Thursday, October 24, 2013

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: What's Your Excuse?

I'm sure many of you have seen this picture floating around the Internet.

What's my excuse?

I like to eat.

And, as I wrote on my Facebook page, I don't like wear tiny shorts like that. They tend to give me wedgies.

Was I offended by the picture?


The "What's Your Excuse?" seemed a little snotty, but hey, she posted it on her Facebook page. Her business.

I also discovered that she once was a trainer. She might not be now, but obviously being thin is important to her. She also says that everyone has time to exercise throughout the day. This is true. Only my version of exercising is yanking open the bag of Halloween candy.

She received a lot of nasty messages. I don't agree with that.

I'm okay with the fact that I will never look like her. If I gave up my sweets and my Diet Coke, I would not be a pleasant person to be around. People would run from me. Natalie would call me Meanie Pants.

So good for this lady for looking the way she does. She can go to the gym.

I'll go to my cupboard and partake in a Little Debbie snack.


  1. Agreed! Happy Thursday! ~A~

  2. When I saw this I thought, good for you! I could probably also look like that if I got up at 5 and gave up eating everything nice. But life is too short for that. I need my sleep and I need my snacks. So my excuse is: I like eating and sleeping to much!

  3. This photo has been a topic for many. I like your honesty through it all.

  4. Agreed. It was a bit snotty but for her, looking like that is very important. She probably exercises a lot and doesn't eat a lot of junk food. Meh. Not my idea of fun through the holidays but whatever floats your boat. I guess what she's saying is that baby weight doesn't have to be there forever.
    Yes, we get that.
    Time for waffles.

  5. We all make time for things that are priorities to us. For me, its spending time with my kids, eating great dinners, and watching Days of our Lives. Its not working out at the gym. And I'm okay with that.

  6. I'll go to the cupboard too.

    Last year I did Zumba three nights a week. It took a break for the summer. This year I cannot seem to want to take an hour out of my evening at home with the Renegades. We are all so busy it's nice to have supper together and discuss the day.

  7. When I was a competitive swimmer spending hours in the pool everyday, I never looked like that. I admit I have gained weight in the last year, but I'm try to lose it while balancing what I love. I don't say no to foods I just say ok a little, and I make sure I walk. I don't have time or patience for anything else.

  8. I was more taken aback by the comments and hate she received. I certainly don't look like that and am in NO WAY motivated to work out and eat that way, but I couldn't believe how mean and ugly people got over that picture!

  9. Meanie Pants? Kids can be so cruel.

  10. I agree with you completely. I hate sports bras. I totally comforted myself with some Yoohoo and Ding-Dongs after seeing this picture! ;)-Ashley

  11. I am with you! But I really don't like her message. It is not good for pre-teens to hear these ads. Sure, a healthy lifestyle is important, its good for you and blabla but you don't have to be shaped like that to acheive it. I think emotional and mental nuturing is more important than this message, and for that to be successful, sode and little debbies are required. Yup.

  12. Amen, Amber! I don't care enough to try to look like that. I'm not sure that I even could. I am happy with who I am inside and out. And candy bars are yummy!

  13. I think it IS offensive. It's a very aggressive, in-your-face comment. I feel there are far better ways to motivate people in making better, healthier life choices. And let's face it, some people could diet and work out like crazy and NEVER look like her. And if you are going to be publicly snotty, as you put it, then she should have expected some backlash.

    Being the best "you" is a much better goal!

  14. Totally agree!! If I put as much time and effort in to that, I would totally look different. And if I did put the effort and look that way, dude I wouldn't even wear the teensy shorts, I'd be flat-out naked all the time. Why does anyone care? They are probably just hungry.


  15. I agree! I could get up at 4:30 and work out. I could give up all sweets. I could then get in another work out after the kids go to bed.

    But I don't want that kind of life and I am okay with not looking like her.

  16. Completely agree and posted about this myself the other day.

    Every tv interview I have seen on this showed them asking obese women what they thought.

    Why just ask obese women? What about medium sized women, or slightly curvy but not as slim as women?

    I find that turning to obese women for their "comments" on skinny issues like this as offensive. Try asking the millions who are inbetween.

  17. Well said, my dear.

    I really wanted to hate when I saw that. But I kinda feel like you do.

    That's her and I'm me. And we're both pretty ok.

    You're way cool, though. =)

  18. I mean I can't wear shorts like that (small children would run away screaming) but I can run a marathon. Well, OK, run/walk the uphill bits. So, my excuse is that I don't care what my abs look like, as long as I'm not sick. Being healthy and having a good balance is the most important thing to me, so now I've had some veggies, feel free to pass the Little Debbie snacks!

  19. I'm all or being happy in who you are - if you're not, change it - if you are - screw anyone who tells you otherwise. Are there any snacks left?


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