Sunday, February 2, 2014

Like Spices? Check out Tonguespank Spice Co!


Catchy name, huh?

If you like spices, then you'll like Tonguespank.

Tonguespank is a company that has a lot of different spices. As you can see, I got the Smoky Bourbon and the Citrus Rum. Both were tasty. I sprinkled one on my steak and another on my fries for an added kick.

You can purchase Tonguespank for only $8! If you aren't sure what flavor to try, you can get a sample pack for only $3.

There are many different varieties. I'd love to try the garlic grappa table blend next. I am a huge fan of garlic. You can add Tonguespank to so many things--someone on Twitter mentioned they added some to their smoothie.

I tend to use a lot of spices because I burn a lot of things. The spices make things taste better, you see.

To learn more about Tonguespank you can LIKE their Facebook page.

You can also FOLLOW them on Twitter.

**I was not compensated for this post. I was given samples for my review. My opinions are my own**


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