from our babies!

  18. These are too cute!! Yes, even the creepy thing


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