Friday, December 6, 2013

Natalie Is Anna From Frozen!

"Is this a girl movie? I feel this is a girl movie," Tommy fretted beside me.

"It's not. You'll like it," I assured him. We were about to see the new Disney movie Frozen. Natalie had been aching to see it from the moment she saw a preview. She was so excited that I had to buy her an Anna costume:

When the box was dropped off, Tom was like, "Okay, NOW what did you order Natalie?" I explained it was a dress from Frozen and he went, "She has an entire drawer of dress up dresses!"

"Yes, but this was is different!"

And it is. I got the dress for the Disney Store because they last longer. If I buy a dress at Target or WalMart, is begins to rip fairly quickly. But Disney Store dresses last. And I loved this one because it came with a pink cloak.

How was I supposed to pass on a dress with a PINK CLOAK?

"Easy. Just don't click submit order," Tom answered, deadpan. He doesn't get it. He's a boy.

Plus, I know there will come a time when Natalie will be over dressing up. I'm going to enjoy it while I can. Since I have kids who are 5 years apart I know how quickly everything changes. My son used to love dressing up in as Batman, Mario, Spiderman, Power Rangers...and then suddenly, he was too old, and all he wanted was an iPod Touch and video games.

It's no surprise that Natalie adored the dress. She had to have her hair in braids as Anna does in the movie. And what's a big factor in deciding if Natalie will love a dress?

The Twirlability Factory! She loves when a dress fluffs up around her as she spins. If it does that, it's a winner.

We loved the movie Frozen. Well. Tom said there was too much singing. "I didn't need to hear a song every ten minutes," he grumbled. "That's what Disney films used to do," I reminded him. "It was too much!" Tom insisted. I did not agree. I LOVED the music. Natalie loved the music. Tommy, who figured out it was NOT a girl film, thought Olaf the Snowman was funny.

I recommend the movie. Go see it!

Oh, and I took these photos around my parents house. They have such a pretty backyard.

(This isn't their backyard. It's the green belt in back of their backyard. Natalie called it her secret pathway.)

After the photoshoot, Natalie had fun tossing the leaves in the air. As I watched her I kept thinking, "Soon she'll be grown up. I love that she's like this, taking pleasure in tossing leaves."

Enjoy them while they're young.


  1. Love, love, love! We have an Elsa dress for Scarlet, but she won't get it until Christmas.
    I LOVE the Anna dress. And what is with the Target dresses lasting for a week before ripping? The Elsa one is from JcPenney so maybe it will be good.
    And your photos are fabulous!

  2. Damn you Amber. I totally thought I was DONE shopping for Abby for Christmas, but now I feel like I cannot resist the Anna dress. No, Tom, I can't just not click submit order.
    We LOVED the movie, too!! I honestly think it is one of the best Disney movies I have ever seen.-Ashley

  3. We went to see Frozen on the weekend and I enjoyed it...I actually got my daughter the Elsa and Anna barbie sorta dolls for Christmas!

  4. Love the dress and I so want to see Frozen!! If only the movie theater wasn't so far away!! And yeah, Tom won't get it - he's a guy.

  5. I like the way you think - you can't not click Submit when dealing with awesomeness!! That dress is so cute- and clearly it is making Natalie happy!!
    Tommy cracks me up - glad he ended up enjoying the non-girl movie!

  6. I've seen the Frozen dresses at the Disney store and I wish Lena was still young enough to want to play dress up. Natalie looks adorable and I LOVE the last photo!

  7. I am 35 years old and twirlability is still a major factor in whether I buy a dress! Some things you just don't outgrow!

  8. OMG! How sweet! I've enjoyed collecting costume dresses for the girls for the past few years. I love how the simple little outfit can completely change the way they play.

  9. I love that you buy her so many dresses, because one day she will look back and treasure those moments as will you :D I wish my son liked to dress up ha ha!
    I am really hoping to take him to see Frozen soon!! I want to see it so bad ha ha.

  10. I love it!!!!!!!! Every little girl needs dress up princess dresses!!!! I can't wait to take my daughter to go see it!

  11. beautiful. And I totally get it: there is a Dress Up Trunk in the rec room where the kids play. You will find pretty much every Disney Princess dress there (except the really elaborate Belle Ball Gown that drops gold glitter over the entire house - I hold that one back). All the Halloween costumes are there, and the boys' old Spiderman, Pablo, Pirate, Star Wars.....You never know what story will be acted out in my living room. Yes - there will be song.

    It's awesome.
    the free flow of imagination will only last awhile.

  12. You are so right. They grow up way to fast.

  13. Yes, ViMae tests dresses the same way. If it twirls, it, she likes it. If not, it could be spun gold but it's pretty much a dud.

  14. Boys don't understand buying certain things. Like Penny needed some non-snowboot boots. Brandon didn't know why she couldn't just walk around in snow boots. Silly guy.

    I loved Frozen!

  15. so sweet! hey I saw you over at the gymbofriends boards. I was like I know that kid!

  16. Oh I just love this - so sweet. I always judged my dresses based on twirlability factor too :-)

  17. Awesome!!! Bella used to love dressing up too and had all the wigs, shoes, etc. We gave them all away when we moved here. *sad face* So yes, enjoy it while it lasts!


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