Wednesday, October 23, 2013

He Let Me Sleep In. I Wouldn't Shut Up.

The thunder actually shook the house.

We were in the middle of a storm and suddenly BOOM and the house was shuddering. My husband, who because of his job has been around such noises, jumped out of bed and peered out the window.

"Are we being bombed? Syria, not now," I grumbled into my pillow.

"It's thunder," Tom said and got back into bed....where he proceeded to toss and turn for the next half hour before deciding he was up. He's not the best sleeper. He gets up at random times of the night. "I'll get the kids to school. You can keep sleeping," he added.

I immediately turned off my alarm.

"No take backs. Thank you and goodnight." I shut my eyes and thoughts immediately went through my mind.

Wait. Tom doesn't know what to do in the morning. He's never done it. When he deployed the kids were in different grades. Tommy is in middle school now, he doesn't know that routine. I've got to show him. I imagine he'll figure it out but Tommy has Autism which means he likes things the same. He likes to find his cereal bowl waiting for him on the counter with his cup. Tom doesn't know that.

So I got up. I went downstairs and Tom was like, "Huh?" and I went, "I'm just getting things set up for Tommy. Do you know what times he leaves the house? Tommy knows but he gets distracted with his video games. He leaves at 720."

Tom wrote this down.

"And Natalie gets up at 740 and we leave the house for the school at 820. You can just leave her hair down. I have a barrette to put in it and--"

"Amber. I know. Go back to bed."

Yes. I needed to go back to bed. Weren't all the experts saying that the reason why men don't do more is because the wives freak out about doing it their way? I wasn't freaking out though. I was calmly explaining.

I went back to bed, got under the covers, and thought, "Oh no, will Tom remember to grab Natalie's water bottle?" The kids are allowed to sip on water throughout the day at school. I forgot it once and Natalie wouldn't let me hear the end of it. "You left my water bottle. I was so thirsty. My mouth was SO DRY!" I replied, "Don't they still have water fountains?" and she went, "They do but it's NOT THE SAME!"

So I went back downstairs. Tom sighed and shook his head when he saw me.

"I know," I said. "I know. I'm going after this. For real. You need to remember Natalie's water bottle or else she'll get all dramatic about it."

"Okay! Water bottle. Check. Go back to bed," Tom said.

"I'm going. Oh, one more thing, Tommy needs to be up by 640."

Tom made a motion for me to move along.

"I'm going," I repeated. "Thank you."

And so I got to sleep in. I woke up a few times wondering, "Did Tom remember to get Tommy? Did Tom wake Natalie up?" because he also plays video games and he also can get distracted. But he did everything right. When I came down the stairs at 9 both kids were gone.

"Thank you again," I said to Tom.

"I figured you could use a break. I know you aren't a morning person."

He's seen me many times grunting and shuffling around like a zombie at the crack of dawn. He's used to me moaning, "CAFFEEEEINNNE!"

The next time he lets me sleep in I won't be as crazy. I just...okay, well honestly, I should just let go. Tom is competent, he'd figure everything out.

(Although I did leave out the outfit Natalie had to wear that day. This is because the times he has dressed the kids on his own they've been in pajama bottoms and a regular top. He claims he couldn't tell the difference..)


  1. That's such a sweet thing to do! Having people do things that I usually do freaks me out too, although I'd merrily go to school in my pajamas if there wasn't a dress code! Stupid dress code!

  2. How nice! I've been told that things go much smoother when I'm not around ... yeah right, like I'd believe that!

  3. That was super sweet of him, but I know what you mean about all the wondering. It was spaz me out too.

  4. Sounds like he did a great job! But I have a feeling that if he made a mistake, Natalie would be VERY forgiving! :)

  5. My husband once took our children to the mall with my younger daughter wearing a swing top outfit, except he did not put her in the bottoms. Like any bottoms. Right?!
    So glad you got to sleep in...I would have done exactly what you did, though! Totally!-Ashley

  6. So glad you {kinda} got to sleep in. Once I'm up, I'm up and there's no going back to sleep for me. I did the same for my husband this morning because he's not feeling well. And then he came out and started trying to tie the kids' shoes and I yelled at him to get back in bed!!

  7. That's nice of him! I can't trust my husband with the toddler these days haha

  8. haha to the pajama tops! We've had that happen. When Cassidy does school dropoff, he packs the most amazing lunches, and get this - he MAKES COOKIES for the teachers.
    And he plays with OTHER KIDS on the playground.
    So of course when it's back to boring old one is very excited!

  9. So sweet! and I would have gotten up to make sure things were right for my AS kid too. Much easier than dealing with a possible meltdown. :) You have a wonderful husband.

  10. I'm sure that Natalie would pick out a nice outfit without his help.

  11. That's so sweet. I've never had anyone do that for me. I'm a little jealous

  12. What an awesome husband! I have a hard time letting go and letting hubs take over. I worry myself awake and then can't get back to bed.

  13. That was sweet of him to get the kids up and to school (:

  14. Aw, that was sweet of Tom! Yay for the lay in :D

  15. Awww! Such a sweet thing of him!

    Stopping by from SITS

  16. That was a great way to start the morning - getting to sleep in. I understand though why you got up twice though. My husband would have no clue on how to get the kids out the door - what they need/have to have, etc. I would have to write it all down for him to get them out the door without forgetting anything. Maybe I"ll do that some time and leave it handy in case he lets me sleep in :)

    Visiting from SITTSharefest

  17. Yes, I do the exact same thing! We don't have kids but we have 4 dogs that have a strict routine and the world goes upside down if we mess with it, so yeah...I get it ;-)

  18. That is totally me!! I would have done the same thing in your shoes...ha!! We can never leave well enough alone can we?


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