Saturday, March 29, 2014

Reasons My Kid Is Crying by Greg Pembroke Review and Giveaway

My kids cry. A lot. And I take pictures of them doing so.

Greg Pembroke did the same. He started posting photos of his son crying and would put an explanation of WHY he son was in tears on his blog, Reasons My Son Is Crying.

It became a HUGE hit.

I should submit this photo:

With the caption: She's crying because the bunny hat insulted her.

That's the beauty of Greg's blog: anyone can submit a photo with a caption.

I was very excited to receive Greg's book Reasons My Kid Is Crying.

It's a book filled with photos of kids crying--and amusing reasons on WHY they are having a fit.

This one made me giggle:

And this one:

Want to see more pictures?

Buy the book!

Here's an amusing book trailer as well:

You can purchase it from Amazon starting on April 1st here.

You can submit your own crying photos to Greg by checking out the e-mail address on his website here.

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A lucky reader can win a copy of Reasons My Kid Is Crying!

**You must live in the US**

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Good luck!

**I was not paid for this post. I was given a free copy of the book to review. My opinions are my own**


  1. Reason why my kid is crying: He was thirsty, but too good for everything I offered him :0/

  2. How about reasons my boyfriend is pouting? :)

  3. i love, love, love his website!

  4. I rarely take pics of my kids crying and when I do, I forget the reasons. I know my daughter usually cries when we don't let her watch Sofia. She even hit me once when I turned it off!

  5. Ohh I have a drama queen on my hands over here and she, at almost 6, knows how to make herself cry...yea lucky me...she cries anytime she wants something...I kinda just ignore it now haaa Im a great mom.

  6. I don't have any children, but once I was babysitting my niece and she cried because she had egg on her face - literally. It was pretty funny.


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