Thursday, December 19, 2013

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Wrapping Presents

Wrapping presents.

I suck at it.

People poke fun at how bad I am. Family members. Friends. Even the cat seems to smirk.

I start off thinking that everything will be okay.

But then I realize I haven't cut enough paper.


This happens a lot. One would think I could look at a present and know right away how much paper I'll need. But no.

Sometimes I'll cut an added piece to cover the toy. This one I didn't because it's from Santa, therefore it will not be underneath the tree.

This is usually how I wrap things:

How do people get such nice corners? Mine are always loose and I sort of shove them down and quickly slap some tape over it. Most folks know if I've wrapped a present because of this.

"Oh! Amber did this one!" a friend once said as she examined the sloppy ends.


Maybe if I slowed down and smoothed corners and all that, my presents would be pretty. As it is, I generally rush through it, wanting to slap the paper over the gift so I can be done with it. Sometimes I surprise myself and do a good job. Most of the time though...well, see above.

Lucky for me, I'm done wrapping presents this year. I await the insults.

Hi, I'm Amber, and I stink at wrapping stuff.


  1. I hate wrapping presents but I can't justify paying someone to wrap everything for us. One of my husband's presents has a gap because I used a scrap instead of measuring out and cutting another piece. I left it. I just can't be bothered to care. The box is all white where I left it exposed so he can't guess.

  2. its almost ridiculous to do a fancy wrap job when they are just going to rip the paper right off. If the present is covered, who cares what it looks like!

  3. Hahaha!!!! Maybe you can start using gift bags? :)

  4. OMG, I am totally in your boat...I had no idea that another person wrapped like me! Misery loves company baby! ;)-Ashley

  5. I'm right there with you!!! In fact, wrapping presents is what I'm supposed to be doing now but I'm reading blogs instead!!!

  6. This is pretty much me. Square boxes I'm okay with, even if I have to tack on more paper somewhere, but clothes or uneven things - torture! This is why gift bags and boxes exist, for people like me.

  7. Me? The opposite. I get out the glue gun and all the old ornaments I can find and I glue and paste and wrap and perfume the best gifts to girlfriends and daughters. They are works of art I tell you

    But don't worry, the rest of my house is a total pig sty.

  8. Hi, I'm Tamara and I'm the worst of my family by far! And I always buy the cheap stuff that tears, and I never learn and get better quality stuff next time.

  9. I use the paper with lines on the backside. Helps a bunch! At least your paper is cute :) Just use more tape!

  10. My husband and I have developed a new strategy. He cuts, I wrap. I ALWAYS get the wrong amount. Either too much, or too little every. single. time. He's tried to teach me his method, but I never get it right. And, I blame sloppy corners on the fact that wrapping paper is so cheap now that you can barely fold it without it ripping.
    Actually, maybe the truth is, I suck at wrapping too.

  11. I am terrible at wrapping gifts. I never cut straight, and my corners are never crisp. I figure since they are going to rip off the paper it shouldn't matter too much.

  12. Time to start investing in a bunch of gift bags! My husband is the same way, so I usually end up doing the wrapping in the family

  13. Haha! I love it! I must admit though... Wrapping is my favorite! :) if I could do it for you I would! Looking forward to following you! :)

  14. I stink at wrapping too!! I have one more set of gifts to wrap but those won't come until Monday because my MIL ordered them special ordered and had them shipped directly to my house. Fun times!! I think I might need a new role of paper for this LOL

  15. I am awful at wrapping too!! My mom rocks. My husband rocks. Just not me.

  16. I'm not allowed to wrap the presents in our house. I'm assigned gift bag duty. Oh and handing him pieces of tape.

  17. I am exactly the same as you at wrapping. I don't understand the point of being all perfect, the paper is getting literally TORN OFF! I have better ways to waste my time, like watching reality tv.
    Also, now that none of my kids believe in Santa, I make them wrap all the gifts.


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