Monday, November 25, 2013

The Kmart Commercial Is Hilarious

Have you seen the latest K-mart commercial?

Apparently there has been some controversy. I can't imagine why.

My daughter loves the commercial.

She said, "These men are making music with their panties!"

Yes, she used the word panties.

And she now wants the boxers with the smiley face on it even though I explained that they are for men.

"But it's so FUNNY LOOKING!" she giggled.

It doesn't offend me. It's bells. On balls. Ball bells. *Snorts*

We are an amused family.

(Except for Tom. The commercial scares Tom. "I don't need to see men shake their junk!" he insists.)


  1. At least they're not in banana hammocks.

  2. Are they...twerking?? Kinda?
    The picture of her looking gleeful after viewing the commercial is your money shot right there.
    I am not positive but the company Joe Boxer may make that smiley face underwear for women too. Not sure about kids, though!

  3. Those guys are working so hard NOT to be sexual! I love that commercial. There is no thrusting just jiggling. And everyone one knows that harmless. I'm with your daughter.

  4. I think it's hilarious and a brilliant marketing strategy!

  5. I loved it too!! Some people just have zero sense of humor!

  6. My kids love this commercial too! They got up to shake their cute little booties to music after they watched it a few times. As long as they leave their pants on, I'm fine with that!!

  7. LOVE it! I don't see it as sexual or twerking at all.

  8. Hmmm. I haven't even seen it. Guess I have to watch more television!

  9. I just had to watch the commercial after reading your post about it. (Your daughter is so adorable!)

    I don't understand why there's been such a big controversy over this commercial. I find it quite funny! A little strange and ridiculous maybe, but in a good way!

    The Girly Gamer

  10. I saw it the other day and HOWLED!

    And thanks to your post...howled again! Ball bells and junk in one post is awesome!! poor dad had 3 girls so growing up when mom made us fold the laundry, for years he'd hear "Dad, here's your panties we folded."

    He just rolled with it. =)

  11. It is a VERY CLEVER advertisement. Nobody is going to forget that in a hurry. I knew there were bells in there but for some reason the balls didn't enter my mind. I think I am in trouble.

  12. Hahaha…was anyone offended when they aired the commercials about how you could "Ship Your Pants?" (of course playing on the word "ship.")

    They've got some new marketing people pushing the envelope…certainly makes you take notice!

  13. I love that your daughter is so happy with that commercial!! The first time I saw it I did a double take - funny stuff.
    I can see why guys (like your husband) might not really appreciate watching other guys dance!!.

  14. Have you heard of Here Come the Mummies? They do a Carol of the Belts. Its a bell belt kinda riskay for little ones, but completely funny for adults.

  15. I love it!!!
    It's genius smart and funny.
    It's just the right amount of edgey, without being too crass.

  16. Hey Amber
    I wanted to know if you are related to a girl named Nathaie plan from Cali? The reason I am asking is because when I was on facebook today, I noticed she posted that same pic of your daughter laughing at that KMart commmercial you wrote about and also another pic of natalie as well. The 2nd reason I am asking is that I wanted to make sure it wasn't someone who you didn't know who was posting pics of one of your kids on Facebook. If You are related to the above mentioned person who posted Natalies pic on facebook, then thats ok. BUT if not I just thought i would let you know. However, if you are related to Nathalie Plan I knew her from ITW days years ago. She says your daughter is her niece, if she is then small world and think its cool in either case.

  17. Hey Amber I forgot to give you my email address so you can email me if you have any questions in regards to the above note I had left. My email address is

    Also I found another collage pic of your husband tom and the kids also posted in a photo album on facebook also on that Nathalie plans facebook photo album as well. Just let me know if you know the above mentioned person.

  18. That Kmart commercial was kind of funny, it gave me a slight chuckle though, I can sort see why some people made a big stink about it but honestly I think it was all done in good fun. Also I enjoy reading you and I have been reading your blog for several years now.

  19. That's hilarious. I'm not showing this to my boys. They will inevitably start making their own music. :)

  20. BALL BELLS!!!!!! Ba HaHaHa!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  21. hahahaha!! I hadn't seen the commercial -- only screen shots. Oh, I think it's just funny. "panties" lol!
    ♥ Jill

  22. To be honest, I hadn't seen this video until now!! Loving it!!

    Oh and I hate the word "panties" - I don't know why but I do


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