Monday, February 17, 2014

Natalie is Elsa from Frozen

Remember when Natalie dressed up like Anna from Frozen?


Well, here's a picture.

She loves Frozen. She loves the characters. The songs. For Christmas she wanted the Elsa dress. But here was the problem: so did half of the world.

See, when the merchandise first came out I knew it would probably sell out when the movie came out. So I thought, hmm, I bet Anna will be more popular. I bought the dress. Felt proud of myself.

And then the movie came out. Everyone wanted Elsa stuff. Elsa, Elsa, Elsa. I'd ask store managers, hey, do you have any Elsa stuff?

"Ha! No!" they'd say. "It flew off the shelves after the movie and we have no idea when we'll get more."

Every place I went, it was the same thing. Want Anna toys? Sure! Elsa? Not happening unless you're related to Beyonce.


I told Natalie, sorry, you won't be getting Elsa stuff for Christmas.

"Santa can make it then," she answered.


"Well, no, Elsa won't allow that," I fibbed. "You've seen the movie, you know how Elsa can be." I nervously twisted my fingers. "But it's okay, you'll be getting My Little Pony stuff. You LOVE My Little Pony stuff." I distracted her and it worked.

Still, after the holidays I was determined to find her the dress for her birthday in March. It had to happen. eBay! There's eBay. I typed in Elsa and..

...wanted to pass out.

Basic Elsa dresses were going for $200? What? WHAT? Were people on crack!?

I thought, oh well, Natalie has many other dresses, she'll be fine.

And then I got an e-mail from informing me that dresses were re-stocked.

"ELSA!" I shrieked, scaring the cat. I quickly logged on and....there it was. The Elsa dress. In stock. In all sizes. I frightened the cat again as I raced for my purse and grabbed the credit card. I could imagine half the world on the site and was paranoid it would sell out as I stared at it.

I clicked submit on my order and crossed my fingers. Please don't get canceled. Please don't let it be a mistake.


The dress arrived and it was gorgeous. The plan was to make Natalie wait for her birthday.

But then it snowed and I thought, "Oh, I can take pictures! Who knows when it'll snow again?" We aren't in the East Coast or Chicago so seriously, who knew when the white stuff would appear next?

And so I placed the dress on a hanger outside the door and told Natalie Elsa had dropped something off for her.

"It better not be a pile of snow to bring inside. It's too cold for that," Natalie said, heading for the door. She opened it and gasped. "The dress! She made it for me! I knew it! Can we call Elsa so I can say thank you?"

My eyes went wide. "Er...well, no, she's...uh..traveling with Anna and Elsa and Hans.."

"Not Hans. Hans is mean," Natalie cut in.

"Right. Not Hans. Kristoff."

"And Olaf and Sven?" Natalie wondered hopefully.

"Yes! Of course!"

The dress is beautiful.

It even has a little snowflake cape, like in the movie:

She pretended to make more snow:

And she built Olaf:

She sang Let It Go and threw a glove like Elsa did:

She tossed snow in the air as she sang:

"I'm pretending to build the castle."

She began tossing snow at Daddy's truck. I stopped her. "You'll make Daddy nervous."

Do I think the dress is worth the money?

I do.


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  2. Gorgeous! She looks like she is in definitely did well doing it now! :) So cute!-Ashley

  3. I'm a sap because this story gave me chills. I love it! I love that you let your daughter be a kid, dress up, and use her imagination.

  4. Reading this and seeing the pictures - I think the dress is definitely worth whatever you had to pay for it. The happiness on Natalie's face makes it all worth it!!!

  5. Good call! She looks so cute and getting the dress while you had snow just made it extra believable!

  6. Awww! What sweet pictures! That's so awesome that you finally got the dress AND you had snow as well. She looks like she couldn't possibly be any happier :)

  7. I do too... she is beautiful in that dress, and the joy of it all is a lifelong memory!

  8. What a cutie - I'm glad Elsa... er, the Disney store came through!

  9. So glad you found the dress! It is beautiful, and she obviously adores it. Glad she had fun.

  10. Cute post.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  11. Oh! So worth it! She looks spectacular!!
    Today we saw a few baby costumes! A princess one, a butterfly one, a ladybug, a pirate one! I wanted them all but did not take any! I have regretted my constraint!

  12. Definitely worth it, she looks so happy, and you can't buy that! I'm also wondering if they make them in adult sizes.

  13. Worth it!
    And we have the same one.
    We have an ice sculpture festival in town right now and Scarlet really thinks the real Elsa made them all. She also wonders why Elsa chooses to live in hot Disney World, when she's clearly comfortable in the snow.
    I have to agree. They're in Norway in Disney, though. It's different.

  14. Totally worth the money, and I would not have been able to wait until March to give it to her either! So fun!
    Eva Marie

  15. So cute! Such a good mama to search for it like you did... I mean, LOOK HOW HAPPY SHE IS!!!!! :)

  16. I would definitely say the dress was well worth the money and the effort you put into finding it! She looks so incredibly happy in it!!

  17. Awww!! What a happy ending to that little dress tale! My own little sisters love the movie and even treated the rest of us to a performance of a dance they came up with to go along to the whole "Let it Go" song, which they have memorized!

  18. OMG so so so cute!! I would have thought Anna would be more popular as girls can relate, but I guess Elsa has a bit of glamour added to her!

  19. It's gorgeous! I love it. I didn't see the movie with my kids - they went with their school. But I am still hearing about it months later.

    My youngest loves that snowman guy, but every time I go to the store, all the Frozen stuff is sold out! all of it. It's crazy.

  20. That dress is really pretty. My daughter has seen the movie 3x now. I asked her at Christmas if she wanted any of the dolls & she didn't, but now she does.

  21. That is beyond adorable! She'd be the perfect little model for the Disney store by the way.

  22. Are you kidding?? It's awesome! AND SO TOTALLY WORTH IT! Hahaha the snow will make Daddy nervous. Dying.

  23. SO worth it! Elsa ROCKS! She is my own personal girl crush... Lol. The voice of Elsa is Idina Menzel, Broadway superstar, she's amazing, if my health gets SUPER bad, I've made my hubs promise to get me to New York to see Idina on stage... I've seen many Broadway shows but never seen Idina on stage, anyways, I digress, I am SO happy for you that you were to this for Natalie! XO & sorry I've not been around much, I'm trying to do better, XO my friend! ~A~


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