Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What I'm Thankful For (Diet Coke Is One!)

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I decided to list some things I am thankful for.

--That Natalie doesn't like Justin Bieber or One Direction.

--People who understand that it's you're welcome. Not your welcome.

--Sleepless in Seattle. It's such a good movie.

--My dishwasher. I so hate doing dishes.

--Our cook. I'm kidding. We don't have a cook. But if we did, I'd be thankful for him or her.

--People who use their turn signals. So many don't. This upsets me.

--That I don't have to cook a Thanksgiving meal. My parents are and my dad generally makes his turkey over the grill with bacon wrapped around it. This excites me.

--My husband. Especially when he doesn't snore at night.

--My son. Especially when he doesn't shout that I'm the "worst mother ever."

--My daughter. Especially when she's quiet.

--Diet Coke. It's how I get my caffeine since I don't like coffee.

--Target. What a beautiful store. If only I could leave it without spending at least $50.


What are YOU thankful for?


  1. Target is totally at the top of my list, too! And a non-snoring hubby, which sadly did not apply in our home last night!-Ashley

  2. If you could get James to stop grinding his teeth at night I would be eternally thankful for that!

  3. Awesome list of things to be thankful for!! I on the other hand do have a cook and I am very thankful for him - especially since he is also my other half...a man who can cook - now that's a keeper!!

    And definitely those moments where my kids are quiet and don't say I'm the worst mom ever - that's up there too!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving my friend!!

  4. Target is actually quite high on my list now too! A couple weeks ago, I rarely went into that store. But now, it's literally the only place I can find my size in bras (if I don't want to spend outrageous money at Victoria's Secret that is). I suddenly find myself so thankful that this beautiful store exists!

    The Girly Gamer

  5. I'm thankful for Target too. It's my happy place.

  6. Bacon wrapped turkey? Yes, please.
    You're welcome? Yes, please!
    I'm thankful for so much this year - the big stuff like family, friends, health, kids, husband, etc.
    And the little things like bad TV and people with turn signals (that too).

  7. I LOVE people who use turn signals! And I am also thankful for my cook - my husband; who won't be cooking tomorrow, but does all the cooking all year round.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Amber!

  8. I would be thankful for turkey with bacon too! That sounds awesome.
    My 12 year old daughter loves One Direction. Sad but true. AND, she desperately wants to go to a concert.
    Hold me.

  9. Target!!My favorite store oh and my red card debit card!!

  10. Great list - I'm with you on husbands being more appreciated when they aren't snoring!! And, Target is my favorite!


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