Monday, March 10, 2014

My Daughter, The Chatterbox

My daughter.

She talks.

A lot.

She was a change from my son, who was speech delayed.

She sometimes gets in trouble at school for talking. Her teacher uses something called Class Dojo to monitor behavior.

The red?

Is for talking while in line.

"I can't tell my friends to not talk to me. It's RUDE," Natalie once said when I suggested that she tell the people around her to hush when it wasn't appropriate.

"Sometimes I just HAVE to tell someone what's on my brain," Natalie explained another time.

Recently she got a - on Class Dojo for talking in the library.

"My friend and I were talking about FROZEN! I couldn't HELP IT!"

Still, she promised to try and curb her chatter. And I suppose she has, because she hasn't received a - in awhile.

AND she was Student of the Month for March.

This meant that I had to go to the school and watch her get the award. When her class filtered in, she started to reach out for me as she walked.

"I want to go with you but I have to go with them," she shouted, jutting her thumb at her classmates.

When all the classes got there, they did the chicken dance. Everyone. I flashed back to that scene in the movie Stepmom when Julia Roberts shows up to that play and she goes, "What the hell is this?" It's basically what I was thinking.

Soon after, Natalie was called to get her award:

She had on her school pride dress. You'll recall that I had a boring, blah t-shirt made into a dress.

Several teachers asked me if I made the dress. I tried not to laugh.

"I don't sew. I paid someone to do this," I explained and gave the shop name. (Upcycle Me Crazy.)

After the ceremony, I had to wait until Natalie's class filtered by so I could give her a hug--otherwise I knew she'd be insulted and would say when I picked her up, "You LEFT without saying GOODBYE to me!"

Tommy, it should be noted, got Student of the Month in October. But he's in middle school and they do not do ceremonies for such a thing.

I know I have some good kids.

One just needs to remember to keep her mouth shut. Even if the topic IS about Frozen.


  1. I'm a nearly 30 year old that gets excited and can't refuse to talk about Frozen either when it comes up...

    So I can really say I blame Natalie lol

  2. my son's teacher uses Class Dojo, too, and I really like it!

  3. My son's class uses the class Dojo thing too, and many of his reports look EXACTLY like that - and for the same reason :)

  4. Congrats to Natalie!!! Even if she needs to talk she is a great student!!!
    And, she looks so cute in that dress!!!

  5. Ah, yes, we struggle with the same things in my house. Congrats to your student of the month! :)-Ashley

  6. I laughed!! She sounds like a hoot. I have a talker too but he saves it all for when he gets home.

  7. hahaha bless her heart...some kids really just have that kind of personality they shouldnt get in trouble for it

  8. This is hilarious! I constantly got in trouble in kindergarten for talking. My mom had to come to several parent/teacher conferences. Instead of Class Dojo, we had red, yellow and green elephants you moved based on your behavior. I had to move mine a lot.

    Don't despair! I learned how to stay quiet eventually : )

  9. I have a chatty cathy too. This morning I was not feeling it, I just wanted to listen to silence while taking them to school.

  10. I've got a talker too. Sometimes he talks to no one. And, ALL. DAY. LONG.

  11. That Dojo seems like a much better system then the clip up / clip down in front of the whole class deal at Lena's school. Way to go Natalie on your award!!

  12. I'd got talkers. And interrupters! Woohoo! Lots of yelling goes on at my house!

  13. Mine is a chatterbox too. Sometimes I just have to tell her, "ok. It's quiet time now. We're done talking. Let's be silent for a while".

  14. Oh, I so get her! Sometimes what's in your head must come out! Maybe she can write it down or something, although writing out of turn is probably frowned upon also.

  15. Congrats! She will never change! My youngest son is a chatter box . ALways got in trouble in school for "excessive talking". A few times I fell asleep on his ramblings! To this days he's my biggest talker and he is 19 now!

  16. Mine used to be a chatter too. Then he became a teenager. Need I say more?

  17. There are worse things than being a chatterbox - at least she's friendly! Mine got a few zeros in band participation because she was busy chatting with her neighbor - band is boring, she said.

  18. I was a chatterbox too, my mom was constantly being called because I had gotten in trouble for something or another. Whoops! Congrats to Natalie on her awesome award!

  19. LOL i think it's mostly girls who are talkers! kayla is often the last one to get dressed and out for recess because she's talking to everyone and their dog about anything and everything.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  20. They use Class Dojo at my children's school too.
    Same story with my girl -- except a lot more red for the whole never stops talking thing.
    but her teacher is amazed - she thinks she will catch her not knowing the answer because surprise! she was talking: and my daughter just goes "the answer is 4 teacher" and goes back to talking.
    and she's always right.
    I birthed a smart ass I think.

  21. Congrats to Natalie on Student of the month (and wearing a cute dress!)

    I always got in trouble for talking at school....I think it's crazy to think kids won't talk, but well, that comes from a talker!

  22. Oh that is too funny! Love the dress too! My daughter was a talker in 4th grade. We didn't find out until the end of the year and my husband was not amused.

  23. Way to go to your kiddos! I can totally relate to your daughter when I was her age, and my daughter is basically my mini me in every way possible. I'm sure she'll be a talker, too!
    Eva Marie Taylor

  24. "My friend and I were talking about FROZEN! I couldn't HELP IT!" Bahahahahahah! I like her thought process!

  25. I get it, when my friends talk about Frozen I can't help it either. I remember how cool it was to get Student of the Month when I was younger. I bet she was excited.

  26. I was the same way when I was a kid... and I've never grown out of it!

  27. She's so sassy! Tell her to never change!!!!!

  28. I always got into trouble for talking too, and now my 11 year old 6th grader does all the time.

  29. I think the Student of the Month should get to talk as much as she wants! But then I'd probably make a horrible teacher so what do I know:)
    Congrats, proud Mama!!


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