Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. They have a section called Hey, It’s Okay and will list a bunch of things to be okay about. You're welcome to join in and do something like this on your blog. Doesn't have to be on a Tuesday either. Just make sure you link up and that the post you link up is a Hey, It's Okay Post.


To have not watched the AMA's. I don't care for a lot of the artists today.

To HAVE watched The Walking Dead. I can't believe it's already the Mid-Season Finale on Sunday. The governor is going nuts again.

To be going to my parents house for Thanksgiving. Yay! No cooking for me. I mean, I'll HELP of course but I won't be cooking on my own while cursing and shouting things like, "Next year we're going to Golden Corral!"

To really want to meet Grumpy Cat. I just love her angry face. And I love her name. Tard. Short for Tarter Sauce, apparently. (She has a brother named Pokey.) (Yes, I know too much about Grumpy Cat.)

To still be surprised when I hear a kid under 5 has their own iPad.

To not consider Santa a lie. I've come across some people on Facebook who say they don't do the Santa thing with their kids because they don't believe in lying to them. I always feel like I'm in the movie Miracle on 34th Street when I see posts like that.

To have not seen Catching Fire. I want to! I might see it with a friend after Thanksgiving Break.

To be going to Natalie's Thanksgiving Feast at her school for lunch. I'm bringing pie and cookies. None of which were homemade. I did not want to make anyone sick. (And yes, you CAN bring homemade stuff to her school.)

To have a $50 gift certificate giveaway to XperienceDays here.


  1. Lisa and I are seeing Catching Fire this morning, and I am literally counting the seconds until we get to the theater! :)-Ashley

  2. Yes, the Governor is loosing his marbles again! He should have stayed in that apartment with that family. They were safer from his crazy there! We're planning on taking the girls to the matinee to see Catching Fire this weekend. They're all chomping at the bit to see it and I can't say I'm too far behind them.

  3. Oh, the Governor!! I just don't know what to think. I had such high hopes for him after that first episode where he was featured ... I thought he was really coming around ... but nope! He's nothing short of insane! I think Meghan is the only person in the world who is actually safe with him.

  4. I didn't even know what the AMA's were until yesterday when I saw a post on them.
    I'll be cooking Thanksgiving dinner again this year, but I usually convince my mom to come over bright and early and help e ha ha :D
    John and I saw Catching Fire this past weekend and I really liked it!

  5. Oh the Santa and lying thing, annoys me to no end. I always ask those parents to call me when their 3 year old asks where babies come from. I plan on going over with some popcorn and candy to see the horror show in person. After all, they're not going to lie to their children ever and trust me a 3 year old getting the low down on babies is a horror show you won't get to see everyday.

  6. Even when we were old enough to know who was giving us present, my parents still told us they believed in the spirit of Santa Claus and that there must be some truth to the story, and/or, the fact that the spirit and hope are alive. I like that.

    Oh, and we were Jewish! ha.

    I love that my kids believe.

  7. We went to see Catching Fire this past weekend. Loved it!

    I watched some of the AMA's, only because there was nothing else on and it made me feel old. I kept saying things like, "I don't even know who that is" and "Who the heck is that?" and "WHAT is she wearing and why is she wearing it?"

  8. I can NOT wait for Catching Fire!!! I am trying to convince Hubby to Be we need to go see it this weekend.

  9. My boys got iPods at 3 & 6 and are getting iPads now that they are 5 & 8 this year. They know more about technology than I do. I usually go to a big party every Thanksgiving but it was cancelled so I'm going to my in-laws. I still have to figure out what they want me to bring.

  10. It's ok Tuesday for me!

    It's ok I'm having a fabulous dinner with my best friend from high school and will probably laugh too much with too much wine.

    IT'S OK. =)

  11. Huny and I saw Catching Fire opening night! SO worth it! I hope you get a chance to go.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Telling our kids about Santa is never a lie - it is just part of the spirit of Christmas.

  13. Ack...I'm soooo torn!! Hubby and I have date night coming up and I am sure he will vote for Thor 2, while I am kinda interested in Catching Fire. decisions, decisions. I think I picked last time, so I guess: Thor is will be.

    Oh the Governor is back and in his true form!! But did you hear in the preview he said "before they know their people are gone" !!!!????? Did he take someone? Who Who Who!! I can't stand it.

  14. I watched the AMAs and didn't know who half of the people were.. It definitely made me feel old.
    Nothing wrong with store bought stuff!! It's easier for everyone!

  15. Oh my goodness!! I would love to meet grumpy cat, too! :D

  16. I'm not caught up on this season of the Walking Dead yet - just finished last season.

    Didn't watch the AMAs either - don't find much interest in it or the artists myself.

    I don't get the Grumpy Cat

    And I've lost my surprise when it comes to kids 5 and under having an iPad...ridiculous, I know.

  17. Santa is not a lie. People are too uptight. And I bet, if it served them, they might lie to their kids about something, someday.....
    I only cooked one dish this Thanksgiving, which is rare, and I took rolls and a tossed salad. Easy!


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