Saturday, February 1, 2014

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend #cookieboss

**This post is sponsored by GSUSA. I am part of the Mom-It-Forward community. I was compensated but my opinions are my own. I love cookies.**

I once chased a Girl Scout.

I didn't mean to break into a run, it's just I hadn't seen a Girl Scout and I wanted, nay, NEEDED some cookies. So when I spotted one my mind was like, "COOKIES! She'll have COOKIES!"

Chased isn't really the right word. She didn't run from me. She did, however, stare at me with wide eyes as she spotted the grown adult running towards her with disheveled hair.

"Do you have cookies?" I asked, gasping for air. I probably didn't need the cookies if I was already out of breath from a simple sprint. That's what my Voice Of Reason was hissing at me. But I ignored it. I needed the Thin Mints. I needed the Caramel Delights.

She did have cookies, by the way. She did not call the police or scream, "STRANGER DANGER!" Maybe she's seen crazed adults like me before.

So you all know that Girl Scout cookies are the best, right? But did you know that there is such a thing called National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend?

I didn't!

If you are in NYC on February 7th, you can attend the Girl Scout Cookie Green Carpet Premiere and GET some delicious cookies.

If you won't be in NYC on February 7th, it's okay! You can join a VIRTUAL Girl Scout Cookie Party on February 5th on Twitter, hosted by Mom-It-Forward. The purpose of the National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend is to show that when you buy a box of cookies, you aren't only making your taste buds happy, but you're also helping a girl learn important skills! These girls aren't just selling us delicious treats. They are also learning about:

--Goal Setting

--Decision Making

--Money Management

--People Skills

--Business Ethics

These things will help them as they become adults. So if you're thinking, "Hmm, I'd rather NOT buy cookies and keep my thighs happy," know that when you do buy cookies, that you are actually helping a girl in the long run. So you no longer have to feel guilty. You're HELPING a girl so therefore, calories can't possibly count then, right?

Want to see a list of the delicious cookies being sold? Check out the Official Girl Scout page where you'll find detailed descriptions of all of them. I might have drooled all over myself while discovering all the cookies available. You can also read more about the Girl Scouts.

To learn more about the Girl Scouts and the National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, you can do the following:

LIKE the GSUSA Facebook page

TWEET the GSUSA Twitter page. If you want to join in with the Girl Scout Cookie Party, make sure you use #cookieboss

PIN items on the GSUSA Pinterest page. Drool over photos of cookies like me.

OH, and while doing my research for this piece, I discovered that there will be a GLUTEN FREE cookie soon. The chocolate chip shortbread cookie is being tested now and hopefully will be available soon. My mother-in-law is gluten free so I know this will make her happy.

If you are in NYC on February 7th, please go to the Girl Scout Cookie Green Carpet Premiere for me. Take photos. Tweet about it using #cookieboss. Let me live vicariously through you!

Make sure to join the National Girl Scout Cookie Virtual Party on Twitter. It starts 8/9 pm ET. You'll also learn about the 5 skills girls learn from being part of the Girl Scouts. Remember, if you join, use #cookieboss.

So don't forget!

I'm off to find a Girl Scout. I need more Thin Mints.


  1. Cassidy brought home Caramel Delites (did I spell that right? We called them Samoas as kids) and Tag-alongs. (Peanut Butter Patties?)
    And I nearly cried.

  2. I could eat an entire box of Samoas in ONE SITTING!

  3. Thin Mints!!!! I've been waiting all year.

  4. We love girl scout cookies. I am going gluten free, so the idea that they are going to be making some is awesome.

  5. I wish I had some Peanut Butter Patties - those are my favorite!!
    Some useless info for you - I worked at a girl scout every summer in college - fun times!!!

  6. Wait.... there are caramel cookies!!??? Someone in Canada is holding out on me. And I'm gonna find out who it is.
    We only have the mint kind once a year, and then the traditional chocolate or vanilla.

  7. We ordered from 3 different girl scouts last year.
    So far this year, we are good at 1.

    Love them all.

  8. Didn't know there was a such thing as National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend. Pretty cool! My niece is in Girl Scouts and I just ordered a couple boxes of Thin Mints off her.

  9. It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!

    After I moved, I realized that happily they have Girl Scout cookies in Canada although they call them Girl Guides here.

    Although....they do not have all the same choices. But they have them and that is all that matters.

  10. We had American friend here in Belgium so we got a taste for GSC, sadly they moved back to the states.

  11. We had American friends here in Belgium so we got a taste for GSC, sadly they moved back to the states.

  12. Cookies are my crack and GS cookies are the best crack there is...expensive too. But I save all year for it

  13. I found some cookies at Walmart that taste very similar to Caramel Delites and they were not $4 a box.

    Now if I could just find Peanut Butter Patties...

  14. honestly, girl scout cookies are one of the things I miss most about being back in the States. I could eat a box of thin mints a day! ;)

  15. A couple of my little sisters were in Girl Scouts, but unfortunately they don't have the cookies for overseas branches. :P Oh well, I guess they got the other good stuff out of it.

  16. How fun is this? I love having a Girl Scout in my home ... it ensures cookies are here, too!

  17. Just finished tallying the orders for my troop...over 3000 boxes! I can hook you up if you are desperate for cookies.


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