Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Girls Are Weird

Girls are weird.

I should know this, seeing as I am a girl, but my daughter seems extra weird at times.

For instance.

She brought home a mini empty bag of Cheetos--you know the kind you bring with lunch? And I went to throw it out and she went, "You can't! My friend gave that to me. We exchanged our chip bags. She has my potato chip bag. It's to show we're best friends."

I mean ??

I never exchanged chip bags with any friend growing up. Is this a new thing? Are they doing this on shows that come on Nickelodeon? I wouldn't know. I make Natalie watch most of her nonsense in her room because I can't sit through it. I have my standards. Real Housewives of New Jersey, yes. Sam and Cat, no.

So Natalie kept her empty Cheetos bag and it's still sitting in her bedroom--thank goodness we don't have an ant problem.

Fast forward a couple of days and she comes home with this:

"I traded my headband for this," Natalie said proudly.

Luckily it wasn't a Gymboree headband. It was a cheap, plastic princess one. Still.

"Please don't trade your belongings," I answered. I remembered trading stuff in school but it was things like pencils and heart shaped erasers.

I told Natalie she'd have to return the purse. If I were the parent of the kid with the purse I'd be like, "You traded your purse for a cheap headband?! You get that purse back! At once!"

"Oh. Fine. Even though I LOVE her," Natalie said dramatically, giving it a hug.

Now I have to remind her daily NOT to trade her hair pieces. Or anything. I have to stress the anything bit. Otherwise she could come home with only one shoe.

In the midst of all this odd behavior, something good did happen.

Natalie got PINK!

Remember the color chart I posted?

Pink is the highest color you can get. Natalie had told me that she didn't think she had it in her to get pink.

Well. She DOES. Because she actually got PINK.

This meant she got to sign the wall of fame in the first grade hall.

"I wrote my name and added a heart," Natalie said.

She still has not gotten a "bad" behavior color yet. I marveled at this as she threw a gigantic fit when I wouldn't allow her to have another bowl of ice cream.

"You wouldn't do this at school would you?" I asked over her protests. "Why are you so good there but so mean to me?"

Natalie sniffled. "I don't know!" she wailed. "All I want is some ICE CREAM!"

I understood. Sometimes all I want is ice cream for dinner.

But anyway. She got pink. She behaves at school.

And she also exchanges chip bags.



  1. BWAH HA HA HA HA!! Cracking up, because as the mom of 2 girls, this kind of stuff is my life! The chip bag thing made me burst out laughing! And we have had to return many a traded item ourselves! ;)-Ashley

  2. All I wanted was peach cobbler for dinner and I had to eat vegetables. I hoarded my stuff. I failed sharing class.

  3. haha my daughter trades snacks at lunch with one girl - she said to me, Myriam told me you and her mom are friends so we're allowed to trade food and she LOVES chocolate so I gave her my granola bar for her I was telling this to Myriam's mom and she laughed and was like tell her not to be fooled, they are cheap powdered donuts from Loblaws LOL

  4. I remember traiding. I have had to tell my kids if itis on your hair it stays there.

  5. Natalie did pretty good for herself! A headband for a horse purse? That's a pretty good up sell!! :-)

  6. Lena was trading Gameboy games for a while, but after one didn't get returned I put an end to that. Woo hoo for the PINK and wall of fame! At least she knows there's a time and place to throw a fit for ice cream. Good job!

  7. This is SO my 9 year old daughter also!! I don't get it either...

  8. I can totally relate to this! Once my daughter collected empty chip bags from all her friends at lunch and made a poster out of them. She stapled the bags to poster board. Really? You're right, girls are weird.

  9. my 6 year old daughter has a "treasure chest" under her bed: pink of course, that is the weirdest assortment of things and crap you ever saw. pretty sure I saw a dead ladybug.
    she probably thought it would eat the fairy dust that's in there. :)

  10. Yes girls are weird. I have 2 of them - the oldest still talks back to me and behaves with her teachers and father. The youngest just smiles and bats her eyelashes at me for what she wants.

    But no trading yet...for either of them...the key word being YET.

  11. Yea pink! Now she just has to get that every day.

  12. Kids are SO weird. I can only imagine the crazy things my son will do when he gets to school. One of my teacher friends said her student came to school with her underwear on the outside of her clothing for "Inside Out Day". She took it to the extreme!

  13. I have 2 girls and yes they ARE weird! I can totally see the chip bag happening.

  14. I am not prepared for this! I thought it was bad enough already that Veronica loves some little girl, and is constantly inviting her over.

  15. My oldest doesn't want to trade things at school- he wants to sell them. Sigh.

    Yay for pink!

  16. That is really adorable. My 2 year old will likely follow suit. LOVE being a Mom of weird girls. LOL

  17. The "trading" thing just isn't for girls. I remember mine once traded two very expensive DS games for a ratty, old book. Granted I was pleased that he thought a book rated higher than games - but I still made him trade back.

    And even more shocking? The other mother was clueless about the "trade" and why I was so upset.

    (Hey lady - those games cost about $60 and that book about $6 - THAT'S why I was upset)

  18. Girls are weird. However, my boys are weird AND gross, right? Now, off to throw away the chip bags I've been keeping... :)

  19. Yep! Girls are weird. I have to hide some things under a layer in the trash can lest she find out I threw away that odd piece of string or big wad of grass she brought home.

  20. haha! Random. Scarlet has a classmate and I've honestly never seen them so much as look at each other. They just seem a bit indifferent, to be honest. Yesterday, Scarlet comes home with a bracelet and ring from this girl. One of those trendy mini rubber band kind. I thanked the mother who said that her little girl stayed up late saying, "I need to make jewelry for Scarlet!"

    Who knows?! Secret friends?

    What font do you use? I looove it.

  21. Girls and trading... we get it here too! Then, as they get older, they stop being friends the next day and want their stuff back. SMH!

  22. my daughter did that trading thing in like 4th grade. she was the loser in the trading though. I don't know if Webkinz are still in but at the time, they were big, and she traded one of hers for some cheap thing. I was kind of mad she did that.

    That's great she does good in school! I know what you mean, they act so nice in school, but not at home - lol

  23. LOL!!!!

    Girls are weird... but also very funny. She has a lot of spunk, your daughter :) I remember exchanging stickers in school back when (the Disney stickers were always coveted, because it usually meant someone actually WENT there) but nope, no chip bags for me either :)

    Stopping in from SITS Sharefest today. Hope you're enjoying your weekend! XOXO

  24. Hahaha!! Oh, the chip bag story made me crack up!!

  25. Boy of boy does this sound familiar. My 8 year old princess is driving me bonkers!

  26. Wouldn't it be nice if life were that simple now? Let's be friends, here's my chip bag. End of story.
    My kids were always angels at school and....notsomuch at home. Hey, at least they're good somewhere! It shows they DO know how...they just choose not to at home.


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