Friday, March 28, 2014

I Pigged Out At The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot.

I love it.

The cheese fondue? Mmmm.

The meat portion? Yum.

The chocolate fondue. GET IN MY BELLY.



We went to a special Fairytale Feast Melting Pot meal. It would showcase the Beauty and the Beast ballet that was in town.

My husband? Was not thrilled. He doesn't like fondue. It doesn't please him.

But guys? He doesn't like pot roast. He'll eat fungus (mushrooms) but he pushes away pot roast. In other words? He's picky.

"I'll convert you. The Melting Pot is the best," I promised. After all, he had never been to The Melting Pot. Perhaps he had rank fondue in the past.

So we walk in and there's a ballet dancer over on the side. I think she was Belle? I am not really into ballet but I thought, princesses! Tutus. Natalie enjoys both. She was in ballet for a brief time.

And then she was all, "It hurts my feet now."

But after seeing the dancers in their pretty costumes, she told me, "Maybe I'll do ballet again."

We were shown to our table and given a special menu:

"I'm not a princess," Tommy grumbled. Since he was 12, he would be getting the kid portion and it was only labeled as princess. This insulted him. Could I have allowed him to have the adult portion? Yes. But I'm cheap and didn't want to pay another adult price. He could deal.

Different ballet dancers would approach the table.

(Tommy declined to be in any photos. He's at that age, you see.)

After they walked away, Tom leaned over and whispered, "You can see everything."

I raised an eyebrow.

"The male ballet dancers? Their pants don't cover much. I tried to look away but I couldn't because everything was THERE. Out."

"Like Jareth in Labyrinth," I said.

So we got our cheese fondue and I loved it. Tommy loved it. Natalie loved it.


"It's so goopy," he complained.

He still ate it though.

Then came the meats.

Tom seemed to like this part the best. He liked the teriyaki steak and the shrimp.

More ballet dancers.

"Everything," Tom hissed, and I knew what he meant so I nearly spit out my water.

We're pretty immature, I know.

My favorite part was next.

The chocolate!

This is the white chocolate.

With a bunch of tasty items to dip it in. I stuffed my face.


He ate a few but was all, "I'm not into sweets."

How can someone not be into sweets? Oh well, more for me.

The bill came and Tom almost passed out.

"You knew the prices beforehand," I reminded him since he started to look a little pale.

"I know but...who would pay this much for ONE MEAL?"

"Um. Beyonce?"

"Jesus." Tom slapped his credit card down.

"So? Isn't fondue great?" I said, hoping to change the subject.

"Nope. I'll be happy to never come here again. And it took forever. We've been here for two hours. Who wants to sit around for two hours?" Tom whined. He had looked at his watch pointedly throughout the meal.

"It's a leisurely meal. Like the Europeans do," I explained. "I like it."

I enjoyed myself. The kids had fun. The only thing?

The Beast was supposed to show up. He never did. When we asked our server, she didn't know either. My daughter was pretty upset that she never got to meet him.

"He must be throwing a fit in the castle," I said. "You know him and his temper."

Natalie sighed. "Yes. He can be pretty rude."

I'll go back to The Melting Pot.


Probably not.

But it's not The Melting Pot's fault.

My husband is just a picky, picky man.

**Update. The Melting Pot called me apologizing for the Beast not being there. They are sending a gift certificate as an apology. Great company, and I appreciate it!**


  1. That first dancer look more like Jasmine than Belle. Glad you had a good time at least!

  2. I love the melting pot too! The cheese is my favorite.

  3. I've never been to the Melting Pot (there's one an hour away that people rave about) and I've never eaten fondue. I actually owned a fondue set for a long time, but I didn't know what to do with it, so I gave it to a friend. She was supposed to invite us over for fondue, but she hasn't yet.

  4. Looks like a fun night! I'm with Tom 2 hours and the price I've been once that was enough! I loved it but those are the draw backs! have a wonderful weekend!

  5. lol -- Way to cover for the Beast with your daughter.

  6. "Like Jareth in Labyrinth," is how I like my everythings!
    (that was crude, no?)
    I would die to do this with Scarlet. We took her for fondue in Florida and she loved it. I used to work near The Melting Pot in Jersey and it would be a Friday night delight to go. Oh, I loved it! I should see where the nearest one to me is now. Probably CT or near Boston.
    And princesses!

  7. My dad took me to the Melting Pot for one of my birthdays and he almost passed out at the prices too : ) But what a fun experience!

  8. I've never been to The Melting Pot because my husband won't go! Looks like a fun princess time was going on. I think I will make that my choice for Mother's Day or my birthday this year. I've always loved fondue.

  9. Sounds like a fun experience! My daughter would love that place, we don't have the melting pot in UK though (at least I don't think we do)
    Fab post & lovely photos :)

  10. Yum! I've actually gone and only done the cheese and dessert to save money- as those as the ones I am most excited about!

    I'm surprised they only had princesses as the menu category for kids- very surprised!

  11. I love The Melting Pot! The chocolate is the best.

  12. Looks like such a fun night!! I LOVE the Melting Pot! Definitely haven't taken the hubby there yet because I am not so sure he will like it, but it is on my list of places to get him to go to soon. So we shall see!

  13. I haven't been to the Melting Pot myself. But I am not against fondue! I've made fondue stuff for work before and it's always been a hit. I think people are a little skirmish about the double dipping stuff. So I provide a ladle and little bowls for them put their portions in and they could dip from those little bowls instead. We have a fondue melting pot at home, but it has never ever been used. It has been sitting on top of the mircrowave for a year.

  14. I'm with Tom on The Melting Pot price - I'm paying how much for food I'm basically making and assembling myself?

    AND I'm with him on the ballet dancers. I laughed through this.

  15. How fun! I would have totally pigged out as well. And I somehow agree with your son, having to take the "princess entre" at 12 is not very dignifying :-)

  16. I have always wanted to go to The Melting Pot!! Poor Tom - but at least he posed for a picture.
    So awesome that they are sending you a gift certificate!
    I bet Natalie was loving the costumes!!! We went to the Nutcracker in December and I agree with Tom - you can see everything on those male dancers.

  17. You just described every single princess meal at Disney...only I was your husband! ;)

  18. LMFAO @ "The male ballet dancers? Their pants don't cover much. I tried to look away but I couldn't because everything was THERE. Out."
    So jealous you had Melting Pot... we only go about once a year, usually on our anniversary. SO DAMN GOOD!

  19. I have't been there but I've been wanting to go!! I'll have to hit it up for the next event!

  20. I love fondue. And my husband hates it. So we never have it. :( Can I go with you? And I am cracking up about everything hanging out. My husband probably would have been making those same comments.

  21. The Melting Pot sounds amazing, I would go straight for the chocolate, in case I didn't have room after the cheese... Maybe I could go in 2 trips...

  22. What a fun time!! I love the Melting Pot! It's one of my favorite restaurants. My husband just tolerates it.

  23. Hahaha! I'm glad someone finally had the guts to say it - it really is all out there! Love that you had fun despite the grump with the credit card ;)

  24. We don't have a Melting Pot in our area so I have never heard of this but the sweets would be my favorite part and we too would be pointing out the wobbly bits of the male dancer!

  25. Ha! I guess you either love the fondue process or you kind of hate it. Like you, I love it.

  26. I love fondue!! I could chant that all day like "toga". Hubby and I used to fondue all the time, before kids and whining and wiggling arrived.

    Bonus points for the Jareth reference. ;)

  27. I've always wanted to go there but never got around to it when we lived out in Cali. And where did you find the Elsa dress?!?!?!

  28. My husband doesn't like it either. He's a picky eater, also.
    I think my boys would get a kick out of it, but I'm sure one of them would burn themselves on the table or pot because they are just that curious about things and hard headed about not listening to sane and rational advice.

  29. OMG The Melting Pot *drool*
    I love love love that place.

  30. I love the Melting Pot! Once in a while, though. But I will stuff myself crazy with fondue.

  31. This was too funny. I can see how your son was offended by the 'princess' menu. The leisurely meals used to drive me crazy when I moved to Europe now I embrace my two hour lunch.


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